What is the Islamic way to last longer in bed?

What is the Islamic way to last longer in bed? Every man wants to stay in bed with his wife for a long time. But for various reasons, it did not become possible.

After short intercourse, the husband ejaculates. Then he was unable to stay in bed for a long time.

This often results in the wife being deprived of complete sexual pleasure. And if the wife cannot enjoy sex, she has to live with the pain of sex.

Anger is born inside the wife from this suffering. It gradually created marital strife. Similarly, the inability to satisfy the wife sexually causes more difficulties.

So today, we are discussing what Islamic way to last longer in bed? I hope everybody on this site also had a great day.

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Husband and wife relationship in bed in Islam

In Islam, there is a complete guide to the relationship between husband and wife in bed.

Just as Islam does not support extramarital sex, it does not impose strictures on the husband-wife bed relationship in post-marital life.

The relationship the husband and wife will establish in bed depends on their tastes and desires.

You can also gain virtue by having a romance in bed with one’s married wife—a unique medium for Muslim couples.

In a hadith, a Companion asked the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), ‘Can a man attain virtue even if he has intercourse with his wife?’

Then the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: If he has sexual intercourse in a haraam way (with a girl who is not his wife or slave), will he not sin?

Then why don’t you get thawab by having halal intercourse? ‘(Sahih Muslim – 720)

It is clear from this hadith that sex is not only legal in Islam. Instead, it is an act of worship.

However, in some cases, Islam forbids husband and wife from having sex in bed. We are discussing them below.

  1. Anal sex. It is forbidden in Islam.
  2. Sexual intercourse during the wife’s period.
  3. Up to forty days of female childbirth.
  4. In the state of Ihram.

What is the Islamic way to last longer in bed?

Here are some tips to help you stay in bed longer in Islam. If you take it, you will be able to enjoy your sex life more.

However, it is tough for me to say precisely how long you can have sex.

Because of the differences in country and food list, there is a difference in men’s time and energy in bed.

I cannot compare an Arab man to a Bangladeshi, a Pakistani, or an Indian Muslim man because there are significant differences between Arab and South Asian men in many ways.

Again the sexual power of an African and an Arabian man will not be equal. There must be a difference in their sexual energy.

But today, I will tell you how everyone can perform in bed by saving a little more time and energy from their position.

Below we discuss those issues in turn. Read carefully first. Then practice it in your life. Insha Allah will get good results.

preparation for the last longer in bed

Many couples may feel that they do not need to be prepared before bed with their wife. But the reality is different.

Preparing to perform longer in bed is a necessity. This will increase the level of pleasure in bed a little more.

And preparation means building strength mentally. To create interest and consciousness towards wife intimacy in mind.

Although sexual intercourse is accomplished by the union of the body with the body, it takes mental preparation to make it palatable.

Do not have intercourse every day but have intercourse with a delay of a few days. It will increase your sexual arousal and happiness.

intimacy with wife in Islam

Creating an intimate environment with the wife is highly effective for a happy and comfortable bed relationship.

The following formulas will play a role in gaining intimacy and creating an environment.

  1. Stay in a lovely bedroom with your wife.
  2. Close the door and window of the room completely.
  3. When staying in a hotel, make sure there are no hidden cameras.
  4. Turn off the power light and light a soft-colored lamp.
  5. Turn on a captivating song. But stay away from haram songs.
  6. Read the prayer of intercourse. Could you keep it clean at all times?
  7. Look at the wife’s body and start thinking about the thoughts that cause sexual arousal.
  8. Gently give a kiss to the wife’s forehead.
  9. Start playing with each other’s bodies.
  10. Put your hands on the breasts, penis, vagina, etc., and keep sucking the lips and tongue.
  11. Start undressing and move on.

Eating foods that increase sexual energy

This time we are discussing some food. Foods that will help increase your bedtime.

One: Eat a certain amount of nuts regularly. You will find different types of nuts in the market. Such as wood nuts, cashew nuts, pesto nuts, etc.

You can buy a few types of nuts and mix them. However, not all types of nuts increase sex, but other benefits come.

Two: Make it a habit to eat a certain amount of honey regularly. Honey is a tried and tested food that enhances sexual energy.

Three: Make it a habit to eat blackberries. You can also use black cumin oil in cooking and massage the penis.

Four: You can eat dates every day. Azwa dates are the best. If not possible, eat any other type of good dates.

You can mix all the items discussed above together. However, it can be challenging to fall asleep if you play too much.

Five: Put vegetables and fruits on the food list. Eat it regularly.

Six: You can eat wheat bread and beef. It enhances sexual energy.

Mind change in different directions

An effective way to increase bedtime is to divert the mind.

Take your thoughts away from the sexual intercourse you are having. Keep up the excellent work. But keep the idea busy in another direction.

For example, you count the numbers from one hundred to the opposite during intercourse. First ninety-nine, then ninety-eight, then ninety-seven. If you do this, you will see that your thoughts will be busy with other things.

In this way, you will not ejaculate as long as you keep your thoughts busy. This allows you to stay in bed with your wife for a long time.

Exercise regularly

There are some exercises by which the genitals can be made more robust and more effective.

These exercises are especially beneficial for those who have masturbated excessively or have weakened their penis due to some other disease.

If you are worried about your sex life, get rid of it and start these exercises today.

Search on Google or YouTube to see what kind of exercise is right for you. Then continue to do that exercise regularly.

Give up bad habits

Many have bad habits. These bad habits affect her sex life.

Below is a list of some bad habits. Those who are engaged in these activities can have a happier sex life if they give up these.

  • The habit of masturbation
  • The practice of watching porn
  • With wicked friends
  • Reading pornographic movies and books
  • Gair looking at mahram women
  • Awkward thoughts about girls’ bodies

However, to increase bedtime, never use any gel or tablet without the advice of a wise doctor.

Because these drugs may make your penis thicker, longer, and more robust for a while, but it will gradually make you sexually weak.

I believe that if we take the tips discussed, your sexual strength and power will improve by the will of Allah.

At the same time, you will perform regular prayers and pray to Allah Almighty to fill your marital life with happiness and peace.

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