How to please your wife in bed in Islam?

The contribution of physical intimacy to a happy marriage is immense. A girl can be married by winning her heart. But the relationship doesn’t become sweet if you can’t please your wife in bed.

If you can make your wife sexually please, even if you make her dissatisfied in many other ways, there is not much crisis in the divine world. The wife can control herself, and only their sexual appetite forces him to give up a lot of interest.

Due to sexual hunger, husbands and wives feel extraordinary tension. This tension deepens the relationship. When this happens, the partner may suffer emotionally and may even leave.

That is why pleasing the wife in bed becomes integral to married life. We are discussing this topic in detail in this article you have read.

Any husband can use some tips and tricks to make his wife happy in bed.

How to please your wife in bed in Islam?

Many people think you must have sex for a long time to make your wife, please. But this idea is entirely wrong. Below are some tips that can follow to give sexual satisfaction to the wife without having sex for a long time.

Certain parts of your wife’s body will excite her when touched. You must be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Most people limit their foreplay to breast pressing, nipple sucking, kissing, and oral sex. Then they go to intercourse.

It’s a monotonous job. Touch some part of your wife, you have the power to make her mad with love, but you spend that energy. Then see, your wife will be forced to be your maid.

Touch the particular organs to make the wife please in bed

One: Gently stroke the back of the wife’s neck.

This part of the female body is the most sensitive. So you have to pay attention to this place. The boys spend very little time on Jaguar.

You remove the hair from the back of her neck and keep stroking her hands. Kiss gently. Leak a little, tickle. Then go to her breasts. You will see that he will start jumping in excitement like crazy.

Two: Lightly touch the wife’s ears. Breathe slowly over her ears. Bite lightly. However, he cannot be bothered by biting, which can have the opposite effect.

Rub his earlobes. Then you can leak any part around the ear. But not in the ear canal. This will make your wife particularly interested in you.

Three: The palms of the hands and the soles of the feet.
Did you know that sleeping in the palm of your wife’s hand is a substantial sexual frenzy? You run your fingers over his hand, tickle it.

It will awaken the sleeping sexual desire in every part of her body. You can suck with your fingers.

Express love to make wife please in bed.

From time immemorial, every man has been yearning for a good performance from his sexual partner.

How many people have been making rules for this? But one study found that a wife does not need to be in bed to be happy.

Say ‘I love you to your wife once before marriage. She will be pleased with you, which will be highly effective in making her happy.

Chapman University in the United States surveyed to find out what girls expect from their husbands regarding dating.

The survey found that 75 percent of wives said they would like to hear “I love you” from their husbands during intercourse, and this is what satisfies them.

Then why are you left? Today, during the reunion, say with your face close to your wife’s ear – I love you. Of course, there will be no lack of sexual satisfaction.

Treat your wife well in daily life to make her please in bed

Sex life is a cohabitation, So if you want to be happy in sex life, you must be satisfied in communal life. Complement each other. If not one, the other will remain incomplete

Treat your wife like a good friend in family life. The family will be happy. And if the family is happy, you will also get pleasure in sex life.

Try to be romantic with your wife. Get upset with your wife from time to time. Give her sex hints. Tickle unprepared. Fill her with unexpected kisses.

There are some unique ways to make your wife please in bed

Other studies have shown that having intercourse after socks brings extreme happiness. According to scientists, wearing socks increases sexual pleasure several times. So have sex with socks on the wife’s feet.

Do not start discussing your partner’s disabilities immediately after sexual intercourse; may address it at another time.

Tell your partner how much fun you have after the reunion. This will encourage him later to satisfy you.

Hold each other for at least five minutes after mating. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

At the end of the reunion, say ‘I love you so much with a smile of satisfaction in your partner’s eyes. The meaning of these words of that moment is that you will never find happiness again.

These are the things that can make your wife happy. Even then, if you want to increase the time of intercourse, you can do some special exercises such as – Ira-Pingala pulse exercises, etc.

If you can practice regularly, then who is stopping you? By controlling ejaculation at will, you will be the bed emperor of your beautiful bedfellow’s dream.

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