How to be romantic with your husband in Islam?

How to be romantic with your husband in Islam? After a friend divorced his wife, I asked her why she had divorced him.

He told me that his wife had given him too much sugar in his tea. His wife had never had a good cup of tea.

There is a quarrel between them about it. The end result of this quarrel is divorce.

But his answer did not seem enough to me because he divorced his wife.

Then I found out I talked to him a little more – they were arguing almost all the time.

Never with money. Never with clothes. Sometimes it is too late for the husband to return home. For various reasons, they used to quarrel at different times.

After realizing this, I realized that the reason for divorce is not to put too much sugar in the tea.

The main reason is his extreme hatred toward his wife. This hatred has arisen from quarrels for various reasons at different times.

It so happened that a man pressed a huge pile of wood on a donkey and when he went to put a small pile of donkeys, the donkey fell asleep.

Then the man began to say that the donkey had fallen asleep while holding this small wooden stick. Ah! What a useless ass.

A thought

Dear reader, you think a little. Is the donkey lying down because of a small wooden stick on the donkey’s back?

Or is the donkey lying on the back of a donkey with a small pile on top of a huge pile of wood?

This is the way of the world. At different times, marital quarrels that have occurred for various reasons keep hatred in each other’s minds.

Then there is no mentality to accept even the smallest mistake. That’s when separation or divorce happens.

That is why the most important thing for a family to survive is not to allow hatred to arise in the minds of couples.

In this case, the romance between husband and wife is a unique method. If the wife is always romantic with the husband, then the husband will never have hatred towards the wife.

Rather, there will be endless fountains of peace and happiness in their world. That couple could be an ideal couple.

So I am discussing in this blog – How to be romantic with a husband in Islam? I hope this blog will be useful for couples.

Staying on the blog

How to be romantic with your husband in Islam?

There are many ways to be romantic with your husband. We are discussing a few ways below.

One: Praise the husband.

Praise his deeds. Appreciate the form. Or to appreciate quality.

Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) used to praise the form of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

We have a sun and the sky has a sun. Our sun is better than the sun in the sky.

Because the sun (of the sky) rises after Fajr. And my sun rises after Esha.

Two: Playing with the husband.

It can be any kind of game. Our beloved Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) used to run with Ayesha (may Allah be pleased with her) from time to time.

Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) said:

I was on a journey with the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). There I ran with the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

I defeated the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

Then, as my health improved, I lost the race to him. Then he said, this is the revenge of that day.

Three: Have fun funny stories with your husband.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) used to hold occasional storytelling sessions with his beloved wife Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her).

Four: Be naughty

It could be the husband pinching her body lightly or suddenly grabbing her from behind or in any other way.

Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) said:

I used to sleep in front of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). My feet were towards his qibla.

He used to pinch my legs while he was prostrating. I would roll up my legs. When he stood up, I would stretch my legs. (Sahih Bukhari)

Five: Sleeping with her head on her husband’s lap.

In sleep, women’s faces become more magical and attractive. So if you sleep with your head in your lap, your husband will show you more compassion.

Six: will dance in front of the husband. If you have a good voice, you will sing.

The benefits of being romantic with your husband

  1. Creates love between couples.
  2. Keep away from marital strife.
  3. He will spread peace and happiness in the world.
  4. Keep divorce from happening.
  5. Will inspire intercourse. Will awaken attraction towards the wife.

Husband and wife romantic story

A boy from a poor family marries a poor girl from the same village. The boy is one year old. The girl is sixteen years old.

On the night of the wedding, the boy said to the girl – Do you have any wishes?

The girl replied – I had high hopes of becoming an engineer. The boy then took the girl to the city.

The girl was admitted to the varsity and made to study. The boy works from 5 am to 9 pm.

Along with the girl’s education expenses, the family also runs the expenses. Even after a long time, they do not have a physical relationship.

The girl’s friend wants to know who the boy is. The girl answers – he is my brother.

The boy drives a rickshaw, works as a day laborer, works in a brick kiln, and sometimes works as a porter.

In this way, day after day – to make the girl an engineer by earning money without thinking about herself.

The girl and the boy did not sleep in the eyes of the girl during the test. The boy works 20 hours a day.

The remaining 4 hours are all work starting with cooking. Thus the girl’s examination ended.

The girl passed the test. I got a job in a good place. He became the owner of a lot of money. Own a house, car, and much more.

The marriage proposal of the girl comes from different places. Does no one know if he is married? Or who is her husband?

Husband and wife romantic story part 2

The girl gave a big party by lighting the big house. But no one knows what the party is for.

Everyone’s question is what party. Everyone asked the girl what the party was
Tell me for?

The girl said what party will I tell in front of everyone at 12 o’clock?

The boy is standing in a corner of the house wearing that lungi, towel, and shirt. It was 12 o’clock.

The girl then took the boy’s hand and led him to the place where the cake was kept.

He brought it there and told everyone –

Gentlemen and women, does anyone know it?

The gum on his head has made me study without eating. By sacrificing all the happiness of his life for me.

This is my husband with whom we do not have a physical relationship after marriage. I put him in this dress so that you can recognize him.

This house, car, money, not even the price of a drop of sweat on his body.
I am his wife. Even if I give 100 times what I have, I will not leave my husband and go anywhere. This is the love of husband and wife.

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