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Muslim and Catholic marriage. This is an excellent topic. I am happy to share my knowledge on this topic with you.

In the article, I will discuss in detail the Islamic view on Muslim and Catholic marriage and the pros and cons of this marriage.

At the same time, Laimic scholars can marry a Muslim or a Catholic and if so I will insert what are the conditions.

Can Muslim and catholic get marriage?

Yes, Muslims and Catholics can marry. The marriage of Muslim boys and Catholic girls is acceptable in Islam. But the opposite will not be the case, i.e. the marriage of a Muslim girl and a Catholic boy is not valid in Islam.

But there is a condition for this – the Catholic girl must remain steadfast in her basic Christian faith. A Muslim boy cannot marry a girl who does not believe in their religious practices, but instead cherishes the ideals and beliefs of atheists. It is not allowed in Islam.

By the basic religious belief of a Catholic, we mean that he must believe in a monotheistic God. Christians believe in the existence of three codas.

But indeed God is one. Who exists in the Seven Heavens Being? But his knowledge is equally present all over the world. This faith must be kept.

Although they refer to Hazrat Isa – Alaihis Salam – as the Prophet and Muslims refer to the last Prophet Muhammad – Sallallahu Alaihi Was Salam -.

But Muslims believe that Jesus – alaihis salam – was truly a messenger of God. That is why there is no problem for a Muslim to marry a Catholic girl. But if that girl believes in atheistic beliefs then it is not valid to marry her.

Opinions of scholars

Shaykhul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah (RA) said: “Muslims are agreed that no unbeliever will receive Mirach (abandoned property) from a Muslim. No infidel may marry a Muslim girl.” [Concluded from al-Fatawa al-Kubra (3/130)]

Also the reason why it is impermissible is – “Islam has come to raise its head; Not to bow down” as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said.

The husband has authority over the wife. Therefore, it is not permissible to give an infidel authority over a Muslim woman. Because Islam is the true religion; All other religions except Islam are invalid.

If a Muslim girl knowingly marries a Catholic boy, she will be considered an adulterer. Her punishment is the adulterer’s punishment.

And if he gets involved in marriage without knowing it, then the woman’s incapacity is acceptable; however, it is obligatory to separate the relationship between the two of them without divorce. Because this marriage is annulled.

Three reasons for Muslim and Catholic marriage

There are reasons why marriage between Muslims and Catholics is logical and acceptable. As a result, Muslims and Catholics are married. Among them, we present three notable reasons below.

Getting involved in a love affair

Many times it is seen that Muslim boys and Catholic girls develop love relationships. They become bound to each other with immense love. They want to get married to elevate their love to perfection.

But in this case, the main obstacle is their religious beliefs. Due to this, they feel doubtful about getting married but if the girl is completely steadfast in her religion then they can get married.

For humanitarian reasons

At times it may be that a Catholic girl is poor and has no man to meet her financial and physical needs.

Then a Muslim boy needs to take charge of that girl. For this reason, he wants to marry the girl to a Muslim boy. As a result, the girl is married with the mindset that she will fulfil all her physical and financial needs.

Fascinated by beauty and character

It may be that the Catholic girl is very beautiful and her figure is very attractive as well as her character is very refined and sweet.

All these qualities attract a Muslim man and then the Muslim man is impressed by the looks and qualities of the Catholic girl and is motivated to marry her.

Because of this he became desperate and had to marry that girl. If that is the case then the man has no problem marrying a Catholic girl. Apart from these three reasons, there are many other reasons why Muslims and Catholics marry.

Benefits of Muslim and Catholic Marriage

  1. By protecting oneself from sin and iniquity, both men and women can protect faith, Islam and chastity.
  2. The female race is supervised and maintained.
  3. Women’s respectable living is easy.
  4. A man gets a depositor reliable wife.
  5. The human race propagates in legitimate ways.
  6. Marriage is a legitimate and safe way to fulfil natural and innate sexual desires.
  7. Both men and women get emotional relief, satisfaction and cheerfulness, which is not possible in any other way except marriage.
  8. A noble Sunnah of all the Prophets, including the Prophet – may Allah bless him and grant him peace – is implemented. (Sahi Muslim, Hadith: 1400; Awjazul Masaliq: 4/236)
  9. Human children attain their true identity by being properly nurtured and nurtured.
  10. Marriage brings blessings and abundance in life to Riji. Rasulullah – may Allah bless him and grant him peace – said, “Marry, wives will bring wealth to you by their fate.” (Musnad Bazzar, Hadith: 1402)
  11. If unmarried, there is a risk of developing mental or physical diseases and complications.
  12. Promiscuous and illicit sex opens the door to deadly diseases like AIDS. And marriage saves people from that.
  13. Illicit sex destroys social order.
  14. Marriage makes people family. As a result, men become responsible and action-oriented. The mentality of enjoyment is removed. Similarly, women are responsible and practical.
  15. Husband and wife encourage each other to pave the way to build a beautiful world. Hazrat Khadijah – Radiyallahu Anhu – protected Rasulullah – may Allah bless him and grant him peace – when he was afraid of a sudden revelation during his prophethood and declared to be by his side.
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