My husband wants me every night Islam | Reasons and remedy

A husband is more attracted to a wife because of specific characteristics. Husband’s love for his wife and demand for pay increases. The husband does not want to imagine anyone other than her. Always wants to entertain and romance her. Then the wife says – my husband wants me every night Islam.

In this post we will know why your husband wants you every night? Details of ways and remedies to meet his needs.

My husband wants me every night Islam

My husband wants me every night, Islam supports it. Because asking another girl at night is a sin. So it is better to ask for your own wife. Plus it’s fun for you. Because there are many husbands who ignore their wives. Does not give time to his wife, does not care. As such you are lucky.

On the other hand, if you can’t stand it. If your body is not capable of enjoying your husband every night, it is painful for you. In this case you can talk to your husband and find a solution.

But you cannot deprive your husband subject to physical ability. Because it is the wife’s duty to obey her husband. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “If I had permitted a man to prostrate for another, I would have commanded a woman to prostrate to her husband” [Tirmidhi].

Can a husband wants his wife every night in hadith?

Yes, husband can wants his wife every night. It is his legitimate right. Rasulullah (SAW) said, ‘When the husband calls his wife for his need, she must come to him, even if she is busy on the stove. (i.e. even if he is busy cooking)’ (Tirmidhi).

In another hadith the Prophet (PBUH) said, ‘When a man calls his wife to his bed (for mutual intercourse). After that, if the wife does not respond to her husband’s call, and if the husband spends the night displeased with her, then the inhabitants of Paradise will continue to curse her until morning’ (Bukhari).

Rasulullah (s.a.w.) said, ‘A woman who causes her husband trouble in life in this world, the hurlers of Paradise will curse her and say, O wretched one! Don’t hurt him. May Allah wipe you out!’ (Tirmidhi).

Rasulullah (SAW) said, “If a woman dies in such a state that her husband was pleased with her, she will enter Paradise” (Tirmidhi).

From these hadiths it is clearly understood that it is essential for the wife to follow the orders of her husband. So you can’t hurt your husband’s character by saying that my husband wants me every night. It is better that you meet his needs with pleasure.

Why does the husband want you every night?

There could be many reasons why your husband wants you every night. But we are discussing some special reasons here. Although our words may not match hundred percent depending on the person and place.

  1. Your husband has high testosterone hormone. Because every human being has unique desires and specialties. So your husband’s testosterone hormone causes his needs to rise every night. Start enjoying it too.
  2. You may always be positive and cheerful. Husband also likes to see your smiling face when he comes home after work. So he wants you at night.
  3. Your figure and limbs may be quite attractive and charming. Someone else usually doesn’t. By enjoying these, the husband wants to be easily satisfied by sleep with you. So take your husband’s hobby as your hobby. Whatever it is. This will increase your husband’s love for you.
  4. Your husband may be addicted to foods that give him energy to play at night. So cook something that reduces this energy of your husband.
  5. Try to convince the husband if he takes any kind of wrong decision. But value his opinion. Do not oppose husband’s opinion unless it is a serious matter.
  6. Don’t ask anything even if your husband calls you in the middle of the night. Until he says something himself. Even if the husband secretly loves, there is no use in shouting. You will lose your self-respect from the middle. Instead treat your husband. love more If that doesn’t work, both of you can decide calmly what to do.
  7. Every husband takes pride in the beauty of his wife. So always keep yourself interesting. Because there is no need to go to the parlor. Use totka regularly at home. And always be clean, prim and proper. So that husband can go out if he plans to go for a quick coffee or watch a movie.

Remedy for husband’s nighttime cravings

free communication

Encourage open and honest communication between husbands and wives. Wife should express her feelings and physical limitations. On the other hand the husband should also share his point of view. Understanding each other’s needs and concerns can find a solution.


Find a middle ground that both spouses can agree on. Although the husband may desire intimacy every night, it is important for the wife’s well-being to compromise on a manageable frequency. Finding a balance that meets the needs of both partners is crucial to a healthy relationship.

