Is it haram to shave your legs?

Is it Haram to shave your legs? Allah Ta’ala has created humanity with unique characteristics. 

The creation of the human race is a unique sign of God’s power. His shape, the function of various body parts, etc., bear proof of the greatness of Allah. 

The hairs on our bodies are different in different places. He has long hair on his head. It is increasing. Underarm hair is different – smelly. 

The hair below the navel is different. The chest is the same. Then another one on the leg. Think about what a person would look like without those hairs. It must have seemed not lovely.

But because of those hairs, our beauty is enriched. The body is attractive. Some areas of hair are sometimes uncomfortable or unsightly. In many cases, it is. This may not be the case for everyone. 

The question is whether it is legal to clean these hairs. Today we are writing our article – Is it Haram to Shave Your lege? I will try to cover this topic. 

We will add the necessary references. I hope this will be helpful for you.

Is it Haram to shave your legs?

Generally speaking, it is halal to shave your legs. In this regard, Islamic scholars think there is no prohibition in the Qur’an and Sunnah to shave leg hair. 

So generally, man can do what he thinks is best for him. One can shave his leg’s hair if he wants to. And if someone doesn’t want to shave, they can do it too. 

Doing either of these two will not count. It depends on people’s wishes and preferences, and he can keep it as he likes. 

Islamic scholars have opined that the Qur’an and Hadith do not find any reference to shaving the feet as Farz, wajib, or Haram. 

So they say it is a matter of human will. If someone thinks his leg hairs are unsightly, he will want to shave them and make the place beautiful. So This is a natural human need. for him, it is not Haram to shave legs.

And if someone’s leg hair is normal and light, it is beautiful. And Then he wants to keep it as it is. 

We do not have the right to undermine people’s will since Quran-Hadith did not explicitly mention this.

Shave legs for women in Islam?

Islam has special provisions for women, like they can’t pluck their eyebrows. Tattooing on the body, using perfume, Wearing revealing clothes in public, etc. 

So These are forbidden to them. In a hadith narrated by Ibn Abbas, may God bless and grant him peace, and the Messenger of God, may God bless and grant him peace, cursed women who tattooed their bodies. 

They raised their eyebrows. I was using loose hair. God’s creation changes beauty. Then a woman said what happened to me? 

Why should I not curse him whom Allah has cursed the Messenger – may God bless him and grant him peace.

Who has been cursed in the Book of Allah? Allah Ta’ala said, Accept whatever the Messenger has brought to you. And abstain from what you have forbidden. 

An eyewitness to this hadith says it curses women who pluck their eyebrows in one word.

But a woman can shave her leg’s hair if she wants. In this way, if a woman grows long hair on her chest, she can clean it and beautify the area, which will be lawful. 

Some women develop long hair on their legs, thighs, and chest. These worry about their psychological state. Her husband especially does not find her attractive. 

Because of this, they suffer from anxiety. All those women can shave their legs. Because legs, thighs, and breasts are exceptional parts of romance in married life. 

If there is hair in these parts, it will create obstacles in romance. It is halal for women to shave their legs. 

So that she can have a blissful romance with her husband through legs, thighs, chest, and breasts.

Shave your legs as a man?

It is halal for a man to shave his legs. Some men’s legs look awkward due to the extra length of hair on their legs. This can happen to the chest as well. 

It may also be in the case of the back. And can be in every part of the body, and it may be the part that can be shaved. However, it is wajib for men to keep their beards unshaven. 

This is the opinion of the majority of Islamic jurists. Apart from this, men can shave their body hair if they want. 

And there are some places where shaving is mandatory, Such as the hair below the navel, known as the private parts. Then the hair under the armpits.

And In a hadith, Abu Huraira Radiyallahu Ta’ala Anhu narrates that the Messenger of Allah – may Allah bless him and grant him peace – So said five things are inherent in human beings. 

I was shaving the hair off the private parts of my body. To be circumcised, Underarm hair removal. Cut nails. This hadith is narrated in Sahih Bukhari and Muslim Sharif.

A summary

So We can summarize the article – Is it Haram to shave your legs? All of which we have discussed above. It is said that there are three types of human body hair in the view of Islamic Sharia. 

The first type: is all the hairs that must be cleaned or shaved, such as underarm hair, hair below the navel, etc. 

The second type is the wajib, to keep all hairs as they are. So Like men’s beards, women’s eyebrows and head hair cannot be shortened. 

The third type is body hair, which there is no mention of in the Qur’an and Hadith. So Neither prohibited nor expressly permitted.

So Like leg hair. And Chest hair, Thigh hair. And Hand and foot hair etc. So These are matters of human will. Anyone who wants can shave. 

If he doesn’t want to, he can leave it unshaven. But the private parts should be shaved at least once every 40 days; otherwise, it will be a sin.

So it can be said it is halal to shave your legs, and it is halal for both, whether you are male or female. So If you want more details about this, you can visit the website of

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