In Islam how to sleep with your wife?

In Islam how to sleep with your wife? Did you know that your sleep patterns and patterns reveal your personality?

Studies have shown that couples’ sleep patterns reflect the depth and strength of their relationship.

One study found that 94 percent of couples who sleep close to each other are psychologically happier in their married life.

In contrast, 60 percent of those who sleep separately are not happy, the survey said.

This ratio highlights the importance of intimacy and coexistence between husbands and wives.

However, another study confirms that each sleep pattern may vary from time to time depending on the level of the relationship and the health and psychological condition of the husband.

Today we are discussing in Islam how to sleep with your wife. I will try to highlight how couples can be happier if they sleep.

In Islam how to sleep with your wife?

There is no legal rule in Islam for husband and wife to sleep. In this case, the husband and wife can take seats in the bed at their convenience.

There is no need for the husband to sleep to the right of the wife and the wife to sleep to the left of the husband. Islam has given a lot of freedom in married life. Did not impose too many strictures or restrictions.

Husband and wife can enjoy their sex life in all the processes except intercourse and illicit sex only during the period.

However, both the husband and the wife will sleep on either side of the bed. While sleeping, everyone will turn to their right and pray for sleep. It is circumcision.

We are discussing several methods of sleeping with the husband and wife, which will be helpful to make a married life romantic.

Sleeping on your back

Sleeping backward. The back of the husband will be with the back of the wife, and the back of the wife will be with the back of the husband.

This is a position that couples often take to sleep on their wedding night. It gives quite a freedom and serenity, including the feeling of being touched.

This posture conveys the serenity, relaxation, and protection of each other, an integral part of married life.

Sleeping backward without touching

Sleeping backward without touching each other’s backs. This position indicates independence and acceptance of each other.

But at the same time, it may reveal the lack of strength in the close relationship between them, which can hurt them.

Sleeping face to face

Both husband and wife sleep on separate pillows. But each of them faces his partner. The husband’s face is towards the wife, and the wife’s face is towards the husband.

They talk a lot to each other before they go to sleep, and it expresses love, psychological depth, and friendly energy in the language of their eyes.

At the same time, it is a comfortable and romantic location. It is usually suitable for new couples as well as old couples.

in Islam how to sleep with your wife
in Islam how to sleep with your wife

As well as sleeping

Husband and wife will sweat side by side. In this case, they will sleep face to face or on one person’s chest with the other person’s back.

In this condition, one of their thighs rests on the other’s thigh, and the other hugs the other. It is a means of expressing a solid bond of romance and love.

Hugging and sleeping – Husband and wife sleep rules

The husband sleeps with his wife wrapped around his chest from behind. It reveals the role of the husband in keeping the wife. He seems to have tenderness towards his protector and his wife.

This position usually varies according to the situation and the age of the marriage. Their roles are not always the same.

Chest sleeping – In Islam how to sleep, wife?

The husband sleeps vertically, and the wife rests with her head on her chest or shoulder. Or the wife sleeps vertically, and the husband sleeps with his head on his wife’s chest or lower abdomen.

This is a position that most couples prefer. Such scenes are shown quite interestingly in drama movies.

Can a husband and wife sleep together?

This question naturally comes to mind, can a husband and wife sleep completely naked? What is the provision for sleeping naked in Islam?

In short, the answer would be yes, husband and wife can sleep naked together. It is entirely valid for them.

Now I am analyzing the answer in a bit of detail. We wear clothes to cover our private parts from human eyes.

Because the genitals are a place of shame on the one hand and arousing lust on the other, therefore, according to Islamic law, it is obligatory to keep these places hidden from human sight.

Husband and wife have the right to enjoy each other’s private parts. So they don’t need to be covered by each other.

In the Holy Quran, Allah Ta’ala says –

Translation ‘They (women) wear you, and you wear them.’ (Sura al-Baqara)

In Mufassirin, Keram has given some interpretations of this verse.

  1. Just as a garment looks at a person’s genitals but does not tell it to anyone, in the same way, a husband and wife look at each other’s genitals but do not listen to others.
  2. Just as clothing comforts people in winter and summer, so husband and wife address happiness and comfort for each other.
  3. Husbands and wives do not have to keep the secret of their private parts from each other, just as they cannot control the secret of their private parts from each other.

Since husband and wife do not have to cover each other’s genitals, it is not difficult for them to sleep naked together.

Mufti Menk

Husband and wife sleeping is a valid document

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:

Protect your private parts from all other people except your wife and your maidservant. (Tirimizi Sharif)

Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):

‘When you take off your clothes at noon.’ (Surah Noor – 56)

The commentators say that it refers to the time of Kailua because the man meets his wife at that time and is naked.

So husband and wife have no difficulty sleeping naked together.

In this way, if one sleeps alone and no one else is likely to peek into his room, he can still sleep naked whether he is a woman or a man.

Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) said:

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) came to me the night he came to my house.
He came and left his sheet. He took off his shoes and put them at his feet. Then one side of the sheet lay on his bed.

After sleeping for a while, he thought I was asleep. So he put on his sheet, opened the door, and left the house.

Then I followed him wearing my veil and sheet. Eventually, he went to Jannatul Baki. (Muslim Sharif)

From this hadith, it is understood that Aisha used to sleep naked with the Messenger of Allah; may Allah bless him and grant him peace.


  1. Assalamu caleykum.
    i have a question. is there any ruling in islam regarding a husband and wife sleeping together on the same bed every night? that is to say if they slept seperately, is it safe to say that it isnt considered punishable or haram or makruh?
    im just very curious in the case of a couple which despite having intercourse do not sleep in the same room?

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