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Islam is a way of life. But in today’s so-called society, the biggest obstacle in the way of young people returning to faith is Haram relationships. But they don’t know what is the punishment of a Haram relationship.

Many may pray five times a day, fast during Ramadan and Have a lot of interest in religion. But, it got stuck in one place – Haram relationship. These relationships are basically traps of Satan. Falling into this trap, both men and women rush to find out – with dire consequences.

From the time of the Prophet until now, in the eyes of Islam, the so-called relationship or love relationship outside of marriage is completely Haram. Talking to each other with lust, meeting in private, dating, chatting, touching, laughing, and mischief are all forbidden in Islam.

Punishment for Haram relationship

The punishment for the Haram relationship is the fire of hell. Those who engage in haram relations are actually committing lewd acts. That obscenity propagates and propagates in the society. The Holy Quran mentions painful punishments for those who want to preach in an unstable Karma society.

So, the young men and women who are engaging in haram relations will indeed face the punishment promised in that verse. Moreover, even in these days, they can be punished in various ways.

In fact, the punishment for a haram relationship may vary from person to person. The more a person is addicted to haram relations, the greater will be the punishment for his sins. A person who becomes involved in Zina as a result of engaging in a haram relationship will continue to be punished according to his wickedness. It is not fixed.

Punishment of haram relations, according to scholars

Shaykhul Islam Imam Ibn TaymR.A.yah (R.A.) said, that attachment to women or small children can lead a person to a disaster from which no one has the power to save.

The consequence is very dire; his store of virtue becomes empty. In the first stage, one becomes attached to someone’s appearance; in the second stage, he becomes engrossed in his love, under the influence of which he gradually becomes involved in various misdeeds and crimes which none but Allah knows.

But the biggest trouble is being thrown away from the mercy of Allah. Because when a servant worships Allah and is devoted to Him, then nothing can be sweeter and more pleasant to him than the love of Allah. (Majmool Fatwa, B-10, Page-187)

The clear guidance of the Qur’an and Sunnah is that both Muslim men and women abstain from illicit contact, laughter, joking, talking, meeting, attachment and adornment To protect their religion and self-respect.

Why is the punishment of the Haram relationship?

Every step in the Haram relationship has sin and terrible punishment. When you are in a haram relationship, there is a third person present with your girlfriend or boyfriend, who is Satan. Words uttered to each other in dating are verbal.

Looking at him is an eyesore. Touching him is a shame. If you go out for a walk with him, you will have to walk, which has been discussed in detail above. Then, the involvement in such a relationship is sinful and haram act.

On the other hand, everything that happens to a man or a woman after marriage is perfect and halal. This is a halal relationship. A complete opposite of the previous relationship. Touching, holding hands, and physical relations are all halal here. How beautiful and sweet this relationship is!

Rasulullah (S.A.W.) instructed men, ‘When you eat, feed him and when you clothe him, clothe him. Never hit on his face. Do not misbehave with him.’ (Abu Dawud)

Level of Punishment for Haram Relationship

Haram’s relationship is definitely a sin. He has many punishments. But haram relationship (unlawful love) is a sin, but it is not a sin like shirk, kufr or apostasy. For this reason, it cannot be said that all his deeds will be rejected or his deeds will be accepted.

Rather, even in this situation, his prayers, fasting, charity, prayers, recitation of the Qur’an and other goS.A.W.ds will not be wasted. If he performs these regularly with Khalees Niyyah, then it is expected that Almighty Allah will accept it.

Because it is not among the basic conditions for worship to be accepted, but because of haram, relations will be sinful. In this case, what should be done is to repent and return from this path immediately.

Ways to avoid the punishment of haram relationship

The way to escape from the punishment of a haram relationship is to repent sincerely. Allah Ta’ala instructs you to repent from all kinds of wrongdoing and says, ‘O believers, repent to Allah in sincere repentance. Hopefully, your Lord will forgive your evil deeds and admit you to Paradise beneath which rivers flow.’ (Surah Tahrim: 8)

Tawbaye Nasuha means pure and pure repentance, sincere and sincere repentance. That is, to repent with such sincerity and conviction that the penitent will never commit that sin knowingly again.

Therefore, it is important to act upon the hadith of the Prophet (S.A.W.), in the implementation of which he has assured the Muslim Ummah of Paradise. He said, ‘Whoever pledges to me the thing between his two jaws (tongue) and the thing between his thighs (pubic space), I am the guarantor of his Paradise.’ (Bukhari: 6474)

May Allah Ta’ala grant the Muslim Ummah men and women freedom from illicit addictions, relationships, meetings, conversations and sexual lust.


What are the consequences of engaging in a Haram relationship in Islam?

Consequences can vary but can include spiritual effects, social stigma and, in some cases, legal implications in countries where Islamic law is enforced.

Is there any specific punishment for haram relations in Islam?

The specific punishment may vary between different schools of thought within Islam. However, it is important to note that the application and interpretation of these penalties are subject to legal and cultural context.

How does Islam view repentance for engaging in Haram relationships?

Islam emphasizes the concept of repentance (Tawbah), encouraging individuals to turn to God, seek forgiveness, and make sincere efforts to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Can those who have engaged in Haram relationships marry in Islam?

Yes, marriage is considered a means of purification in Islam. People involved in haram relationships may repent and seek a valid marriage as a means of rectifying their actions.

What guidance does Islam provide for maintaining a halal relationship?

Islam encourages modesty, respect, and commitment within the confines of marriage. Emphasis is placed on building relationships based on mutual understanding, communication and shared values.

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