Is video games haram?

Is video games haram? I saw a crazy boy in a video game. His behaviour was much like that of a drunken man.

After an official video game was banned, he would sit at a street corner or under a tree and play games with his mobile phone in his hand.

People thought he was playing a game but in reality, he was not playing a game but he did it because of his addiction to the game.

At one point, his parents confiscated his mobile phone. But the boy did not stop. He thinks his shoes are mobile and starts trying unsuccessfully to play games.

It was the story of a game crazy boy. This time we are discussing the provisions of video games in Islam.

Is video games haram?

Islam strictly directs video games or all other types of sports. Islam does not forbid the sport if there is no evil in the sport.

In Islam, two conditions are imposed for the legality of sports. We are discussing those two conditions below.

The first condition – not to interfere with any fard or wajib provision. Such as prayers, fasting, wearing pants under the ankles, etc. At the same time not engage in any haraam work. Wearing pants below the ankles, visiting women’s bodies, etc.

The second condition is that the game should not be a haraam game. Such as gambling, bullfighting etc. Rather, the game has physical and religious benefits.

Such as running, football and cricket etc. Because there are physical benefits to these games.

The purpose of the game is to work against the enemies of Islam for the benefit of religion. Such as archery, horse racing etc.

If these conditions are violated then it will be unreasonable. It is desirable to refrain from that. Many people think it is Makrooh.

In light of the principles discussed above, we can now consider conventional video games. Most of the games that boys play have no benefits.

So it is desirable to abstain from all games. Because these are unreasonable and useless actions. We are discussing Islam’s view of irrational actions below.

What is the rule of Islam about video games and useless actions?

It is not desirable for a Muslim to spend time in vain. Because our life is very short. Paradise or Hell awaits us in the Hereafter as the outcome of this life’s work.

If a person wants to go to paradise, then he must be careful about spending time in this world.

Therefore, we should spend as much time as we can in the worship of Allah, remembrance, supplication, Istigfar, prayers, recitation of the Qur’an, etc.

Those of us who are thinking of spending time or playing games, watching dramas, TV movies on the mobile computers in Ojuha should think again about how much time we can spend worshipping Allah.

Most of the video games on smartphones or computers have pictures of animals. In addition, many times naked female body, music, music, etc. are haram things.

After all, playing mobile games means wasting your precious resources and gradually turning them into an addiction. So as a Muslim one must refrain from this.

Abu Hurairah – Radiyallahu Anhu – said,

The beauty of man in Islam is to avoid useless actions on his part. (Jame Tirmizi 2239)

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