Nail cutting in Islam

Nail cutting in Islam is a very important sunnah, and every Muslim man and woman should trim their nails weekly.

If weekly is not possible, nails should be trimmed every ten days. And if that is not possible, it is highly recommended to cut the nails once every fifteen days.

Nail cutting is a natural human thing. Because if a person keeps his fingernails long, dirt will naturally accumulate under his fingernails. Then those wastes will mix with the food and go to the stomach.

As a result, various types of diseases will be created. Long fingernails make people look awkward, which is why nail clipping is imporessentialslam.

In today’s article, we are discussing in detail about nail cutting in Islam. Here are some answers – which will broaden your knowledge and dispel some misconceptions.

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What Is the rule for Nail cutting in Islam?
Can you cut nails at night, Islam?
Cutting nails in Islam hadith
Can I do wudu with long nails?
Where to throw cut nails in Islam?
Are fake nails haram?
Are fake nails haram on, period?
Is it haram to wear fake nails during Ramadan?
Can I pray with fake nails?
Are fake nails haram IslamQA?

What Is the rule for Nail cutting in Islam?

Regular nail clipping is an essential sunnah in Islam, and it is generally best to trim nails every week. Because after a week the nails become very long.

However, the Prophet ﷺ did not teach any set rules or days for cutting nails. Different books teach different rules for cutting nails, and none of this is proven by hadith.

Even the description of which hand will start cutting fingernails is given first. But these are not the teachings of Islam, and these are all rules introduced in the later era.

All Muhaddiths agree that everything said about it is null and fabricated. It has no basis.

Following all these rules for cutting nails is also against Sunnah. Rasulullah (ﷺ) ordered to cut the nails, and he did not teach any special regulations or days.

So, in any case, if you cut your nails on any day, this order will be observed. To imagine any merit in cutting the pins on a particular day or in a specific manner is to consider the teaching of the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) incomplete.

As well as showing the courage to perfect his education. Allah gives us Tawfeek to live in Saheeh Sunnah.

Nail cutting in Islam in hadith

In a hadith, Rasulullah (SAW) said, Fitrah is five things – circumcision, cleaning the hair below the navel, cutting the nails, plucking the armpit hair, and trimming the mustache. (Ibn Majah – 292)

Another hadith has ten Fitrats – this includes cutting the nails. That’s why Islam calls the cutting of unwanted body hair and nails after forty days without reason Makruh Tahrimi or an act of sin.

In this regard, Sahabi Anas (R.A.) said, We were given time limits for keeping the mustache, trimming the nails, plucking the armpit hair, and shaving the hair below the navel; Let us not delay more than forty days in this matter. (Muslim, Hadith: 258)

According to one narration, Abu Wasil said, I went to meet Abu Ayyub (R.A.). During Musafaha, he saw my nails big and said, Prophet (PBUH) said,

Some of you ask about the sky, while its fingernails are like the fingernails of birds, in which filth accumulates. (Musnad Ahmad, Hadith: 23011)

Can I do wudu with long nails? Nail cutting in Islam

Wudu can be performed with long nails. There will be no difficulty in this, InshAllah. Ablution will be done if you perform ablution by observing the obligatory duties and Sunnah of Azor.

However, if the water does not reach the flesh under the nails due to extra long nails, it will not be ablution if that place is not wet with water.

Below is one such fatwa –

If for some reason, the water does not reach the nail’s base due to the nail’s growth, then ablution is not purified. (Khulasatul Fatawa, Volume: 01, Page: 22)

Where to throw cut nails in Islam?

After cutting the nails, they should be thrown in the designated garbage disposal place. It cannot be kept in a clean place in the house. Because the air moves, it can mix the food in the container.

Or children may put their fingernails inside their mouths. That is why it is essential to be careful. Since nails contain dirt, they should be disposed of in a safe place.

Many people think that they should spit three times while removing the nails. Then they should be buried under the ground, and they can’t, Jethro.

If dropped anywhere, evil devils can harm people with them. This idea is entirely false. Contrary to Islam, there is no provision in Islam to bury nails under the ground.

Are fake nails haram?

Fake nails are haram. All men and women in Islam are commanded to keep their nails short. Careful trimming of nails is emphasized every week. Clipping nails have many worldly benefits and worldly swabs.

All nails should be cut and kept short. Infidel women usually use false nails and are forbidden to keep our litheiress to unbelievers.

Our Beloved Messenger of Allah – may Allah bless him and grant him peace – said: He who imitates the community will fight with them on the Day of Resurrection.

So none of us wants our resurrection to be with the disbelievers and our fate befalling the disbelievers. So fake nails are haram.

Are fake nails haram on, period?

It is forbidden to use fake nails during periods. Nails have nothing to do with periods, and the rules are the same for the period of the pins in the state of sanctity.

The pins should be cut short, and dirt should not accumulate under the nails.

There are special provisions regarding prayer and fasting, i.e..; a woman can skip prayer during her period. And it doesn’t need to be done later.

In this way, the fast can be given up at present, but later, those fasts will have to be made up. It is a special provision for women during their periods.

There is also some opinion among the Fuqaha’e Keram as to whether the Qur’an Sharif can be recited at that time.

However, it is agreed that her nails should be cut short, and she may not use fake nails at that time or any other time.

Is it haram to wear fake nails during Ramadan?

Yes, fake nails are haram during Ramadan, and putting on fake nails has nothing to do with Ramadan or any other month.

It is forbidden to have fake nails. Be it in any month, and it is prohibited during Ramadan during any other time, and Islam forbids it because it resembles non-Muslim infidels.

Can I pray with fake nails?

Prayer can be done using fake nails, and there is no problem because nails have nothing to do with worship.

Prayer is a separate provision, which is done through Qayam Ruku-Sajda etc.

However, if you use fake nails to perform ablution before prayer, it will not be ablution. Because water does not reach the base of the nail due to counterfeit pins, Wudu will not be performed.

Are fake nails haram IslamQA?

Nail cutting in Islam: The IslamQA website states that fake nails are not permissible in Islam. They also agree with the above discussion that artificial nails are not allowed in Islam.

They didn’t talk much and said a little. Which means it is haram. If you want, you can read their article from this link.

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