Can Muslim women show their hair?

Women of different religions worldwide cover their heads due to their religious allegiance.

An exhibition at Berlin’s Jewish Museum asks, What motivates them to cover their heads?

Women in Islam, Judaism, and Christianity cover their hair with cloth because of their faith.

This practice has been going on for many years Many cultures have restrictions on women showing their head hair.

But today we are discussing whether – Muslim women can show their hair? What does Islam say about this?

Can Muslim women show their hair?

Muslim women cannot keep their hair open. This is the unanimous opinion of Fakahaye Keram. They say Muslim women’s head hair is part of the awrah.

So they have to cover their hair when they go out of the house. Otherwise, they will be sinners.

But this provision will go outside the house for them. But there are different rules on whether those who stay at home or are in front of their husbands, can keep their hair open.

Nowadays, many Muslim girls continue their activities with their hair open in the market, street, and office.

But it is completely haram in that they are constantly being bullied and have disobeyed the laws of Islam.

Due to this they are not only harming themselves but they are leading the entire Muslim social system to ruin.

Because of this, they themselves will face the punishment of the Hereafter and they will also face the punishment of many other Muslims.

We hope that Islamic knowledge will spread in Muslim society and they will realize their mistakes. And also be aware of Islamic law. Everyone will try to build a beautiful society.

Why can’t Muslim women show their hair?

It is prohibited in the Quran and Hadith. Muslim girls cannot leave their hair open when they go outside the house.

A verse in the Qur’an states that Muslim girls should not reveal their beauty, but that which comes out unintentionally is a different matter.

Thus, it has been said in several hadiths that Muslim girls should not reveal their beauty when they go out of the house.

Without arousing the lust of other men. Do not be attracted to others. Those who do so will indeed run toward hell. And in the last judgment, they will fall into hell.

In fact, it is not the responsibility of a Muslim to find out the reason for a ruling from Allah and the Messenger. Not good for them.

It is important to follow the rules knowing that there is definitely better in the rules that Allah has given. So why is it mandated that Muslim girls cover their hair?

It is not for us to analyze it, and if we have to, it can be said that there is an attraction in it. Hair makes women attractive. So it should be covered so that they do not face the evil eye of men.

What happens if a Muslim girl shows her hair

Muslim girls cannot wear their hair, the main reason being that Allah – Subhanahu Ta’ala – forbids it.

The Messenger of Allah – may Allah bless him and grant him peace – mentioned severe punishment for this.

In a hadith the Messenger of Allah – may Allah bless him and grant him peace – said that before the Day of Resurrection there will appear some women who will wear such clothes that even after wearing them they will remain naked.

They themselves will be attracted to others and others will be attracted to themselves. Their hair will be like a camel’s hump.

These women will not go to paradise and will not even smell the fragrance of paradise. Although the fragrance of paradise is found from far away.

Can a woman see a Muslim woman’s hair?

A Muslim woman can see another Muslim woman’s hair. It is not haram for him. Because of this, neither of them will be guilty, inshallah.

And there is some disagreement about whether a non-Muslim woman can see a Muslim woman’s hair or not.

But a non-Muslim woman can see the hair of a Muslim woman. Many have said this.

In this case, it should be noted that a Muslim woman cannot reveal the beauty of another Muslim woman’s hair and appearance to others.

Because of this, if there is any danger that she will be harmed, then her beauty cannot be revealed in front of her. Because there is a possibility of harming yourself.

Can a husband see a Muslim woman’s hair?

A husband must see his wife’s hair. Why can he see his wife all over the body with hair only on the head?

There is nothing to say about the husband’s private parts in front of the wife and the wife’s private parts in front of the husband. They can see everything about each other. can touch

A wife may lay the hair of her head in front of her husband. Chest hair, armpit hair, hair below the navel, hair on private parts, and hair on all parts of the body can be left open.

It is not haram, even they can cut each other’s hair. If the husband cuts his wife’s hair then it is lawful for the wife to cut her husband’s hair.

Discussions on social media about Muslim girls opening their hair

A form of Muslim society’s thinking emerges on social media.

From this, it can be understood what kind of thinking people are thinking about the Muslim way of life.

We have seen many people on social media like quora, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter discussing whether Muslim women can keep their hair open or not.

We are giving some examples of them below so that you can know more about them.

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