How to find girl for Mutah? Know the latest information in 2023

Our world is diverse. Here individuals seek different types of companionship. which aligns with their beliefs and values. Mutah is a concept rooted in historical and cultural context. It is an alternative method to permanent marriage. So The aim of this article is, how to find a girl for Mutah. To guide you about that.

Overview of Mutah

Mutah is Haram in Islam. Mutah marriage was prevalent in the early days of Islam. Later the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) explicitly prohibited Mutah. So to those who are looking for a girl for Mutah, I clearly say that this marriage is haram for you.

Many Islamic scholars have said that Mutah was never permissible in Islam. Rather, Mutah was a custom that came from ancient Arabia. Islam gradually abolished it.

Furthermore, Mutah may be valid in some countries and specific cultures. But that is not the rule of universal Islam. As many Shia believe, Mutah marriage is valid but this is their personal opinion. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this is an Islamic law.

How to find a girl for Mutah?

The best way to find a girl for Mutah is to browse various online dating websites. Nowadays almost all the girls who are interested in Mutah upload their bio data on those sites.

You can chat with any girl you like there. On all those websites you can choose any girl from any country, any color of the world according to your wish.

Also, you can find girls for Mutah by discussing among your known friends and friend circle. But there are many girls who cheat by the name Mutah, keep yourself safe from them.

Mutah marriage website

Here are some common platforms that may have different relationship options:

  • A popular dating site. It caters to the desires of people who are looking for a halal relationship. However, there may not be anyone willing to do Mutah here. You can find it if you look for it.
  • Muzmatch: This platform helps connect Muslims to various types of relationships.
  • ArabLounge: A site. which caters to the desires of Arab singles. Provides space for different relationship choices.
  • Helahel: A Muslim Matrimonial Site. which may offer temporary marriage options.
  • Half of our religion: Emphasis on secrecy and serious intent. Mutah provides services to Muslims for marriage or permanent marriage.
  • PureMatrimony: A site for Muslims seeking marriage, including possible temporary marriages.
  • LoveHabibi: A diverse platform that connects people worldwide, including those interested in various relationship dynamics.
How to find girl for Mutah
How to find a girl for Mutah

Always check the authenticity and reputation of any platform before engaging. Additionally, navigate Mutah in a respectful and legal manner. For this one can take advice from religious leaders or members of the faithful community.

Why is it necessary to find a girl for Mutah?

Here are a few reasons. These are the reasons why one might consider finding a girl for Mutah:

  • Religious Beliefs: Religion recognizes the validity of polygamy in some contexts. But now it is not maintained. However, many still adhere to this belief. So they can look to Mutah as a way to fulfill their desires.
  • Temporary Companionship Needs: Some individuals may have specific life circumstances. Which makes temporary companionship suitable for them. For example, those who are temporarily in a position to work or study, find Mutah a practical acceptable solution.
  • Emphasis on Consent and Mutual Understanding: Mutah emphasizes mutual consent and understanding between both parties. These are people who prioritize communication and mutual agreement.
  • Alternative to Traditional Marriage: For some, Mutah is an alternative to traditional marriage. It offers a more flexible and temporary commitment without the long-term obligations associated with permanent marriage.
  • Exploring Relationship Dynamics: Individuals may be curious about different relationship dynamics. These are ways to explore without the permanent commitment of traditional marriage. So it is necessary to find a girl for Mutah.

Why not find a girl for Mutah?

Because Mutah is not halal in Islam. So Mutah should not look for a girl. Following are the opinions of famous scholars regarding Mutah –

Ibn Abu Amr RA. He said, that in the early days of Islam, it (Mutah marriage) was permitted in a state of impurity. (E.g. in the formless state) like (eating the flesh of) dead creatures, blood, and swine.

Then Allah strengthened and strengthened his religion and forbade it. Ibnu Shihab Rah. Said, Rabi’ Ibnu Sabrah Al-Juhani informed me that his father said, “In the time of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, I entered into Mutah with a woman from the Amir tribe in exchange for two red sheets.” Then the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, forbade us to do Mutah. (Sahih Muslim, Hadith No. 3320)

Ali Ibnu Abu Talib RA. He said, that on the day of the battle of Khyber, the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) forbade marrying women and eating the meat of domestic donkeys. (Jamee Tirmidhi, Hadith No. 1121)

Sabrah Al Juhani RA. He said, He was with the Messenger of Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace. He said, “O people, I permitted you to marry your wives.”

But soon Allah made it forbidden until the Day of Resurrection. Therefore, whoever has a wife through such a marriage, let him leave his way. And do not take away what you have given them. (Sahih Muslim, Hadith No. 3313)


How do I find a partner for Mutah?

You can inquire about people interested in temporary marriage. You can visit your local Shia community or mosque. Some online platforms also cater to those looking for Mutah partners.

Is there any specific process to launch Mutah?

Yes, the process involves proposing temporary marriage terms including tenure and dowry. Both parties must agree to these terms before entering into the contract.

What is the duration of the Mutah marriage?

The period during contract negotiation is agreed upon by both parties. This can range from a few hours to a few years.

Is Mutah similar to permanent marriage (nikah)?

No, Mutah is a temporary marriage with a predetermined term. Permanent marriage is intended to be a lifelong commitment.

What is the purpose of Mutah in Shia Islam?

Mutah is seen by some Shia scholars as a solution for individuals. Those who cannot commit to a permanent marriage due to various reasons such as financial constraints or temporary circumstances.

Can everyone accept Mutah?

Mutah practice varies among Shia sects. It is more acceptable in certain regions and communities than in others.

Is there any infamy with Mutah?

Yes, Mutah has a bad reputation. Because it is a form of prostitution. However, there is a different view of Mutah among the Shia community. Some of them accepted it as a valid practice.

Does Mutah accept all Shia sects?

While Mutah is accepted in Shia Islam, its acceptance and practice may vary among different Shia sects and schools of thought.

Does Mutah have any legal effect?

The legal status of Mutah marriage depends on the local legal system. In some places, it is a legal form of marriage. While in others, it may not have legal standing.

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