I have no feelings for my wife in Islam | reason and Ways to recover

Women always want their partner to be the centre of their interest. But you must understand the understanding of the relationship. In many cases, you have some qualities or characteristics that make the loved one upset with you. Then, many husbands say, I have no feelings for my wife Islam.

Remember, never do any behaviour with your husband, which will increase the distance between you and may lead to the breakup of the family. Don’t behave in such a way that your husband will turn away from you. Find a new partner.

I have no feelings for my wife Islam.

It is not acceptable in Islam to say that I have no feelings for my wife. There may be discord between the husband and wife of the family, but Islam has encouraged us to reconcile it. Avoiding the wife based on this, not realizing her physical and mental rights, should not be.

If you don’t have feelings for your spouse, try to resolve the reason why you lost interest in her and re-engage in the passion of love. Otherwise, there will be a total distance between you.

It is best if you can restore your relationship naturally. And if that is not possible, then settle it with your wife’s paternal guardians. If this is also not possible, keep the wife in a separate bed. If this is not resolved, you can think about divorce.

Five Reasons for Not Having Feelings for Your Wife

Do you know five reasons why you may not have feelings for your wife in Islam? It can make marital relationships loveless and painful. Let’s understand that five rituals end the feelings of husband and wife.

He knows your thoughts and feelings.

Many women think that the man of her choice can understand her thoughts and feelings. That is why they refrain from sharing or telling them with him. On the contrary, they hope that he does not understand why.

It often irritates men. It was seen that nothing was said, but the woman was sitting, hoping her male partner would understand. Your partner may not be an astrologer. That is why women should share their feelings and thoughts. It leaves no room for misunderstanding.

I’m always the best.

It is seen in many women who always think of their partner as a fool and consider themselves smarter and smarter than him. That is why he is often seen making fun of his partner. It is boring to men. By doing this regularly, the husband loses feelings from his wife.

Sharing additional information

Men generally don’t like to talk about their problems. There, many women are seen sharing all the things. Do not burden your male partner with various information. Keep private, especially those that have been shared with you privately. It will build confidence in you.

Planning for the future ahead of time

It is good to think about the future, but too much worry can destroy the joy of the present. Many women are seen blabbing their partner’s ears about what to do, what they want to do, what needs to be done, etc. Men can be annoyed by the behaviour of women.

Lack of respect for mother-in-law

By consciously handling these five reasons, the husband will no longer be able to say that I do not have feelings for his wife. Because then you will be a happy couple.

Mother is a very emotional place for every human being. Never get along with your mother-in-law. Don’t make a mystery about the husband’s feelings for the mother. All husbands love respect for their mother-in-law. So take care of your mother-in-law and talk to her with respect. Remember, bad behaviour with the mother-in-law increases the distance from the husband.

How can I keep feelings towards my wife? Four best ways

If I can apply these four ways nicely in my real life, then there will be no room for me to say that I don’t have feelings for my wife in Islam.

Be loving in the midst of busyness

In our daily life, we have various activities. However, it is the teaching of Islam to treat one’s wife lovingly and to give pleasure during this busy time.

Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) spent happy time with his wives despite his busy schedule. The Prophet’s life has so many images of intimacy with his wives, which is truly a unique example of an ideal married life.

Ayesha (R.A.) narrated, I used to drink water during my menses, and when I gave the rest to the Prophet (PBUH), he used to drink from the place where I used to put my face in the pot.

Again, when I ate a bone in my menses and gave it to the Prophet (PBUH), he used to put his face where I put his face. (Muslim, Hadith: 579).

Play legitimate sports from time to time.

It is the Sunnah of the Prophet to have lawful sports with his wives from time to time. This increases the sincerity of mutual love. Ayesha (R.A.) narrated that she was with the Prophet (PBUH) on a journey.

He said; I raced with him and went ahead of him. Then, after I got fat, I ran him again, and this time, he overtook me and won. He said this victory is the revenge of that victory. (Abu Dawud, Hadith: 2578)

Consulting on personal matters

Many people find it futile to consult their wives on business, job, and other personal matters. It shouldn’t be at all. Because Rasulullah (s.a.w.) is not only concerned with domestic matters; Rather, he consulted his wives on many important issues of the Muslim Ummah.

In an important context of Islamic history called the ‘Treaty of Hudaybiyya,’ the Prophet (PBUH) took advice from his wife, Umm Salma (R.A.). Later time, which is considered most effective. (Bukhari, Hadith: 2731)

Expressing love even after death

The beloved Prophet (PBUH) expressed his love for his beloved wife, Khadijah (R.A.), even after her death. Ayesha (R.A.) narrated, ‘I was not jealous of any of the wives of the Prophet (PBUH). But even if I did not see Khadijah (R.A.), I was jealous of her.

Rasool (S.) used to mention Khadijah (R.) often. Sometimes, he used to slaughter goats and send them to the girlfriends of Khadijah (R.A.).

So I used to say to Rasool (PBUH) that there is no one in the world except Khadijah. Then Rasool (S.) used to say as he was highly respected, he was also very intelligent. I have a child from him.’ (Bukhari, Hadith: 3818)


Is it normal to feel a lack of feelings towards my wife in Islam?

It is not uncommon for couples to go through stages of emotional distance. Resolving this insensitivity is crucial to a successful marriage.

What does Islam say about love and feelings in marriage?

Islam encourages love, compassion and understanding between husband and wife. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) emphasized the importance of treating a wife with kindness and respect.

What steps can I take to improve our feelings in Islam?

Communicate openly and spend quality time together. Seek guidance from Islamic sources on building a strong marital bond. Seek advice from a qualified religious counsellor if necessary.

Is there any specific prayer in Islam for the improvement of marital relations?

Yes, several pleas and prayers can be made for a harmonious and loving relationship. Follow God’s guidance for your marriage, and pray to Him constantly.

If my lack of feelings continues, is divorce an option in Islam?

Islam recognizes that divorce is permissible under certain circumstances. However, this is usually seen as a last resort. But before that, efforts for reconciliation should first be exhausted.

Can professional counselling or therapy be considered for marital problems in Islam?

Yes, seeking professional help, including counselling or therapy, is permissible in Islam, especially when it comes to protecting and strengthening marital relationships.

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