What is marriage in Islam?

Marriage is very important in Islam. It is not possible to be perfect without marriage.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

من تزوّج فقد استكمل نصف الإيمان، فليتق الله في النصف الباقي

Translation: ‘He who marries has fulfilled half of the deen and should practice taqwa for the other half.

Says in another hadith

النكاح من سنتي، فمن لم يعمل بسنتي فليس مني

Translation: Marriage is my circumcision. Anyone who deviates from my circumcision is not part of my group. (Ibn Majah)

From all these hadiths it is understood that marriage is considered a part of Islam. So refraining from it means refraining from great virtue.

What is marriage in Islam? And what is the position of marriage in Islam? Today I am discussing.

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what is marriage in Islam?

In Islam, marriage is a sacred and virtuous act. A means of gaining physical and mental peace.

This bond extends from the world to the beautiful gardens of Paradise. This happiness remains until the pure palace of heaven.

Marriage is called nikah in Arabic. So we are analyzing the Arabic meaning of the word.

what is nikah in Islam?

The word nikah has four meanings. Each of the meanings is given below.

Meaning of nikah in Islam

  1. Matching. Because a boy and a girl are united by marriage.
  2. Penetrate each other. Because by marriage, husband and wife are allowed to enter each other.
  3. Intercourse. Because intercourse between a woman and a man is legalized by marriage.
  4. Paired. A family is united by marriage. So the term is applied in this sense.

But what is the main meaning of the word nikah? There is a little disagreement about this.

Some people say that the main meaning of the word nikah is intercourse. From there it is used in the case of marriage Aqd.

Some people say that the main meaning is bond orAqad. Because the legitimacy of sexual intercourse is gained by the Aqd.

The terminological meaning of the word nikah

The term nikah literally means the legitimacy of sexual intercourse.

Marriage in Islam in hadith

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

يَا مَعْشَرَ الشَّبَابِ، مَنِ اسْتَطَاعَ مِنْكُمُ الْبَاءَةَ فَلْيَتَزَوَّجْ، فَإِنَّهُ أَغَضُّ لِلْبَصَرِ، وَأَحْصَنُ لِلْفَرْجِ، وَمَنْ لَمْ يَسْتَطِعْ فَعَلَيْهِ بِالصَّوْمِ؛ فَإِنَّهُ لَهُ وِجَاءٌ

Translation: O young people, let those of you who can afford it marry. Because marriage is more suitable to keep the eye cool and the place of shame safe.

And it is obligatory to fast for those who cannot afford marriage. Because fasting will crush his sexual energy. (Muslim and Bukhari)

Said in another hadith

He got married and completed half of his deen and used taqwa for the other half.

Says in another hadith

Marriage is my circumcision. Anyone who deviates from my circumcision is not part of my group. (Ibn Majah)

Types of marriage in Islam

There are different types of marriages depending on the physical strength, sexual needs, and financial status of the person getting married.

Marriage is obligatory – It is obligatory for a person who is physically and sexually strong and has a good financial situation to get married.

That is, when sexual desire and desire arise, his mind becomes restless and he does not like anything else.

If such a person does not marry, there is a strong possibility of committing adultery. So it is obligatory for him to get married.

Circumcision of Nikah – if there is not too much sexual desire and energy. As a result, there is a risk of getting involved in adultery.

However, it is circumcised to marry a person who has normal sexual ability and is able to support his wife.

Marriage is forbidden – a person who is unable to have intercourse with his wife. His penis does not have the strength to have sex. At the same time, it is haraam to marry a person whose wife cannot afford to support him.

Because if that person gets married, he will not be able to fulfill his wife’s rights and he will not be able to support his wife. So marriage is forbidden for him.

what are the requirements for marriage?

We have an instruction from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) on what is necessary for marriage.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

The meaning of the word Arrived ( الْبَاءَةَ – al-Baatu) in this hadith has been used to describe the requirements of marriage in Islam.

Muhaddisinine Keram – has introduced three meanings of the word ‘Al Baatu’.

  • The first meaning is to have the power of intercourse.
  • The second meaning is to be able to support the wife.
  • The third meaning is that the wife has the ability to give the seal and accommodation.

However, other Islamic thinkers think that these three meanings are correct. And these three requirements must be fulfilled for marriage.

Because a person who has only sexual ability but is not able to support his wife and provide shelter has been instructed to fast.

In the same way, marriage is not allowed for a person who has the ability to provide for his wife but does not have sexual ability.

So as a marriage requirement, you have to have all these, that is, sexual ability and financial ability.

what is the process of marriage in Islam?

You need to be mentally prepared to get married. Then you have to start seeing the bride for marriage.

The bride has to look her best during this time, because of posterity more than anything else. If the girl’s guardian agrees to the proposal, the girl can be visited.

The bridegroom must see the bride himself. It is permanent and enchanting when you get married by choice.

Or he can send his mother and sister to take care of the girl. If they see the bride and give a good report, it can be confirmed.

When the lesson of meeting and liking the bride is over, the date of the wedding day has to be fixed.

It is Sunnat to perform Walima at the groom’s house on the day after the marriage. Walima will bear the cost according to his ability and capacity.

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