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Every night at Tahajjud, Allah Ta’ala comes to the first heaven closest to the world and listens to the servants’ prayers. So if you want something pray Tahajjud. Because if you want something by performing Tahajjud, you are more likely to get it from Allah.

In the Holy Qur’an, Allah Ta’ala addresses His Messenger (PBUH) and says:

And perform Tahajjud for some part of the night; this is an additional duty of yours. Hopefully, your Lord will establish you in a place of praise (Makame Mahmud)’ (Sura-17 Bani Israel, verse 79).

O clothed! Stand in the night except for some parts, Midnight or a little less or more and recite the Qur’an neatly and clearly. I have sent you an important message. Indeed, rising at night for worship is helpful in prayer and conducive to clear pronunciation.

You must be busy during the day. Remember the name of your Lord and be absorbed in it with concentration.

O blanket! Arise, warn, proclaim the greatness of your Lord, sanctify your garments and stay away from impurity. Do not give anything to others in the hope of more in return, and be patient with your Lord.

If you want something pray Tahajjud

If you want something, you should pray Tahajjud in the middle of the night. Because there is a sahih hadith – at this time, Allah Ta’ala calls the servant to the closest sky of the world and says, “What do you need?” Please tell me that, and I’ll give it to you.

Tahajjud prayer was obligatory on Rasulullah (SAW) before the five daily prayers became obligatory. He never stopped praying Tahajjud in his life. If his ummah performs this prayer, they will gain immense merit, but there will be no sin if they do not achieve it.

There is in the Qur’an, ‘O you who wrapped yourself in a sheet! You stand for prayer during the night, except for part of the night, half of it or something less or more. You recite the Qur’an slowly, clearly and beautifully.’ (Surah Muzzammil: 1-4)

When to pray Tahajjud if you want something?

If you want something, praying Tahajjud in the middle of the night is better. In the Qur’an, ‘Your Lord knows that you sometimes stay awake for two-thirds of the night, for half, and sometimes for one-third. And a group of your companions also stays awake. It is Allah who counts the days and nights.

He knows that you cannot keep an accurate account of it. May Allah forgive you for that. So recite as much of the Qur’an as is easy for you to repeat.

Allah knows that some of you will fall ill, some will travel in search of Allah’s favour, and some will be busy struggling in the way of Allah, So recite as much of the Qur’an as is easy for you to repeat.

Establish prayer, give zakat and give good debt to Allah. Whatever good you send first for the good of your souls, you will receive a better and greater reward from Allah than that. And ask Allah for forgiveness. Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.’ (Surah Muzzammil 20)

Why is it better to pray Tahajjud at Midnight if you want something?

In the middle of the night, when people are deep in sleep, the devotee wakes up and offers worship. In the morning, Tahajjud prayers were performed until Sadiq arrived. So it is better to want Allah for something at this time.

This prayer can no longer be recited in the morning. If it is impossible to wake up after Midnight, Tahajjud should be offered after Isha and Witr. However, the reward is more if you pray Tahajjud at the end of the night.

How many rakat tahujjad do you want for something?

Tahajjud prayers can be performed up to four rakats. Rasulullah (SAW) used to pray Tahajjud, sometimes four rakat, sometimes eight rakat, sometimes 12 rakat. If someone performs this prayer two rakat, his Tahajjud will be served. Hazrat Ibn Abbas (R.A.) said, “Whoever prays two or more rakats after Isha will have the merit of Tahajjud.” So you can pray some rakats as you wish and want for anything.

It is better to recite more verses of the Holy Qur’an while performing the Tahajjud prayer. If a long surah is memorized, it is compatible with reciting it in the Tahajjud prayer.

Surah Ikhlas can be recited 12 times in the first rak’at of the 12 rak’at Tahajjud prayer, 11 times in the second rak’at, ten times in the third rak’at, nine times in the fourth rak’at—so once in the twelfth rak’at. Again, Surah Ikhlas can be recited three times or one time in each rak’ah. Again, Surah Mujjammil, Ayatul Kursi and Surah Al-Inshirah can also be prayed.

Can husband and wife pray tahajdu together and want for something?

Yes, husband and wife can pray Tahajjud together and want for anything. It is a commendable job for them because there is importance and virtue of praying Tahajjud after waking up late at night.

The merit of Tahajjud prayer is more significant than all the nafl acts of worship. It is dear to Allah. For this reason, Allah made this prayer obligatory on Rasulullah (SAW).

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, ‘Allah bestows mercy on that person who wakes up from sleep at night and performs the Tahajjud prayer and wakes up his wife from sleep. Then he (his wife) performed the Tahajjud prayer. Even if she (the wife) does not want to wake up, sprinkle water on her face.’ (Abu Dawud and Nasa’i)

Allah’s pleasure can be obtained through Tahajjud prayer. Rasulullah (SAW) never left Tahajjud’s blessing without an excuse. However, one should not rush the Fajr prayer after staying up all night to rest in the morning because the Fajr congregation is vital.

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