Is BTS Haram? Know the real truth and realize its horror

A hot topic of the present time is – BTS and their fans. We will try to highlight some important information for you through this post about – Is BTS haram?

If you want a rational discussion on this, you should read this post; if you are against this, then you can skip this post.

I will try to discuss BTS and its activities from an Islamic perspective. We think no one will object to this post. Below is an Islamic explanation for you.

What is BTS?

BTS is a South Korean brand. This pop brand is operated in South Korea. This bts usually produces songs and directs songs that are now popular worldwide.

Especially many Muslim youths are big fans of BTS. Especially Bangladeshi girls are such big fans of BTS that they put their pictures on their Facebook profiles.

Is BTS haram?

Yes, BTS is haram. All Islamic scholar of the whole world agrees on this. BTS is a conspiracy to destroy the faith of Muslim youth. Those who support BTS will also share the bonus.

Usually, those who are in BTS sing and dance through the song. From the Islamic point of view, any music is forbidden.

Also, if musical instruments do not accompany singing, it is haram. If someone thinks playing music is halal, it will be kufr.

So those of you who will argue why only BTS songs are haram, why not other songs? I will tell them that playing any kind of music, including musical instruments, is haram from the Islamic point of view.

Why is BTS Haram?

There are many reasons behind BTS being banned.

  • Islam forbids playing musical instruments. This Korean friend entertains people using musical instruments. It means they are doing haram.
  • Dancing is forbidden in Islam. This BTS group is leading people towards haram by singing, dancing, and attracting boys and girls to do haram work.
  • BTS is taking us away from the Sunnah of the Prophet – may God bless him and grant him peace. They are attracting the youth to buy their new clothes. It is becoming tough to observe the Sunnah of the Prophet. Islam does not support all paint and wearing tattered clothes.
  • BTS has a relationship with the Illuminati. Many programs appear to have attempted to promote the image of the Illuminati. The Illuminati is the sign of the Dajjal. It is forbidden to enable it. So BTS is haram.

BTS fans and Islam

Those who are BTS fans are always in hypocrisy. Because you are testifying that Allah is the only one and we should lead our lives according to the way he shows, but you are right on the contrary, supporting BTS’s song and saying nothing of it.

So think once from a regular point of view that the BTS fan you are talking about or the BTS you support is Shariah Compliant and Haram. So those who like or support BTS songs are committing a kind of hypocrisy, which you must pay for after death.

Many BTS fans have asked in various places that I am a person with an utterly Islamic perspective and follow all the rules and regulations, and on the other hand, I support all the activities of BTS.

In that case, the answer to your question will be that many people in this world will end up in hell because of a small mistake or unknowingly because of various errors despite performing all kinds of worship.

If you knowingly engage in any haram act or support haram act, then how can you get paradise there?

If we think from a normal and healthy point of view, we can understand that all the activities of BTS are forbidden from the Islamic point of view, and if you know and understand it, then you will be a partaker of its sins.


BTS is haram. This is the consensus of Islamic scholars.

Because it is contrary to the guidance of the Holy Qur’an and Hadith, Muslim youths and young women following BSC are naturally engaged in a haram act.

But if they think BTS is halal, then it’s a Kufr. BTS promotes anti-Islamic values and ideal culture worldwide throughout its entire activities.

They call people to a strange lifestyle, which has never existed in human civilization and cannot be beneficial for people.

So Muslim youths – who are followers of BTS, follow the laws of the Quran and Hadith and leave them and return to the path of their religion.

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6 months ago

means you try to say that, BTS is Haram because they dance and sing. that’s it this is the main reason.

6 months ago
Reply to  admin

There are so many artists who resemblance as women…as a Muslim social life is also haram why not everyone making paragraph about those things??why only bts?? You think those who are not bts fans they are pure? They are not watching movies, they are not listening songs or those of artists who are g*y? They are not posting pictures, buying things and all?

4 months ago
Reply to  admin

what’s your concept about about atif ,rahat etc

6 months ago

And btw why did you use this picture? Are they bts? Why didn’t you use real picture?

6 months ago

Guys I was a fan too but I am trying to stop this…it is true one way or another so stop blaming the authors and follow your religion. If you don’t want to it’s your choice but they tried to give us hidayat. I hope we all can return to Allah one day with good deeds.

4 months ago

you are just trying to say bts is haram and pakistani singer is halal. plz don’t say just bts is haram or use thier name to describe the haram………………they do not invite muslims to follow thier music…okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

4 months ago

what a misleading article. “consensus of the scholars”. which scholars, when, and where? I just want to let every young muslim know that there is a wide variety of opinions on the subject of music in our religion, and to take this article with many grains of salt

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