Is kissing Haram? Know the time and status of Halal kissing

Kissing is a significant expression of love. Kissing can be done anywhere, anytime. Many couples kiss each other on the lips in public places, like parks, beaches, and streets. But some kissing is haram, and some kissing is halal.

You must follow specific Kissing rules in a relationship with your partner. It would be best never to kiss someone who is not your partner. It would be haram to do so.

Islamic law prohibits any form of physical contact between men and women unless done for a specific purpose, such as greeting or kissing another person.

The following guidelines should be followed when kissing haram and when halal:

Is Kissing Haram?

No, Kissing is not Haram in Islam. Again, pouring is not halal. He doesn’t mind kissing his wife. It is permissible in Islam.

Instead, Islam encourages kissing one’s wife. Because of this, the husband will get merit. So the husband can kiss his wife as he wishes.

This way, a wife can kiss her husband with all her heart. It is permissible to kiss on the lips or breasts, the cheeks in the navel, or even the genitals.

However, a husband and wife cannot kiss each other publicly. In Islam, the husband and wife support romance or sexuality on the condition of solitude. So, if it is not private, it will not be valid.

Thus, kissing a girl other than one’s married wife is not lawful. Somewhat such, Kissing is forbidden. It is the equivalent of adultery.

What is the Halal way to kiss?

In Islam, sexual kissing is permissible only for the wife. It is also halal to caress and kiss small children. But all other types of kissing are haram.

An important Sunnah of Rasulullah SAW is kissing one’s wife, expressing one’s love for one’s wife by kissing and hugging before intercourse, reciting dua, not leaving one’s wife unsatisfied even after one is satisfied, performing the obligatory ablution together, etc.

Who Kissing is Haram?

In Muslim society, the harmony between men and women is increasing freely. As a result, their words are adultery. The adultery of the heart and the adultery of kissing are growing daily. But it is a sin.

You will have to go to the court of Allah in the hereafter and suffer the punishment for it. But no one seems to be frowning.

Islamic law has defined kissing haram as a sin that comes under five categories:

  • Kissing a woman who is not your wife or enslaved person
  • Kissing a woman who is your wife without his permission
  • And Kissing a woman who is your wife in front of others without any excuse.
  • Kissing another man’s wife or enslaved person without his permission
  • Kissing someone else’s wife or enslaved person.

The husband and wife kissing benefits in Islam.

The husband and wife kissing benefits in Islam are many. Here are some of them:

Halal Kissing is a symbol of love and has many health benefits. The loving kiss indicates that we will be partners for a longer time.

Along with this expression of love, several health-positive aspects are inherent in every new kiss.

Prevention: According to a research report, 10 seconds of French kissing exchange 60 million germs from one partner’s mouth to another.

The body’s immune system is strengthened to destroy the effectiveness of these germs.

Increases sexual desire: According to the 2007 Evolutionary Psychology Journal, men and women love French kisses in long-term relationships. Kissing haram.

Another study found that saliva in two people’s mouths increased the hormone testosterone levels in both bodies. It increases sexual desire.

Another study found that saliva in two people’s mouths increased the hormone testosterone levels in both bodies. It increases sexual desire.

Increases happiness hormones: After kissing the partner, the brain releases endorphin hormones to create happiness and increase the love between the two.

There is no substitute for kissing to make the relationship more profound and loving. Can kiss lips, chin, tongue, and tongue deeply. It will soothe.

As a result, you get the scent of your loved one. It creates a deep bond. The mind is cheerful and fresh.

How and when do you kiss your wife in Islam?

There are several different types of kissing haram in Islam. And there are many types of halal kisses, too.

The most common halal Kissing is on the cheek, but there is also a kiss on the lips, and some people even kiss each other on the head.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “When you greet someone, do not say ‘As-Malamud Alaykum’ [peace be upon you], but say, ‘Wa Alaykum As-salam [and upon you peace].”

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) also said: “A man will not enter Paradise until he has a strong desire for it.”

He said: “Whoever touches his wife’s cheek with his hand when he greets her will have a reward from God.”


Is Kissing Haram between Boyfriend and Girlfriend In Public?

His girlfriend is Haram in Islam. It is kissing haram him.

It is also haram for a Muslim man to touch his wife’s body parts, usually covered by her clothes, like her hands and feet.

If you’re going out together, avoiding kissing in public is best. If you do decide to kiss, make sure nobody can see you!

Can you Kiss your Brother and sister?

Brothers and sisters can be kissed if they are young, but if they are older, it is forbidden to kiss them when it comes to sexual matters.

Kisses between siblings express affection and love. Kissing, not haram, between them. In other words, if you kiss your brother or sister, then he or she will assume that you love them.

This is not true if you try to be nice or show affection. In some cultures, kissing involves touching lips with the tongue and teeth!

This type of kiss also conveys a hint of love., but it will not be as intimate as a hug or any other physical contact between friends.

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