Is kissing haram?

Is kissing haram? Kissing a loved one is a unique expression of love. Romantic kisses are common in every nation and community in the world.

But you can’t kiss a boy or a girl on the street or in a public place if you want to. You have to follow a certain process to kiss him.

Especially in Islamic law, a boy has to follow a legal procedure to kiss a girl. It would be haram to kiss.

Our discussion today Is kissing haram? Or what is the legal way to kiss?

Is kissing haram in Islam?

Kissing is not haram in Islam. Again, pouring is not halal. He doesn’t mind kissing his wife. It is permissible in Islam.

Rather, Islam encourages kissing one’s wife. Because of this, the husband will get merit. So the husband can kiss his wife as he wishes.

In this way, a wife can kiss her husband with all her heart. It is permissible to kiss on the lips or on the cheeks or in the navel or even in the genitals.

However, husband and wife cannot kiss each other in a public place. Because in Islam, husband and wife support romance or sexuality on the condition of solitude. So if it is not private then it will not be valid.

Thus, it is not lawful to kiss a girl other than one’s own married wife. Rather, such kissing is forbidden. It is the equivalent of adultery.

According to a hadith, the first part of adultery is adultery of the eyes. The adultery of the tongue is to speak. As such, kissing is also adultery.

No girl can be caught and kissed on the street or anywhere else. This is sin. Western culture and its dirty culture is engulfing Muslim society.

In Muslim society, the harmony of men and women is increasing freely. As a result, their words are adultery. The adultery of the heart and the adultery of kissing are increasing day by day.

But it is a papa. You will have to go to the court of Allah in the hereafter and suffer the punishment for it. But no one seems to be frowning.

The husband and wife kissing benefits in islam

In fact, kissing is not only a symbol of love but also has many health benefits.

Laura Berman, a psychologist at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University in Chicago, says the loving kiss indicates that we will be partners for a longer time.

Along with this expression of love, there are several health positive aspects inherent in every fresh kiss.

Prevention: According to a research report, just 10 seconds of French kissing results in the exchange of 60 million germs from one partner’s mouth to another’s. In order to destroy the effectiveness of these germs, the body’s immune system is strengthened.

Increases sexual desire: According to the 2007 Evolutionary Psychology Journal, men and women love French kisses when it comes to long-term relationships.

Another study found that saliva in the mouths of two people increased the levels of the hormone testosterone in both their bodies. It increases sexual desire.

Increases happiness hormones: After kissing the partner, the brain releases endorphin hormones to create happiness and increase the love between the two.

There is no substitute for kissing to make the relationship deeper and more loving. A great serenity is felt in the deep kisses of the lips, chin, tongue and tongue.

As a result, you get the scent of your loved one. From there a deep bond is formed. The mind is cheerful and fresh

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