Is it haram to watch kissing?

Is it haram to watch kissing? The kiss thing really surprised me a lot. Every human being kisses in a strong call to love someone else.

What is the expression of love? That’s why we kiss small children effortlessly. It shows love.

But if he kisses an adult without his consent, he will not accept it. Anger becomes fire.

I have even seen a woman sue a boy. The boy’s crime was that he kissed the woman without her consent.

So what is the difference between kissing a child and kissing an adult? Kissing a child without his consent is not considered a crime. But why not in the case of the elderly?

The most acceptable and logical answer is sex. There is no sex in kissing children. However, the presence of sex is observed when kissing an adult.

The only thing that calls for kissing a baby is affection and love. But love and sex are the ones who call for kissing adults.

So there are no rules for kissing and showing the child. That is sometimes considered obscenity.

On the contrary, there are clear rules and instructions for kissing and showing it to adults. It is widely regarded as obscene.

Since kissing becomes obscene in many cases. So the question of watching kissing comes up. Is it haram?

In today’s blog we are discussing – is it haram to watch kissing? We are trying to serve this answer on the basis of acceptable references.

Is it haram to watch kissing?

Yes, it’s haram to watch kissing. This is an obscene act. This is considered a sin. This must be refrained from.

Science and technology have made our life journey many times easier. In modern times, these wonderful discoveries have taken us to unique heights.

But it has an opposite side. The path and scope of sin have expanded from the previous age to the present age. Sin is everywhere.

Devices like our laptops and mobiles have become the best means of sin.

We can open the mobile and watch naked half-naked women dancing on Facebook on YouTube. In any drama or movie romance, we can see the scene of the hero and heroine.

But watching kissing is an obscene and sinful act. Just as it is haram to watch a woman’s body dance, so it is haraam to watch kissing.

Evidence of haram

Forbidding all forms of obscenity, public and private, Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):

Say: My Lord forbids indecency openly and secretly and forbids indecency and injustice. And to associate with Allah that which He has not revealed, and to attribute to Allah that which you do not know. ‘ [Surah A’raf: 33]

In Islam, it is haram to look at other men or women with lust. In the same way, it is haram to show a place of shame or a scene of the shame.

Be it live, or through pictures or videos. Watching porn and pornographic videos is a sin in the eyes.

Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):

“Surely the ears, the eyes, and the heart will all be questioned.” (Surah Isra: 36)

Our limbs will testify against us on the Day of Resurrection. Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):

‘Today I will seal their faces. Their hands will speak to me, and their feet will bear witness to their deeds. ‘ (Surah Ya-seen – 65)

God is watching over everything we do, openly or secretly, and the angels are recording it. On the Day of Resurrection, all our secrets will be revealed.

Is Watch kissing video haram?

Watching pornographic videos such as kissing scenes or dancing etc. contaminates our record. The character is destroyed and the heart goes under the control of Satan.

The heart of a person drowning in pornography is diseased. He feels fear, restlessness, anxiety and loneliness in his heart.

Shame is removed from his heart, the taste of faith disappears. He gradually commits all the sins that lead him to hell.

Such as adultery, masturbation, alcohol, drug use, murder, he always oppresses himself.

If married, marital discord may arise. There is a possibility of falling in love. His halal wife may also become disliked by him.

At one stage reluctance arose in worship. There is even a possibility that one day he may deny God.

Tika: If you watch porn and pornographic videos or kissing scenes, none of his deeds will be useful in the hereafter or all his deeds will be wasted. This is not correct.

These are sinful deeds but they are not sins of the Shirk-Kufr stage. So all the deeds of the servant are not ruined by this.

However, it is necessary for every Muslim involved in such acts to repent from all these sins. Stay away from all means of porn and pornography. Focusing more on the worship of God.

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