Marry a second time

Islam has permitted four marriages for one husband. If you can’t meet your husband’s needs at night, give him a second marriage. It’s better for you and him.

medical advice

If the wife’s physical condition is a limiting factor, it may be beneficial for her to consult a health care professional. Understanding any underlying health issues and seeking appropriate medical advice can help address physical concerns and find solutions or alternatives.

Seek religious guidance

If the problem persists and religious considerations are involved, a knowledgeable religious scholar or counselor may seek guidance. Accept the solution they give which is compatible with religious principles.

Emphasize emotional connection

Emphasize the importance of emotional connection and the non-physical aspects of relationships. Facilitate communication, shared activities and mutual support. It strengthens the emotional bond that can contribute to a fulfilling relationship beyond physical intimacy.

How to meet your husband’s nightly needs?

Not that your husband needs to be physically demanding at night. Rather, he can fulfill his needs in many different ways. Then if you don’t want to give physical opportunity then your husband can accept it. You can win your husband’s heart by doing the following things.

Dress up for husband

Once the Prophet (PBUH) returned from a trip to Madinah and instead of going home, he said to the Companions, “Stop here and send news home so that your wives can prepare themselves for you.” The wives of Rasulullah (SAW) used to present themselves in front of Rasulullah (SAW) dressed up (Bukhari).

Hiding husband’s fault

This trend is very noticeable among women – they want to lighten their hearts by sharing their husband’s faults with others. It is haram in Islamic Shari’ah and included as a sin.

Even your words my husband wants me every night, it is also a form of blame practice. This creates discord and mistrust in the world and the happiness and peace goes away. In this context, Allah says, “Destruction is for those who talk back and forth” (Surah Humajah-1).

Acknowledgment of the husband

The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) returned from Meraj and said, “I have seen Hell several times, but I have never seen such a terrible scene as today.” Among them, I saw more number of women. They said, Why is the Messenger of God? He said, because of their ingratitude.

It was asked, do they ungrateful to Allah? He said, No, they are ungrateful to the husband, do not acknowledge his gratitude. If you favor one of them for ages, then one day if his desire is not fulfilled by you, he will say, I have not received any favor from you till today’ (Muslim).

Avoid undue doubt

Allah says, O believers, stay away from excessive speculation. Surely any assumption is a sin. And do not inquire into secret matters and do not backbite one another (Surah: Hujurat, verse: 12).

It is vain to hope for happiness in a family where the disease of doubt takes root. Any issue should be resolved through mutual understanding and discussion.

FAQs – about : My husband wants me every night Islam

Is there a religious obligation for husband and wife to be intimate every night in Islam?

No, Islam does not specify a mandatory frequency for intimacy between husband and wife. The Qur’an and Hadith enjoin husbands and wives to fulfill each other’s rights. Encouraged to maintain a healthy relationship. But does not determine a specific frequency.

How can a couple meet the needs of the night with other responsibilities in Islam?

Islam encourages a balanced approach to life, taking into account one’s religious, family and social responsibilities. It is important for couples to communicate openly, understand each other’s needs, and find a mutually agreeable balance between intimacy and other commitments.

If one spouse has a high or low desire for intimacy?

It is normal for any spouse to have differences in intimacy needs. Islam encourages patience, understanding and communication between husband and wife. It is important for couples to discuss their needs, find compromises and be considerate of each other’s feelings.

How can a couple increase their intimacy in a halal way?

Islam encourages diversity and creativity within the boundaries of halal practice. Couples can seek guidance from religious scholars to explore ways to increase their intimacy.

In Islam, if one spouse is unable to meet the needs of the other at night?

Islam recognizes that conditions such as illness or stress can affect a person’s ability to engage in sexual intercourse. In such cases, it is advisable to understand, support and seek medical or psychological counseling if needed.

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