Romance in Islam before marriage

Romance is an integral part of an adult’s life. Islam encourages romance with one’s wife. But romance in Islam before marriage?

We are born as ignorant children in the world. After coming to earth, the bones and flesh of our bodies gradually increase.

At the same time, our conscience, knowledge and physical needs increase. A stage in life – sexual desire becomes rich in our bodies after adulthood.

There is a legal way to suppress that sexual desire or romance. The only legal form of romance in Islam is marriage.

Other religions or doctrines have different rules and rituals for romance in a legal way. But as far as I know, no religion in the world allows romance without a bond between a man and a woman in a certain process.

In this article, we will learn about Romance in Islam before marriage. Below I am discussing the matter in detail on the basis of references from the Quran and Hadith.

Romance in Islam before marriage

The main purpose of sex in Islam is procreation and women and men gain legitimacy of sex only through marriage in a formal way.

Guidelines for sexuality or romance in Islam Taken from the Holy Quran and Sunnah. It is presented in detail through the fatwas and interpretations of Islamic scholars.

Romance in Islam before marriage is strictly forbidden. However, after marriage, romance is widely recognized in Islam. Even in Islam, romance with one’s wife after marriage is considered a virtue.

Although romance after marriage is also a special taboo in the field. Such as having intercourse during the period. Having intercourse up to forty days after childbirth. Sexual intercourse in the wife’s anus. These are considered serious sins.

We mean marriage here. In many cases, it is seen that the marriage is arranged but it is not possible to bring the bride to the groom’s house due to some circumstantial reason.

In such a case, they will be considered as husband and wife. And since the romance after marriage is valid in Islam, the romance between them will also be valid.

Chatting before marriage in Islam

It is haram for a boy to have intercourse with any girl before marriage. If there is a great need, then there is legitimacy to speak only as much as the need is met.

It is haram for a boy or a girl to talk unnecessarily without necessity. Whether it’s talking directly or through any other means like phone or messenger.

For this reason, it will be haram to chat on messenger before marriage. It can often arouse extreme sexual arousal. Or if they become close while talking, there is a risk of getting involved in fitna.

However, after proposing marriage to a girl, you can talk to her. When Shaykh bin Baaz (may Allah have mercy on him) was asked about this, he said:

After proposing marriage, both the proposing boy and the proposed girl will be able to talk. Be able to get information about each other’s physical, mental and mental condition.

And ask questions that help them make their married life more sustainable. But for that, you can’t go to a secluded environment.

This way they can talk on Messenger or on the phone. But it must be free from all kinds of obscenity.

If they become addicted to sex while talking, it will not be legal. Robong A must refrain from this.

Physical damage before marriage

Unwanted Pregnancy: If you engage in romance before marriage, your potential wife is likely to have an unwanted pregnancy.

One of the reasons for this is sudden sexual intercourse due to emotion, lack of prior plan to use contraceptives etc.

Risky Abortion: Having an abortion before marriage makes it important to have an abortion if you become pregnant. There is no other way. And abortion is a risky process.

It has to face physical and mental damage. Once you have an abortion, you may have problems conceiving or not being able to conceive later.

Birth control pills and other risks: Many people take birth control pills or other medicines to have romance before marriage.

Regular birth control pills can prevent unwanted pregnancies, but they can also cause serious problems in the future. Such as loss of fertility.

Social Harassment: Once sexual relations are known before marriage, women become victims of various social abuses. Society sees him as a criminal.

His life became poisonous. The consequences can be devastating, especially if you have an unwanted pregnancy and are aware of it. It became impossible to live life properly, life became miserable.

Why is romance forbidden before marriage?

A bond is formed through marriage. That bond makes both husband and wife responsible to each other.

For example, it is obligatory on the husband to provide maintenance and financial support to the wife. In the same way, it is the duty of the husband to support his wife in all her calamities.

And it is obligatory on the wife to obey her husband. To care for her. Take care of him at all times.

Then when a child is born, to nurture that child. To teach him. It is incumbent upon the father to meet his financial needs until he reaches adulthood.

But if romance is legalized without marriage, then no man will take the responsibility of any woman. Nor will a woman be obliged to be loyal to a man.

This will lead to the utter destruction of society and family system. Children will be deprived of the affection and care of their legitimate parents. So romance before marriage is forbidden.

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