Is it Haram to play with your private parts? know the truth

Our genitals are very delicate. On the one hand, it isn’t very comfortable if made public. On the other hand, the extreme pleasure of sexual intercourse lies dormant in those organs. That organ has the unique ability to drown in waves of endless bliss. But this question comes to our mind: is it haram to play with your private parts?

These organs cannot be made public. Similarly, husband and wife have no choice but to lie in bed and play with their private parts. No one can play with anyone’s private parts. Soto can’t touch. It is not desirable in Islam.

It is almost impossible for a husband and wife to have an orgasm without playing with each other’s private parts. On the other hand, many Islamic scholars have opined that touching the remote part directly with the needle breaks the ablution.

All in all, our private parts have a unique feature. For this reason, Islam has given special provisions for these organs. So, the questions related to the genitals are on our minds. Our mind wants to know something about this.

One such question is: Is it haram to play with your private parts? We will try to discuss this answer in detail in this blog. Hope it gives you pleasure.

Is it Haram to play with your private parts?

No, it is not haram to play with your private parts. Islam allows it. It is not haram or sin. But the game now has two sides. One is usually touching private parts with our hands. And the other is handshake or masturbation.

Here, you can touch your private parts with your own hands and play with little movement. But masturbating by playing with private parts is Haraam, according to most of the scholars.

Evidence that playing with your private parts is not haram

Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) narrates that he said:

مَا أُبَالِي أَنْفِي مَسَسْتُ َْوْ ذُذُنِي أَوْ ذَكَرِي

Translation: I don’t care to touch my nose or ears or penis.

Qaboos narrates from his father,

Ali (RA) was once asked about a person who touched his private parts. He replied – no problem. (Musannafu Ibn Abi Shaybah – 1/165)

Huzaifa Radiyallahu Anhu said,

‘I don’t care whether I’m touching private parts or the tip of my nose. (Qanjul Ummal – 9/306)

Prominent Companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him) did not consider it a sin to touch the private parts.

Ali Ibn Abu Talib, Ibn Masud, Huzaifa, Imran Ibn Hussain, etc. are particularly notable. But touching or eating private parts in public is quite shameful. It is the opposite of good character.

When is it forbidden to play with your private parts?

Masturbation is forbidden. So, if you masturbate while playing with your private parts, it will be haram. Ibn Katheer (RA) said that Imam Shafi’i and all those who agreed with him gave evidence for the prohibition of masturbation with this verse. The meaning of the verse is-

“And those who guard their genitals. except their own wives or owned maids; In this case (in the case of wives and maidservants) surely they are not condemned. Those who desire anything beyond that are the transgressors.” [Surat al-Muminun, verses 5-6]

Imam Shafi’i says in the chapter on Nikah: The verse is clear about the prohibition of anyone other than the wife and the maidservant by referring to ‘guarding the private parts from anyone other than the wife or the maidservant’.

However, emphasizing the verse, Allah Ta’ala says (intentionally): “Those who desire anything beyond this are the transgressors.” Therefore, it is not permissible to use the penis in any case other than as a wife or maidservant, and masturbation is also not acceptable. Allah knows best.

Some scholars give evidence with this verse: “Those who are not able to marry, let them adopt restraint until Allah relieves them of want by His grace.” [Surah Noor, verse 33] This verse is claimed to instruct restraint – everything else. To be patient.

Playing with private parts is forbidden in Sunnah.

Scholars provide evidence in this regard with the hadith of Abdullah bin Mas’ud (ra), who said: We were with the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) among some youths who had nothing.

Then the Messenger of Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: O young people! Whoever among you can afford the marriage expenses and is physically capable should marry.

Because it helps to keep her gaze downwards and protect her private parts, and whoever cannot afford marriage, let him fast. Because it is an aphrodisiac.” [Sahih Bukhari (5066)]

Shari’ah authors have advised fasting despite hardships if unable to marry. Did not suggest masturbation. Although there is a high interest in masturbation, masturbation or extreme play with private parts is more accessible than fasting. But moreover, he did not give that permission.

There are many other documents in this Masala. We consider it sufficient to refer to these documents.

Is it Haram for couples to play with each other’s private parts?

No, it is not Haram for couples to play with each other’s private parts. They can play with their private parts as they wish. It is among their legitimate enjoyments. So there is no problem. It belongs to the romance of husband and wife.

They will arouse their sexual desire by touching, touching and playing with each other’s sexually attractive private parts. This is a common way of marital intercourse. Through this, sexual excitement increases.

This is considered foreplay. Islam allows foreplay. Instead, it encouraged them to do so.

Allah says in the Holy Quran:

Translation: Your wives are your crops. So move around your fields as you wish. (Baccarat – 223)

This verse gives unfettered freedom for husband and wife to have sex. They can have all kinds of sex.

Only anal sex, hygiene and breathing should be avoided, as these are forbidden. As such, husband and wife can see each other’s private parts. Be able to touch and kiss. There is no sin in that.

Ibn Abidin said in his book Raddul Muhtar,

Imam Abu Yusuf asked his teacher Abu Hanifa about a man who touched his wife’s private parts, and his wife also touched his genitals. Is it a sin? Imam Abu Hanifa (RA) responded, No, it is not a sin. I hope they get better because of it.

Kazi Ibnul Arabi said,

There are two opinions on whether a man can see his wife’s genitals. One view is that it is permissible.

Imam Asbag said,

Sucking the genitals of the wife is halal for the husband. Then Asbagh was told that people consider it makruh. In reply, he said, some may call it a medical formula. Not as a Sharia law. It is not makruh in Islam.

Does playing with private parts break the ablution?

The question is whether playing with the private part will break the ablution. There is a substantial difference of opinion among the scholars.

Many Companions, Imams, Mujtahids and Salaf have said that touching private parts invalidates ablution. According to this, playing with the private parts will break the ablution.

A large group of Sahaba Karam, Imam Mujahideen and Salaf Salehin said that touching the private parts does not invalidate ablution. However, from the point of view of the evidence, it is a solid and straightforward opinion of the Ummah – touching the private parts does not invalidate ablution. So, playing with private parts does not break Wudu if ejaculation does not occur.

Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) narrates that he said:

Translation: I don’t mind touching my nose or ears or penis.

Qaboos narrates from his father,

Ali (RA) was once asked about a person who touched his genitals. He replied – no problem. (Musannafu Ibn Abi Shaybah – 1/165)

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