Husband and wife not talking for days in Islam

The relationship between Husband and wife is holy and soothing In Islam. But the Husband and wife are not talking for days to misunderstanding or some other reason.

How long can a husband and wife stay without talking? In this article, I am discussing it. Here we will highlight the expressions of Muslim scholars from the Qur’an-Sunnah.

Finally, we’ll discuss advice for the ideal Husband and wife and romantic techniques to get things back on track when they’ve stopped talking.

Husband and wife are not talking for days in Islam.

It is not permissible in Islam for a husband and wife not to talk for several days. It is a big sin for a husband and wife to avoid talking to each other without reason.

According to some hadiths, if three days pass without two people talking, it is a dog’s act. That is why the general instruction of Islam is that Husband and wife should talk to each other.

Yes, monofilament may have somehow crept into them, but they will not harbor it in their chests. Don’t stop talking about it.

If the Husband and wife are closed for any reason, then the Husband will immediately hug his wife, or the wife will embrace the Husband, and they will remove the animosity between them forever.

When can a husband and wife stop talking?

Although Islam has instructed the Husband and wife to talk usually, if the wife commits a crime, the Husband can stop talking to her as punishment.

It should be remembered that it is only the Husband’s right. Husbands can stop talking to their wives. But the wife cannot stop talking about her Husband in anger. It is not the wife’s right.

Hadith on Husband not talking to his wife

Muawiya Ibn Hayda – Radiyallahu Anhu – said, ‘I asked, O Messenger of Allah, what right do our wives have over us?

May Allah bless him and grant him peace; Rasulullah said, “When you eat, feed them; when you eat, feed them, and when you wear clothes, let them wear.”

Don’t hit them in the face, don’t scold them. Allow them to stay in your house, not anywhere else.’ (Sunan Abi Dawud, Hadith: 2142).

When to separate beds: What is this particular need? If something indecent or objectionable is seen in the wife, then she must be convinced first. If he doesn’t come to his senses, there is an opportunity to separate the beds. Husband and wife sleep in separate beds.

Bed exclusion does not mean kicking them out of the house, nor is it intended to leave the house itself.

The intention is that both of them will sleep in separate beds inside the house. And this is said out of necessity. The wife’s mindset changes, and she realizes the importance of elegant living.

This means the Husband can stop talking to her just like he can separate her bed. It is within his rights.

How long will you stop talking?

Scholars say that even if the Husband takes a separate bed for special needs, he cannot be completely stopped talking to her or completely boycotted;

Instead, they will exchange greetings and speak the necessary words. It will not be valid to stop talking altogether.

Islamic legal scholars say that if the Husband wants to travel for more than four months, then the Husband must take permission from the wife.

The tour is valid if it is permitted at will, not otherwise. During his reign, Umar (RA) introduced the law that warriors who live outside their homes cannot stay outside for more than four months.

In this way, they will not stop talking for more than four months, during which time they will solve their problems and resume this passionate and loving marital relationship.

Romantic ways for Husband and wife to talk again

If a husband and wife stop talking for a while, at a later time, either of them, the one with a noble heart, will take the initiative to start talking again.

That initiative may take a romantic approach. Here are some tips to help you eliminate frustrations and return to your romantic marriage.

Compliment your partner

Everyone loves to hear his compliments, just as he loves it when you compliment your partner when no one else in the world compliments them.

Make eye contact

Make eye contact with your partner; when you make eye contact, you get lost in the depth of love for each other.

If your partner takes your words seriously, this is enough to show your love.

Start romantic conversations slowly.

First, ask about your partner’s condition and then start talking according to his mood, don’t mistake that he is sad, and you start talking to him romantically; first, know his spirit well, then slowly start talking.

Give some special romantic surprises.

To impress your partner, you can plan some special surprises for him so that you can romanticize your partner and give him some romantic surprise gifts.

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