Qiyamah is close

Qiyamah is close: Again, I must remind all readers that this thread matters, not whether the question needs to be posed.

Many people have taken it as an implicit challenge and approved of asking the question again.

I’m afraid I have to disagree with their understanding of Islam – but I respect and accept their right to think this way.

So yes, if you want to ask, I will answer and will also tell you how our understanding of ‘what is the mean Qiyamah’ would change if we were to ask.

For example, when there is a close encounter between Earth and a comet or asteroid (I believe that there are such events on many occasions)

we would know that the world wouldn’t end then (unless they strike the Earth). But because of our beliefs,

we could still differ over what happens at Qiyamah when there are no comets or asteroids around!

  • Is there any benefit in asking this?
  • Can you imagine a situation where questioning what happens at Qiyamah could be relevant?
  • Should we make some effort to answer these questions? In other words: should we start being honest about our views on this issue?

Qiyamah is close – What does it mean?

Qiyamah is a critical topic in the Holy Quran because It is a day when the world will end.

There will be no living person on Earth, and people will be dead. And Allah Ta’ala says in one verse: The Hour is near, and the moon has split.

And It is noted that once during the lifetime of the beloved Prophet – Muhammad Mustafa, may Allah bless him and grant him peace – he split the moon in two with a gesture of his hand.

The meaning of Qiyamah is to take place when man’s disobedience on Earth reaches its extreme limit.

There will not be a single person left in the world who remembers the name of Allah.

So People will indulge in fornication, immorality, alcohol, etc. All people will become disbelievers.

Then doomsday will happen, this universe will crumble to pieces, and nothing will be the same. It Qiyamah is close.”

An Insight from the Quran Surah Imran vs. The Big Bang Theory

The Quran states in Surah Imran that the Earth will be destroyed, and then it will be re-created. The Earth has already been destroyed,

But scientists have not discovered any evidence of this. And They are still looking for it.

The Quran also states that everything that exists today will disappear, and new things will come into existence.

This is also true. We have developed many new things since the time of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Islam is correct compared to science because no scientific proof can prove the Big Bang Theory wrong.

Qiyamah (Doomsday) in the Quran in Easy Steps

Qiyamah is a term used in the Quran to describe the end of the world. The word means “dusk,” or “the end.”

Qiyamah occurs six times in the Quran and refers to three different events:

The Day of Judgment is when all people will be judged, rewarded, or punished for their good or evil deeds.

The Hour (the Day of Judgment) when Jesus, who died for our sins, will return to Earth and judge us. This is also known as Resurrection Day.

The Day of Doom, when all living things on Earth will die and be destroyed by fire. A resurrection on Earth will follow this after 1,000 years.

Know Qiyamah is close and other essential facts about the end times.

Qiyamah is close to the final day of judgment or the last day of history. Regarding Qiyamah, there are many different views among Muslims about how it will happen.

Some believe it will be sudden and swift, while others think it will be gradual over years or decades. As for what we can expect in terms of Judgement Day itself:

  • The Earth will be destroyed (an event called Harj).
  • The dead will rise from their graves to meet Allah (Qiyamah is close). Insha Allah, We hope that this article will help you to understand the nature of Qiyamah,
  • Resurrection, and Judgement. al-Qiyamah: The Day of Reckoning: A Summary for Non-Muslims On the Day of Judgement, Allah will resurrect all the dead people and Judge them. Some people are destined for Paradise, and others are destined for Hell. A special place for each person in Heaven or Hell will be allocated to them. The Earth and everything around it will be destroyed and burnt completely.
  • No one but Allah (SWT) knows when Qiyamah takes place. All creatures who lived on Earth before Qiyamah were created by Allah (SWT), so they will be brought back to life after Qiyamah. Qiyamah is a significant theme of Islamic teachings, particularly those of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Here are some examples: In the Quran, Allah
Qiyamah is close

Qiyamah is close and a Conclusion.

The author uses the example of a man who goes to his wife and asks her to make him a sandwich.

She serves him, and he eats it but asks for more. Qiyamah is close

When she gives him the requested sandwich, he is hungry and takes a bite, but seeing some bread on the plate licks his fingers before replying, “not now.”

The point is that our actions are all different in their own time and place.

The Qiyamah is straightforward yet challenging for Muslims worldwide: it’s when ALLAH will end creation.

Most of us now believe that we will go through life until death or even beyond the end.

Yes, using one’s common sense may convince you that there is nothing else after death,

But this isn’t always true, especially if one has been ill-educated about Islamic concepts such as Qiyamah.

This article will try its best and explain what Qiyamah means so that it would be easier for them to understand afterward when they discuss it with other people,

They often do so while preparing for Eid ul Adhaa’ (Feast of the Sacrifice).

Many articles have been written about this subject in alphabetical order, online forums, and even blogs like mine where I’ve translated from Arabic into English titles

such as Forming Your End-of-Days Team, The Great End Times Debate, and What Do You Expect After Death? , All About Qiyaama or Why Is This Issue Not Answered by Scholars?

However, I found only three books on the subject easy enough to read (without losing concentration) and provided more detail.

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