Can a wife say no to her husband in Islam? Know the real truth

If there is discord between husband and wife, Islam gives a beautiful way to solve it, but Can a wife say no to her husband in Islam?

That is, can the wife deny the husband? But they include a marriage bond, marriage certificate, signature and witness.

Moreover, they have been living with a family for a long time. Their bond is at the root of the family, and they may even have joint children.

Even then, how can the wife say that he is not her husband? If a wife says that he is not her husband, then what is the ruling of Islam?

Will the wife be divorced? Will their relationship break up? Or can they continue the previous family? We are writing the article today to answer this question.

Can a wife say no to her husband in Islam?

No, a wife can’t say no to her husband in Islam because it is a universally accepted haram for a wife to deny her husband. After all, he is not her husband. It is enough to be a disobedient and uncivil wife who, she will say, is not her husband. Therefore, a wife cannot say no to her husband in Islam.

A hadith states that it is easier for women to enter Paradise. They will perform obligatory duties, including prayer and fasting and obey their husbands. These deeds will lead them to Paradise.

And if a wife disobeys her husband, this disobedience is enough to lead her to hell. So a Muslim wife can never deny her husband as not a husband.

The husband may misbehave and have animosity with the husband, but she cannot say he is not her husband. Instead, they will fairly solve their problems. So the scholars unanimously say it is haram.

A wife says no to her husband in Islam

Why can’t the wife say no to the husband?

Because the wife must respect her husband. To say that the wife is not the husband is against honour.

The husband is being disrespected here as opposed to respect. So the wife cannot say that he is not her husband.

Moreover, saying this will disturb the love of husband and wife, creating an adverse reaction in their family.

If they have children, it will reflect poorly on the children too. So the wife cannot say no to the husband.

Even though marriage is legal, it is based on love and affection. The Qur’anic narration,

‘And among His signs is, He has created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may find peace with them;

And created mutual love and kindness among you. Indeed there are many signs in it for the thinking community.’ (Sura-30 Room, verse: 21)

If the wife rejects the husband, will it be divorced?

If the wife says it is not the husband’s, it does not cause divorce. Because divorce is a power Allah gives to the husband, only the husband can exercise this power.

The wife does not have the power of divorce, so the divorce will not be affected by the wife saying it is not the husband’s. But if a husband transfers the power of divorce to his wife, the wife can divorce.

Here is the wife, Abhiman Basat is only saying that the husband is not for a temporary period, but not a divorce;

If the wife is handed over the power of divorce to the husband, the wife must sign the divorce prayer. And to say that she is divorcing her husband.

Why should the wife refrain from saying?

As all birds return to their nests at the end of daylight. All the animals of the world, especially those who like to live in groups, also return to their homes.

Similarly, people return to a haven after a day’s work. This haven is called family or family.

One of the blessings Allah Ta’ala has given to people in this world is home. Human life is rooted in this world. Love is born in the world; love is nurtured.

In the world, people get security and enjoy freedom. Under this world’s shadow, people attain purity, noble life and modesty.

So one should refrain from saying that the wife is not the husband so that the bond of love between them remains completely intact.

Five harmful effects of a wife denying her husband

Breakdown in communication

Consistently refusing intimacy can lead to a breakdown in communication between a husband and wife.

Familiarity is essential to marriage; missing can create a rift between spouses. This can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts in the union.

Lack of trust

A wife consistently refuses intimacy without a valid reason can lead to a lack of trust between the spouses.

The husband may feel that his wife is not attracted to him or does not love him anymore. This can create doubts and mistrust in the marriage.


If a wife consistently refuses intimacy, the husband may be tempted to seek intimacy outside the marriage. This can lead to infidelity and can have devastating effects on the wedding.

Frustration and resentment

Consistently refusing intimacy can lead to frustration and resentment on the husband’s part.

He may feel neglected and unloved, leading to bitterness and anger toward his wife.


If the refusal of intimacy is not resolved, it can lead to the breakdown of the marriage and, eventually, divorce.

Both spouses need to work together to address the issue and find a solution that works for them.

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