Can Muslim girls wear shorts?

Can Muslim girls wear shorts? Many of our sisters ask this question. From their questions, we can understand that all these sisters know their attire.

They want to know whether short clothing is valid in Islam. We want to thank them.

Because in this era, many Muslim girls have been swept away by the tide of western culture, they have entirely forgotten their religious customs.

These Muslim girls have entirely adopted the behaviour of western girls. They are wearing clothes that leave them primarily naked.

To benefit those who want to know the rulings of Ilam regarding short clothing, and those who unknowingly wear shorts can make new decisions about their clothing.

Can a Muslim girl wear shorts?

No, of course not. Muslim girls cannot wear shorts because it is entirely contrary to the instructions of the Holy Quran.

The Qur’an mandates the wearing of hijab by Muslim girls when they go outside the house.

So Muslim girls should wear clothes that hide their beauty from the male gaze.

Hijab is a head-to-toe covering for a Muslim. This dress is obligatory for every Muslim to wear when going out of the house.

So no Muslim girl can go anywhere in the market, office, park, beach, etc., wearing short clothes like half pants, half jeans, bra, panty, etc.

Because it is Haram for him, the Qur’an and Hadith are very clear that it is forbidden for Muslim girls.

In fact, our beloved Prophet Muhammad – may Allah bless him and grant him peace – mentioned a severe punishment in the hadith for girls who would wear such revealing clothing in public.

Even those girls will not go to paradise but will not be able to gain the beauty of heaven. We are writing today’s article for everyone.

But there are some cases where Muslim girls can wear short clothes. We discuss them under the following headings.

Can a Muslim girl wear shorts at home?

Muslim girls can wear short clothes while at home. But there are some conditions for that; these conditions must be followed.

If one of the conditions is violated, then it will not be valid for him to wear short clothes even inside the house. Some such conditions are listed below.

  • Always stay indoors.
  • If you go out to the balcony, see no one else from outside.
  • One cannot wear it in front of one’s mahram men.
  • You can’t go out in front of unknown girls.
  • You can go out in front of your mother and sister.
  • These clothes should be changed when a guest arrives home.
  • I can’t talk on a video call with anyone wearing these clothes.
  • No one outside can see him during his stay in the house.

Can a Muslim Women wear shorts at night?

Muslim girls can wear shorts while sleeping at night. There will be no sin for them. It is not haram.

People can sleep as they feel comfortable while sleeping. Islam has not forbidden it. Even if a person sleeps in a single room, he can sleep naked.

But it is worth noting that the door and windows of the room where he will sleep should be closed well so that outsiders cannot see him.

At the same time, it should be taken care that no one else is sleeping in the room where he is sleeping, or two are sleeping in the same bed.

Then she cannot wear short clothes. But if another girl, like her mother or sister, sleeps in the bed next to her, she can wear her shorts.

Can a Muslim Wife wear the short front of her husband

Muslim girls can wear shorts in front of their husbands. And it should be done occasionally.

Because short videos help transform girls into brides loved by their husbands, they will make love in their married life. There is no such thing as a wife’s private parts in front of her husband.

The wife in front of the husband, the wife in front of the husband, even if he does not wear any clothes. In this, they will not be sinful because of the words of the Holy Qur’an – husband and wife depend on each other.

Short wears make women attractive, like bras, worn to shape girls’ breasts and make them look gorgeous. In this, the husband gets attracted to her.

Similarly, the husband can also wear short clothes in front of the wife, like underwear which can also attract the wife to the husband.

Husband and wife can wear shorts in front of each other. There is no ban on it. Instead, it will play a role in helping romance in their married life.

Opinion of the Islamic scholar

We have discussed above a summary of what the Islamic scholars have said. This is the crux of the discussion on IslamQA and other websites.

Dr Zakir Naik and Mufti Manik have all said the same. Shaykh Usaimin said if wearing shorts under the hijab, a burqa, then it is valid. It can come out later.

People’s thoughts on social media about Muslim girls wearing shorts

Now we can see what has been discussed on social media about whether Muslim girls can wear short dresses. Below are links to popular social media where many people have opinions.

Many people on social media Quora said that Muslim girls could read short. But many objected again together. They have argued for and against their words.

At the same time, we are giving below the criticism people have made on other social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, etc.

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