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Not many people seemed excited to talk about Haram Spider. Only a few people speak about haram spiders in the resources you will find online.

After looking at this topic, I noticed that many people want to know about haram spiders, but there are few informative and valuable articles.

That’s why I am writing this article about Haram Spider so that the readers can be fascinated by reading the article.

What is Haram Spider?

Haram Spider is a fictional comic character from the Spiderman movie. It was created by Marvel Comics editor-in-chief, writer Stan Lee and cartoonist Steve Ditko.

Spidermanirst appeared in August 1962 in the 15th issue of Amazing Fantasy. He is shown as a teenager raised by his paternal uncle Ben and Aunt May.

At this age, he has to struggle with masked bandits as he comes of age. Soon Spiderman’seators began to show him as having superhuman powers.

Spiderman is one of the most popular and successful superheroes in the world. He has appeared in various media as Marvel Comics’ flagship character and company mascot;

For example, animated or motion picture TV serials, newspapers, and a popular movie series starring actor Tobey Maguire in the first three episodes.

Imitation of Haram Spider

A few more Haram Spiders have been created, imitating the SpidermaSpidermant includes several spider games and many cartoon dramas.

They were created after the release of the Spiderman became immensely popular worldwide. Some games have so far reached 20 million users.

Spider cartoons have been viewed many times, with one cartoon getting over 500 million views.

Why are spiders forbidden?

One of the reasons why Spider is haram is that Spider movie, drama game contains all fictional characters. Islam does not believe in any fictional character. Instead, Islam always encourages accurate and actual events. So the Spider is haram.

Also, there are other acceptable and logical reasons for spiders being haram. We discuss them below.

4 reasons why spiders are forbidden

  1. The movie Spider features characters and storylines that challenge Muslim beliefs and culture. Because of this, Spider is haram. Because it spoils the character of Muslims.
  2. Spider encourages wasting people’s time. Islam has given great importance to valuing people’s time. People have always been encouraged to spend their time in productive activities. The Qur’an directly instructs Muslims to refrain from vain deeds. And spiders tempt people to spend unnecessary time.
  3. Spiders disturb Muslims during their ablutions, such as neglecting prayers. Similarly, spiders create obstacles in reading and writing. For example, if a student is always busy with spiders, his brain becomes distorted. And because of this, he cannot improve his studies.
  4. Spider games have characters attacking people, killing others, etc. These create adverse reactions in the adolescent mind and encourage him to become violent.

Haram Spider and Quran

Allah says in the Holy Quran:

“The disbelievers will say, ‘O our Lord! Show the jinn and the people who led us astray today; We will debase them so they will be humiliated enough.’ Surah Fussilat, verse 29.

This verse shows that if a human or a jinn causes another to go astray, he will make a supplication to Allah on the Day of Judgment, for which he will go to hell to put him under his feet so that he will be humiliated.

Therefore, those of us who are parents should ensure that we are raising our children with such care and attention that they will not be trampled under their feet on the Day of Judgment for presenting them as apostates from Islam. La Ha’ula Wala Kuwayata Illa Billah, Wallahu Musta’an.

I watched an episode of Spider in my life, and within 3 minutes of watching, Shirk was visible.

Shirk in this cartoon includes seeing the future, thinking of robots as the cause of happiness and peace, promoting deadly Shirk, and Kufuri’s beliefs about Taqdeer.

When Spiderman is in danger, people call on Allah, and Allah is the savior of people in danger. These cartoons and movies show a fictional character as the savior of risk.

And for this, people are shown calling Spiderman from afar in danger, which is pure Shirk. Spiderman is also sometimes shown to be knowledgeable about the invisible.

Spider in Hadith

The Prophet – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – said, “Hell is hidden with attractive and heart-warming things.”

Allah says about those poets and filmmakers who write skits with Kufuri stories, write anti-Islamic adultery stories, make foul plays and movies, and lead people astray:

Shaytaan descends upon them. They brainwash and mislead their followers and readers by teaching what the devil relies on them to lead.

See what Allah said about the misguided poets and writers, “Shall I tell you, upon whom the devils descend? They descend upon every liar and sinner. They bring gossip, and most of them are liars.” Surah Ash-Shura, verses 221-223.

Allah mentions the qualities of poets and writers in these verses:

  1. Shaytans are on them
  2. They are sinners, and most of them are liars.
  3. They spread the teachings of Satan to people.

In fact, Satan uses writers and poets to lead people astray. This is why all these writers get so much popularity, with the help of Satan.

And those who follow spiders, stories, novels, or false, fictional characters, Allah calls them astray.
“Misguided people follow poets. Don’t you see that they go astray in every field? and say things that they do not do.” Surah Ash-Shu’ara, verses 224-226.

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