Is celebrating birthdays haram in Islam

Is celebrating birthdays haram in Islam? People celebrate different festivals in different parts of life. Such as wedding celebrations. Birthday celebrations. Eid festival. Christmas festivities etc.

Some of these festivals are celebrated with religious guidance and inspiration. Such as Eid and Christmas festivals.

Again, none is celebrated just for fun and entertainment. It does not have the motivation or instruction of religion, such as wedding and birth anniversaries.

The provisions are apparent in the case of religious festivals. People of other faiths do not observe festivals of one religion. Or it is not legal to do so.

So Hindus and Christians do not celebrate Eid just as Muslims do not celebrate Durga Puja and Christmas.

But in social or recreational rituals and ceremonies, the provision is subject to a bit of discussion.

Just because a follower of one religion is entertaining someone does not mean that he cannot follow another.

Again, what non-Muslims do is not something that Muslims can imitate.

And since the subject we are going to discuss today is an entertainment program, this poison also demands a little more discussion.

We will try to discuss this topic a slight difference whether it is Haram to celebrate birthdays in Islam.

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History of birthday celebrations

It is tough to tell the exact history of birthday celebrations because not all history has been written since ancient times.

Again, the integrity of the history that is written is not unquestionable. All in all, the history that exists is not perfect.

It is commonly said that birthday celebrations began with the Pharaohs. The Bible says in the Book of Genesis.

‘The third day was Pharaoh’s birthday. Pharaoh arranged a feast for all his servants. At that time, Pharaoh released the bread maker and food distributor from prison. ‘(Genesis 402)

From this, it is understood that the celebration of birthdays started with Pharaoh. However, there is disagreement about this festival.

Many historians have attributed this source to the Pharaohs celebrating the day of their accession to the throne.

Why birthdays are celebrated

Birthdays are usually celebrated for fun and entertainment. By this, there is no desire to follow the infidels.

Again, it is not performed as an act of worship or reward. The primary purpose is just a little entertainment.

The purpose of celebrating a birthday may be different in a particular area or caste. But I am presenting the purpose of the majority of people.

Is celebrating birthdays haram

Is celebrating birthdays haram in Islam?

It will not be easy to say that celebrating the birthday is Haram. Because only those actions or things that can be called Haram have an apparent reference to the opposite of that thing.

The Qur’an or Hadith clearly states that it is Haram. Or similar to what is forbidden in the Qur’an and Hadith.

But the celebration of birthdays is not explicitly forbidden by the Qur’an and Hadith. On the other hand, all the reasons that are said to be Haram do not exist in birthday celebrations.

For example, if it is said that infidels celebrate birthdays. And the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) forbade resemblance to the disbelievers. So it is haram to observe.

Then this claim will not be correct. Because the prohibition in the hadith to be similar to the infidels does not apply in all cases. Is it haram for Muslims to wear shirt pants as infidels wear shirt pants?

Similarly, many UN-sanctioned days are observed by all Kafir Muslims, such as Language Day, Children’s Day, Health Day, Tree Planting Day, etc.

This is not to say that Muslims cannot observe these days because the infidels observe them.

Answer to the hadith

Instead, it is forbidden in the hadith to bear a resemblance to the infidels in all cases where the deeds carry the ‘sheer’ or religious symbol of the infidels.

Or that action is exclusively attributed to the infidels, such as worship, Christmas, Nowruz, Meherjan, etc.

But actions that are not specific to the infidel community are not generally forbidden to Muslims.

Some of the work may be prohibited for any reason, and some work may be legal.

The conclusion to be drawn from this discussion is that celebrating birthdays is not HaramHaram by Shariah’s irrefutable reference.

On the other hand, it is not the sheer of the infidel community. So celebrating birthdays cannot be called Haram.

Is it bidat to celebrate birthday?

Bid’ah is all the deeds that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) came into existence in later times.

At the same time, this act is considered an act of worship and is performed for the sake of reward.

We have discussed above that birthdays are celebrated mainly for entertainment.

So it is not possible to call a birthday celebration a bit because it is not observed as an act of worship.

But Miladunnabi is the birthday of the Prophet (peace be upon him) in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan.

Which is a bit. Because the purpose of worship is Miladunnabi, so celebrating ordinary people’s birthdays and Miladunnabi is not one thing.

How to celebrate a birthday?

However, the question remains, how to celebrate the birthday? Is it possible to celebrate a birthday by dancing and lighting various lamps?

There is an opportunity to say that the method of celebrating the birthday is haram. Dance Music Musical Instruments Free Mixing Fireworks etc. But Haram.

If a person celebrates his birthday and engages in main haram activities, it is haram for him to observe this day.

This Haram is not because he is celebrating his birthday. Instead, it is haram because he has adopted a way of celebrating his birthday, Haram.

Opinions of Islamic scholars on birthday celebrations

Many Muslim scholars have denied celebrating birthdays. They call it the culture of the infidels as the reason.

At the same time, he strongly objected to the way it was observed. We have already discussed that the traditional way of celebrating birthdays is Haram.

However, Shaykh Yusuf al-Qardawi (may Allah have mercy on him) gave the most balanced opinion.

He opined that birthday celebrations are legal. Because it is not part of worship, this does not prove that Sharfi is forbidden.

So this matter will belong to the habit or disposition of man. And if there is no clear evidence of Haram on the subject matter, then it is halal.

But he did not call it outright Haram. He has given some legal rules for celebrating birthdays. And I will discuss them in detail later.

However, these rules and procedures have to be implemented on the same birthday. Nor did he say that doing so was a commendable act.

Islamic rules for celebrating birthdays

All those who have said that celebrating birthdays is haram or illegal have called it a culture of infidels.

But we are now talking about how birthdays can be celebrated legally, avoiding the culture of infidels.

One: Akika can be done seven days after the birth of a child. Akika can be fed by inviting one’s relatives as much as possible.

Akika is not a birthday celebration, though. But it also focuses on childbirth. So this, along with performing circumcision, will also fulfil the desire to celebrate a birthday.

Two: When the child is one year old, a meal can be arranged by inviting people when he starts taking food.

It can be described as a pig giving Tawfiq to its child to take food from Allah Ta’ala.

Three: When the child reaches four or five, all of the Holy Quran can be officially given by a good teacher.

On that occasion, can arrange food by inviting the poor Miskin and relatives of the neighbourhood.

By giving all of the Holy Quran in such a formal way, the glory and majesty of the Holy Quran will become ingrained in the heart of the child.

A ceremony can be held at the age of four or seven. On that occasion, I will inform the child that his prayers have been settled from now on.

Because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said to instruct the child to pray at the age of seven.

When he reaches five or ten, can inform him again that it is time to beat him for prayers.

By this will create the importance and respect of prayers in the mind of the child.

He will realize that from now on, it is not valid for him except for prayers.

Celebrating adult birthdays

And if the birthday of a big man is celebrated, then it is a useless thing.

Because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said to take account of one’s deeds every day or every month or every year.

Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing.

In the same way, repent for what you have done wrong and resolve not to do it in the future.

But without that, if birthday entertainment is organized at the end of the year, it will bring nothing but regret.

Birthday celebrations and last words

In today’s post, we have tried our best to present the issue of birthday celebrations clearly in the eyes of Islam.

In conclusion, if the birthday is celebrated so that there is free mixing of dance songs with strangers, it is haraam.

But if you do not engage in any prohibited activity from singing, dancing, or Islam, then it is not Haram but useless.

And if the birthday is celebrated according to our discussed Islamic rules, then the set is a good way and a commendable work.

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