Teenage love in Islam

Teenage love in Islam: love is the name of a particular condition of our heart, and it is caused by emotions and feelings towards a person or an object.

But the love that is created only based on passion and instinct is not any love. Instead, it is just a mirage. The name of such a love is teenage love.

Teenage love is rejected in Islam, and true love in Islam is love for Allah and His Messenger. If anyone in the world loves someone, he loves only for Allah.

The love of parents, brothers, and sisters, wife and children, and a love of soul and blood relatives are also included in the worship of Allah Almighty.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: When a Muslim spends for the sake of his family in the hope of reward, it is considered his charity. (Muslim: 12/14, Hadith: 1002)

What is prevalent in the market today in the name of love is merely an illicit affair, and that relationship sinks people into the abyss of sin.

This is a mirage that takes him far away from the mercy of Allah.

This fascination keeps him away from the remembrance of Allah daily and keeps him busy worshipping Satan.

Teenage love in Islam

Islam utterly rejects love or relationships in adulthood. And if it is underage or teenage love, Islam will leave it with more determination and strength.

In Islam, all relationships outside of marriage are considered haram or Zina because these relationships bring nothing but unrest and chaos to society.

Studies show that love can change a person’s mood. Donatella Marajjiti, a psychiatrist at Pizza University, conducted a survey of 20 couples in love.

In the study, he appealed to those whose relationship is less than six months old.

And In his research, he wanted to see how thinking about the person you love all the time can improve brain function.

Teenage love effect

In the study, Marajjiti tested children’s blood and found that the amount of serotonin in the blood of young people who have just fallen in love and those who are addicted is the same.

The Holy Qur’an says, ‘O you who believe, do not let your wealth and children distract you from the remembrance of Allah. And those who do so are the losers. (Surah: Monafiqun, verse: 9)

In that verse, it is said that those whose love is permissible should not be indifferent to the remembrance of Allah.

So how disgusting would it be if those relationships which Allah the Almighty has forbidden make anyone heedless of the remembrance of Allah?

And in adolescence, the mind is restless, and blood is heated.

The tension of something is felt all the time. So teenagers can’t make effective decisions.

For this reason, Islam has forbidden teenage love. Because adolescence is an indomitable and stubborn age, at this age, they cannot make any critical decisions in their life.

You can even fall in love with someone to marry someone as a teenager. If love is forbidden for marriage at any other age

Abu Huraira – Radiyallahu Anhu – Narrated –

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said that a person’s eyes, mouth, ears, hands, and feet could commit Zina by all means.

Results of research on teenage love

Psychologists say that most of the relationships that are formed based on previous love of children fail.

On the other hand, traditional marriage is not based on haram relationships; In most cases, those marriages are successful.

The results of a field study by French sociologist Saul-J -r-Don are as follows:

Another sociologist, Abdul Bari, studied 1,500 families and found that more than 75% of love marriages ended in divorce.

Conversely, in the case of conventional marriages, that is, non-premarital marriages, the percentage is below 5%.

Why is teenage love forbidden?

No conscientious person can disagree about the prohibition of relationships during adolescence because teenagers are too immature to make decisions.

It also includes solitude with strangers, looking at strangers, talking about love and affection, and arousal of sexual desires and needs.

  1. Adolescents are blinded by emotional impulses, seeing faults and errors. (The eyes of devotion are blind to seeing spots).
  2. Adolescents think life is a ‘love journey,’ Which has no end. That is why we see that they do not talk about anything other than love and future dreams.

Adolescent love does not have a place in any discussion about the problems that are close to life and how to solve them.

  1. Adolescents are willing to give up their views to satisfy the other side in their dialogues and discussions. But after reaching adulthood, the situation is the opposite.
  2. The character that a boy or a girl or a lover develops with each other during adolescence is not his real character.
  3. In adolescence, for the most part, all the colorful dreams and exaggerated needs come to mind. With which there is no resemblance to the reality after attainment.

The teenager’s mind promises a teenager that he will be able to bring a piece of the moon in his hand. There will be no difficulty in combining all the world’s happiness in his fist.

For the reasons mentioned and other reasons, teenage love is forbidden in Islam.

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