What is the provision of kissing in Islam before marriage?

Islam gives great encouragement to happy romance in married life after marriage. But is kissing in Islam before marriage acceptable in Islam?

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Premarital romance in Islam

Marriage is a sacred bond. This bond brings perfection to a woman and a man in the life of the world. The courtyard of the mind is enriched with love. Through marriage, the journey of a man and a woman begins in a new way of life. Gets new horizons.

They have many colourful springs on their way. Innumerable drizzle of soft rain. Poush’s evening filled with the silver light of the moon. A dream garden is like a lively flower garden. There is a latent desire to be lost in the blue with the hand of the beloved.

Then they want to go to the end of this life on earth in the green garden of Paradise. Like the world, they want to enjoy eternity together, endless happiness and peace of paradise.

This is the significance and strength of Islam’s marriage. This is the beauty and essence of marriage in Islam. However, in Islam, husband and wife romance is also an important chapter in married life.

Islam has given a lot of freedom to husband and wife romance after marriage. Almost all forms of sex and romance are legal, except for a few restrictions.

However, in the case of premarital romance, Islam has imposed very strict and strict rules. Because none of the benefits that come from getting married can be achieved by premarital romance.

kissing in Islam before marriage

All forms of premarital sex are forbidden in Islam. Even unnecessary talk between a man and a woman is haram. So kissing in Islam before marriage is forbidden.

It is forbidden in Islam for a man to look at a woman. And kissing is a lot bigger than looking.

Here we are referring to the pre-wedding Aqad or the bride and groom accepting each other. If it happens that marriage becomes Akad.

The bride and groom register at the Kazi office. But for some reason, the bride is not brought to the husband’s house. Then it is not premarital. Robang it can be called after marriage. In this case, kissing or even having sex is legal.

In some cases, a girl and a boy fall in love. Who are called boyfriends and girlfriends? They vowed to marry each other.

Premarital sex basically means such a relationship. And after such a relationship is formed, the main question is whether they can kiss each other or not.

Islam does not support such a relationship. Islam declares it as Haram Relationship. And when such a relationship is not valid then how can it be legal to kiss by this relationship?

So kissing in Islam before marriage is naturally forbidden. This is the unanimous opinion of all the Imams and all the Madhhabs.

Is kissing before marriage Zina?

Kissing a woman or touching a special part of her body is a sin. But this is not real adultery. Because real adultery is only intercourse.

But kissing before marriage is also metaphorically recognized as adultery. This is what creates the context for real adultery. There is a description of this in a hadith.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

Adultery has been written for the children of Adam. Inevitably he will get part of the Zina.

Adultery in both eyes is to look. Adultery in both ears is hearing. The adultery of the mouth is to speak. Touching the fornication of the hand. Walking on foot. Imagine the fornication of the heart. Then the reproductive organs attest to it or deny it. (Sahih Muslim)

Imam Nawabi said that the meaning of the hadith is – the fate of the children of Adam has been recorded as part of adultery.

None of them will actually commit adultery. That will be by inserting the penis into the sex of the woman.

Someone will get it again in the metaphorical sense. For example, it is haraam to look at a woman. Or touching a woman’s body or kissing her etc.

Punishment for kissing in Islam

Kissing before marriage is a sin. If one does it, again and again, it will be considered a grave sin. In the Hereafter, Allah Ta’ala will punish for this.

If anyone engages in such an act, he must repent. There is no special expiation for him. However, good deeds such as prayers, almsgiving, etc. can be forgiveness of sins.

As stated in Bukhari and Muslim Sharif,

Abdullah bin Masood (may Allah be pleased with him) said: A man came to the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) and said:

I hugged a woman at the foot of the town. You decide about me.

Then ‘Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) said to him, “If you had kept it a secret, Allah would have kept it a secret.”

Then the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) did not issue any ruling on him. So he left.

Then the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) called him and recited this verse of the Holy Qur’an.

‘Pray in the morning and evening and in the darkness of night. Surely good deeds remove evil deeds. ‘ (Surah Hud – 114)

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