Is it Haram to play with a dog? What does the hadith say?

Currently, in the Western world, keeping dogs and playing with dogs is a prevalent activity. It does not seem to them a dirty or forbidden act. But for those of us who are believers, the question arises in our minds: Is it Haram to play with a dog?

Because keeping dogs is forbidden in Islam, the reason for this is that dogs are dirty, and dog saliva is a very disgusting and repulsive substance.

Therefore, if a dog puts its mouth in a container, it is mentioned in the hadith that the container should be washed seven times. So when you play with a dog, dog hair, saliva, etc, will mix with the human body.

That is why the question naturally comes to our mind as a Muslim: is it Haram to play with dogs? In this blog post, I discuss Islamic rules on playing with dogs and related questions and answers.

Is it Haram to play with a dog?

Yes, It’s Haram to play with a dog. Because even if the dog is devoted to its master, it has a destructive nature. He does not tolerate others, is always on the run, eats rotten and inferior food, and indulges in obscenities everywhere. It makes people suffer, blush when they see food, etc.

Islam instructs us to avoid the company of dogs because ‘the influence of his companion influences man’. Satan has more influence on dogs. That’s why dogs bark during Azan.

The reason why keeping dogs in the house is prohibited is that Islam’s strict command regarding dogs is only that saving dogs in the place is not permitted as a hobby. And playing with a dog is more deadly than keeping a dog.

Hadith Prophet (PBUH) said, “The angels of mercy do not enter the house where there is a dog.” (Bukhari Sharif: Ha. 5525)

And since the dog’s saliva is impure, it has been ordered to wash it three or seven times if the dog puts its mouth in a container. For this reason, to play with the dog, its saliva will be used in the human body. It isn’t good.

Why is it forbidden to play with dogs?

First, Satan or Jinn often comes in the form of a dog. So dogs make people do evil deeds. So it’s haram to play with a dog.

Second, Kukuk is fond of obscenity, and he indulges in public filth wherever he goes.

Thirdly, Islam has ordered to stay away from the company of dogs so that dogs cannot harm people. Because the dog’s nails and mouth have poisonous germs, dogs cannot be trusted. He can harm people at any time. It can cause various diseases, including rabies.

Fourthly, modern medical science has proven that keeping a dog in your home on your bed can cause various problems, including allergies and viral infections.

Dr. Al-Azhar University is a former teacher in this regard. Yusuf Karzawi, in his book “Al-Halalu Wal Haram Fil Islam”, mentioned the research of German and London researchers on dogs. They opined that the company of dogs is very harmful to humans.

He wrote: Judging from the point of view of health science, the danger that can be concentrated on the health and life of the dog and joking with it, it cannot be considered small and insignificant.

Many people are forced to pay heavily due to their ignorance. This is because dogs harbour germs that can cause diseases that are permanent and incurable. It is impossible to count the number of people who are forced to die due to this disease.

These bacteria enter the human liver. And there, it manifests itself in various ways. It often enters the lungs, ovaries, spleen, kidneys and brain. Then their shape changes a lot. Such a situation arises that even experts cannot catch and recognize it.

haram to play with a dog
Haram to play with a dog

FAQs: Is it Haram to play with a dog?

Is the dog’s body sacred?

According to our Hanafi Madhhab, the dog’s body is not impure. So, if a dog touches someone’s body or clothes, it will not become contaminated. But dog saliva is contaminated.

If a dog pulls someone’s clothes with its mouth if the saliva gets on the clothes, it will become impure; Otherwise, it will not be impure. (Al-Bahrur Rayeeq: 1/101; Fatwaate Hindiya: 1/48; Addurrul Mukhtar: 1/208)

Is it legal to kill dogs?

The killing of hunting dogs and guard dogs is unanimously prohibited. Besides, killing mad dogs and troublesome dogs is lawful, according to all scholars. Killing or killing a dog in normal conditions is not acceptable in the eyes of Islam. (Kuwait-based Islamic encyclopedia Al-Mawsuatul Fiqhiya al-Quatiyyah, Volume: 35, Pages: 132-133)

Is it halal to give food and water to dogs?

If possible, feeding the dog, giving it water, and rescuing the dog if it falls somewhere are acts of reward in the eyes of Islam. A hadith also mentions that an adulterous woman has been given paradise because she made a dog drink water.

Rasul (PBUH) said, ‘Once a thirsty dog was wandering near the well. He was dying of thirst. Suddenly, an adulterous woman from Bani Israel saw it. He took off his socks and gave the dog water. Because of this, his past sins are forgiven. (Bukhari, Hadith No: 3467)

Can I touch dogs in Islam?

Yes, you can touch a dog. However, some scholars recommend avoiding direct contact with dog saliva. If you feel dog saliva, you must clean yourself.

Is dog saliva impure in Islam?

Yes, dog saliva is impure in Islam. Therefore, direct contact with it must be avoided. So, for this reason, it’s Haram to play with a dog.

What should I do if a dog licks me?

If a dog licks you, wash the affected area before performing religious rituals such as prayer.

Can I keep dogs as pets in Islam?

Islam does not allow keeping dogs, such as hunting, guarding or herding animals. But it is essential to maintain cleanliness.

How do I clean myself after playing with the dog?

It is recommended to clean your hands and areas that come into contact with the dog, especially before prayer.

Is there an exception for working dogs in Islam?

Yes, Islam recognizes the practical benefits of keeping dogs as working animals. In some situations, the uncleanliness associated with dogs can be ignored for necessity.


It is forbidden in Islam to play with dogs. Islam prohibits keeping dogs fundamentally. However, it is valid for specific reasons because dogs have saliva containing poisonous bacteria, which harms humans.

Moreover, a dog’s bad habits and destructive behaviour can affect people. Considering these issues, the Prophet (PBUH) made people aware of dogs in the hadith. Dogs will instil bad habits in people.

Keeping dogs and playing with dogs is the dirty culture of the West, and it is a widely known form of their culture. But Islam has taught us a beautiful, peaceful and safe living environment. So we can’t play with dogs. This is the work of Dajjal and Yajuz Majuj.

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