Is social media haram?

Is social media haram? Today is the age of the internet and information technology. Social media is ruling the online world with colossal power and authority.

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Free Fire, etc., have become a daily necessity.

In the same way, personal blog sites, e-commerce sites, and online-based platforms have become an integral part of our lives.

At this time, social media is a powerful and effective means of conveying any message to the masses in the fastest time.

It is so effective that millions worldwide will find it very easy if you post any article or video here.

And daily, people continue to benefit from excellent and helpful writing. This is how our online world and social media are going.

But after all this, the question that arises in our minds as pure Muslims is – is social media haram? Is social media Halal for Muslims?

In this article you read, we discuss this question in detail. Hopefully, it will be fruitful for everyone.

Is social media haram?

Social media is not Haram in general. In other words, social media itself is not Haram because there is no reason for it to be.

But it can be Haram based on the actions and activities of social media users. Below are some examples of social media being forbidden.

One: If a person uses social media to watch nasty videos like porn or dance or other pornographic videos, it will be Haram for him.

Two: If someone uses social media to deceive someone. Or blackmailing someone or embezzling someone’s money will be Haram.

Three: If someone shares untrue or obscene information on social media or writes something insulting Islam and its followers, it will be Haram.

In the same way, any other reason that leads to Haram will be Haram. Remember that only that particular person or group will be considered Haram.

It is not forbidden for others to use it for good. They can use it well if they want. They will even get merit in return.

Why social media Haram?

Social media, especially YouTube, Facebook, Tik Tok, and PUBG game, has become a den of sin. People are busy here with dance and music instead of good content and creative content.

And dancing or singing is universally recognized as forbidden in Islam. So social media is encouraging junk and wasting our time and energy.

All because of this, we are involved in sin. This is why social media is forbidden from this point of view.

But if someone uses social media to listen to Islamic lectures or Quran recitation, then it is not Haram for him.

In this case, it is tough to escape from sin because it is not easy for a person to find good content just by going to YouTube.

Sometimes bad things happen to us even though we don’t want to. Avoiding them is very difficult. Strong faith is needed.

All in all, social media cannot be called Haram. But judging by its various side effects, a believer should not use social media.

How to use media in a halal way?

As we wander online, we see many articles or videos analyzing public welfare issues.

Or various Islamic issues are discussed. Those who are doing these things will not get any exchange. Of course, you will.

Even people who post Islamic writings or discussions do not survive in the world, but millions of people are watching their papers and videos. They are benefiting from that.

So it goes without saying that social media is now a huge platform.

If the intention of those who write something for social service or the benefit of Islam and Muslims is pure, if it is done for the sole purpose of gaining the pleasure of Allah, then he will get the same reward as all the people who will benefit from it.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said,

“If a person introduces an excellent Islamic practice and then acts accordingly, then the one who calls for the reward equal to the tip of the doer will be given. (Sahih Muslim)

But if you follow your wrong decisions and instincts, social media will open the way to sin for eternity.

If anyone prohibits Islam on social media and online platforms for obscenity, wickedness, depravity, shirk, Bidat, atheism, superstition, etc., he will suffer his sins forever.

Because these will exist forever in the net world, and as many people will be affected by this and commit sins, even if they die, their sins will continue accumulating in his record.

Mufti Manik’s statement about social media in Islam

We have profiles on Facebook and Twitter. Are we doing that? Ask yourself. The shape I die with.

Is social media haram

My message and what I said and all. The statuses that were placed and all. They will see all the pictures I have shared.

Because this is a compelling question, we have social media to find you today.
People choose to endure the worst. That they sometimes share things. If they die, they are very embarrassed.

Their next of kin have to hide. They have to find their way. How to close that account away? No one in the world can see it.

Live your life like it doesn’t matter. You will not be when death overtakes you.


Social media is not haram, and it is not entirely halal. Instead, Islamic values and perspectives must be adhered to when using social media.

It is lawful for a person who uses the media by Islamic rules. Still, it is haram for a person who uses social media in violation of Islamic laws.

Talking to the opposite sex, creating relationships, uploading and watching indecent videos, writing bad stories and talks, or engaging in criminal activities are all haram.

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