Is Artificial Intelligence Haram? Enrich knowledge by knowing the truth

When there is so much talk about artificial intelligence. So why don’t you want to know – Is Artificial Intelligence Haram?  And why do we not answer?

So you can read this article on Islamic assessment of artificial intelligence in a few minutes.

If you read this, artificial intelligence is forbidden?  Or is it permissible for Muslims to use it?  Your knowledge about it will be more prosperous.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is about making machines intelligent through programming. 

Software technology makes robots or computers act and think like humans

For example, to understand someone’s words, make decisions, recognize by sight, etc.  Machine learning in a nutshell.

Is Artificial Intelligence Haram?

No, fundamentally, artificial intelligence is not haram. However, artificial intelligence may be prohibited in some instances and subject to specific characteristics. 

It is not only artificial intelligence, but this universal provision of Islam is equally applicable to any object. 

For example, the mobile phone in your hand is not fundamentally haram.  But it may sometimes be forbidden depending on your usage type and field. 

If you use the mobile for any evil purpose, like watching obscene movies or organizing any crime, then using your mobile is haram. 

The same applies to artificial intelligence.  If a Muslim uses artificial intelligence for good, then it is halal. 

But artificial intelligence will be forbidden only for him if he uses it to implement his evil intentions. 

Is Islamic Q&A Acceptable on Artificial Intelligence?

No, artificial intelligence tries to answer Islamic questions as guided. But Muslims cannot accept answers given by artificial intelligence in all cases.

Because an Islamic scholar considers the overall aspect and gives answers to Islamic questions according to his local conditions.

Moreover, an essential principle in accepting Islamic question answers is that people should have a good idea about the character and purity of the person from whom the Islamic question answers are to be accepted.

But these features remain neglected in the field of artificial intelligence.
Therefore, the Islamic question answers of artificial intelligence are correct, and it is not correct for Muslims to handle them accordingly.

Instead, even in this era of artificial intelligence, Muslims should learn the answers from their trusted Islamic scholars and lead their lives accordingly.

How to use artificial intelligence in Halal?

There are several methods of using artificial intelligence in a halal way. You can enrich Islamic knowledge with the help of artificial intelligence by adopting any of these methods.

Get help with writing

If you have complete knowledge of an Islamic topic but feel bored while writing, then ask Artificial Intelligence to write your topic.

Then check if what he wrote is correct as you know it. And then publish. It is permissible to use artificial intelligence in this case. It will not be haram.


You can search for any Islamic information using artificial intelligence. Suppose you knew something a long time ago but now forgotten, in that case, you can find it with the help of artificial intelligence.

When he gives the information, you can check if the information matches your old knowledge.

In this way, you can find reliable Islamic institutions or reliable scholars and gather knowledge from Islamic books.

Why artificial intelligence is forbidden?

The people who develop artificial intelligence are usually infidels, either because they don’t know enough about Islam or because they have Islamophobia so they are more interested in teaching people wrong things.

That is why they guide this system to make it their own, to impose their ideology on people.

Moreover, the second reason why artificial intelligence is haram is that it collects information from all the information that is spread online.

Then, by customizing the information in his own way, he will serve the information when people want to know about him.

And it is not that all the Islamic conversations that have taken place online are acceptable, but there are many unacceptable conversations that have been continued online in the name of Islam.

So whether it is online or offline or artificial intelligence, in all cases Islamic knowledge must be accepted from reliable sources.

Summary of the article

In Islam, it is forbidden to accept all information freely given by artificial intelligence. So we cannot blindly accept the way artificial intelligence teaches us Islam or answers our Islamic questions.

But it is valid for those who have sufficient Islamic knowledge to write articles with the help of artificial intelligence to save their time and effort.

Because they have enough Islamic knowledge to verify the information provided by artificial intelligence.

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