Is pork halal? the Quran say about pork

Is pork halal? I saw an atheist. At first, he was a believer. He was not only a believer but also a good Muslim.

But there were some people in his circle of friends who did not believe in religion. At their persuasion, he gradually became an atheist.

After becoming an atheist, he started eating pork with a lot of propaganda. He started taking pictures of her eating pork and promoting it on various social media.

At the same time, he started writing hateful words about the provisions related to pork in Islam on various blog sites.

A year later, the atheist contracted a very sensitive disease. A medical examination revealed that the main cause of the disease was overeating.

He spent a lot of money to cure his disease. But nothing worked. Day by day his disease continues to grow.

At one point he died of the disease. This was the end result of his eating pork.

After sharing this short story with you, I am discussing the provisions regarding pork in Islam.

Will be discussed –

Is pork halal?

Islam has disciplined rules and regulations. Because Allah, the Lord of all living beings and the world, is the promoter of the rules of Islam.

He knows what is good for man and what is bad for man.

That is why he has made halal things that are beneficial for people. And forbade evil and evil.

As a result, Islam is the best religion in the world today. The provisions of Islam are absolutely beneficial for such a smooth and fair human life.

One of the special prohibitions is pork. Islam has explicitly declared pork to be haram. No Muslim can eat pork.

What does the Quran say about pork?

Allah Ta’ala forbids pork in four places in the Holy Qur’an. We are discussing those four places below.

The first verse:

‘He has declared forbidden to you – dead animals, blood, pork and all those animals which are raised in the name of other than Allah.

Of course, for a person who becomes incapacitated and does not disobey and transgress, there will be no sin. Surely Allah is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful. ‘(Surah Bakbarah, Ayat: 173)

Verse 2 –

‘Forbidden to you are dead animals, blood, pork and all animals which are offered in the name of other than Allah.

One who is strangled or killed, or killed by falling from a high place, or killed by a horn, and eaten by a beast, but whom you have slaughtered. (Maidah – 3)

Verse 3:

‘O Prophet, tell me, among the revelations that have come to me, I do not find any haraam food for the eater – whatever he eats;

But dead animal or flowing blood or pork it is unclean or illegal; Sacrificial animal which is offered in the name of other than Allah.

Then as for him who is in a state of hunger and he does not disobey and transgress, your Lord is Forgiving, Merciful. (Anam – 145)

Verse 4:

‘Surely Allah has forbidden you blood, the flesh of pigs, and the names of other than Allah have been uttered at the time of slaughter.

Then, if a person becomes helpless, if he does not transgress, then Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. ‘(Nahl – 115)

What religions don’t eat pork?

Pork is forbidden for the Muslim nation as well as for the Christian and Jewish nations. All in all, all heavenly books are forbidden to eat pigs.

All the special prophets of Allah have forbidden pork. Of particular note are the Prophet Moses, who was followed by the Jews, and the Prophet Jesus, who was followed by the Christians.

The biblical text of Leviticus forbids pork,

‘And the pig though its hooves are bifurcated and hoofed. Even if he chews, he does not chew. (Yet) it is unclean for you. ‘

Verses 7 and 8 of 11 chapters of the same book have been said,

“You shall not eat their flesh, nor touch their carcasses, for it is unclean to you.”

The fifth book of the Bible, Deuteronomy, also calls pigs unclean,

‘And the pig – because its hooves are bifurcated, even chewing, does not chew the cud, it is unclean for you, you will not eat its flesh, nor will you touch their carcasses. (Deuteronomy 14: 6)

Why is pork haram?

The main reason why the pig is forbidden is that it is forbidden by Allah. There is no question about his provision.

In addition, in the light of conscience and science, we are highlighting some of the reasons and rationale for banning pigs.

Pork contains the fattiest cholesterol. As the amount of cholesterol in human blood increases, the chances of blood vessel blockage increase manifold.

In addition, the fatty acids in pork are different from the fatty acids in all other foods.

So the human body sucks it more easily than all other foods. As a result, the amount of cholesterol in the blood increases. Pork meat and fat increase fat and increase fat-related diseases; Which are very difficult to treat.

Sugar meat and fat cause the spread of colon cancer (colon cancer), rectal cancer (rectal cancer), testicular cancer, breast cancer and blood cancer. In addition, there is a possibility of many diseases.

Pigs are the most obscene and shameless creatures on earth. It is an animal that invites other males to mate with its mate.

Man’s eating habits are reflected in his behaviour – that is a matter supported by science. For this reason, many people who are accustomed to eating pork get excited and exchange wives with each other.

Many people have group sex by calling friends during the intercourse of the wife to get a taste of porn pictures. This proves that pork drives people towards shamelessness.

The last word is pork halal?

In the Holy Qur’an, it has been said that the main reason for the prohibition of pigs is ‘resuscitation’. All things that are reprehensible by the healthy conscience of the people and the Shari’ah are called ‘Ridges’ in Arabic.

This is enough to cause pork to be forbidden. It also demands a ban on pigs based on the principle that food and drink are forbidden.

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