Is misyar marriage halal?

Is misyar marriage halal? misyar marriage is quite popular at present.

This type of marriage is gaining popularity in Arab countries and other Islamic countries.

But what is the provision for this type of marriage in Islam? Is misyar marriage halal? This post contains a detailed discussion.

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What is misyar marriage in Islam?

The Arabic word (المسيار) means simple. And the word (زواج) means marriage. So combining two words (زواج المسيار) would mean easy marriage.

Technically, misyar marriage is a type of marriage in which all the conditions for the marriage to be purified are fulfilled.

However, the wife voluntarily waives some of her rights. Below I discuss some of the rights that a wife forgives.

  • Maintenance.

The husband must support the wife normally. But if the wife frees the husband from that responsibility, it will no longer be obligatory.

  • Accommodation.

The husband must give the wife a place to stay in the house as much as possible. However, the wife has the right to voluntarily forgive it.

  • Husband’s company

If the husband has more than one wife, all the wives have equal rights to the husband’s company, love, and overnight stay.

But if a wife gives up her rights, she has that right. It is valid in Islam.

Nowadays financially well-off women are becoming more interested in this type of marriage. Because they do not need maintenance and accommodation from the husband.

If the husband has another wife, he is not objecting to giving her more time.

In their free time, they can spend time meeting the two of them and meeting their physical needs.

Is misyar marriage halal?

misyar marriage is halal or haram? There are three views on this subject. Different thoughts and attitudes have created three views in proportion.

We discuss the views of Islamic scholars and their arguments below.

Misyar marriage is halal

One of the scholars of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaat has expressed the opinion that the marriage of Misia is halal.

The argument of those who say that the marriage of misyar is halal is that all the conditions for the marriage to be pure have been fulfilled in this marriage.

Such as Ijab confession, testimony, consent of both the bride and groom, etc. These are the things that are important for a marriage to be pure.

That is why there is no time to call the marriage of misyar Haram. And the wife can receive from her deserving husband.

Again, she can release her husband if she wishes. It depends solely on his will.

The analogy of freeing the husband from his rights exists in Islam. One such analogy is –

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was staying at the house of his wife Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) when he was ill.

In this case, it is the turn of the other wives to stay in the house. But the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) wanted to stay in the house of Aa’ishah (may Allah be pleased with her).

When the other wives realized this, they gave up their rights and allowed the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) to stay in the house of ‘Aa’ishah (may Allah be pleased with her).

Then Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) spent some time at home in a sick condition and the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) died.

Misyar marriage is Makrooh

The other side thinks that misyar marriage is halal but disliked it. It is better to refrain from it.

Among the proponents of this view. Yusuf al-Qardawi and Shaykh bin Baz are particularly notable.

They say that the marriage of the Messiah spoils the very beauty and meaning of the marriage custom in Islam.

In Islam, marriage is not just a means of satisfying physical needs. Rather, it is a way to build a beautiful family.

So even though there is no Shariah barrier, this type of marriage is halal. But it is better to refrain from it.

Misyar marriage hanafi

Some other Islamic scholars think that the marriage of a Messiah is forbidden. It must be refrained from.

Among them is several Hanafi ulama. However, in the Hanafi school, marriage is viewed in a simple light.

That is why Hanafi and many others consider this type of marriage halal. It will not be a sin.

They argue that the purpose of marriage is to have children, to have a family, and to have husbands and wives next to each other.

But in misyar marriage, these motives are utterly violated. Here only the physical relationship has a purpose and main goal.

That is why the marriage of misyar is forbidden. It must survive. Otherwise, the burden of sin must be borne.

Vaccination: Out of the three opinions, the first opinion seems to me to be correct and documented.

In a misyar marriage, the wife simply gives up her maintenance, accommodation, and equality. But childbearing etc. is not hindered.

Children can also be obtained by marrying misyar. Many couples are also having children through this marriage.

Misyar marriage in Saudi Arabia

The practice of Misyar marriage first began in Saudi Arabia. Self-reliant women begin to adopt a husband.

They relieve the husband of all financial responsibility. Only in leisure and free time will they stay together.

Their marriage was declared halal by the local scholars.

Since then, misyar wedding has become very popular in Saudi Arabia. Gradually it spread all over the world.

Misyar marriage to the UK

Although Misyar marriage was initially practiced in the Arab world, it gradually spread throughout the Muslim world.

Even Misyar marriage is gaining popularity among Muslims living in non-Muslim countries like UK and USA.

Misyar marriage website

I don’t know if there is a separate website for the misyar wedding. However, there are some websites where Muslim girls can be found.

There you can talk to a woman of your choice and get a marriage contract.

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