Is it haram to have a girlfriend?

One night around two o’clock a young man called me and asked – is it haram to have a girlfriend?

He called me about twenty that night to ask this question. I can’t hear the ring because my phone is in silent mode.

Then when I received his call and heard his question, I was shocked. It seemed to me that the man had a mental problem.

Then I found out by talking to him – every two or three months he changes his girlfriend. Then this late night she tells me a heartbreaking story when she asks me why she calls me so much for this question.

The gist of his story is – he had a younger sister. That sister was disabled from birth. One week later, his sister died.

And her mother died a year before her sister died. After he fell asleep that night, his sister and mother came to him in a dream and met him.

They both plead with him and say that they are alone in the grave. There is fear of them. He is appealing to them to come with him.

And before meeting them, he is urging them to give up all haraam deeds and repent from them.

She woke up immediately after seeing the dream. Ever since he woke up, it seemed to him that life on earth was coming to an end. He will die very soon.

For this, he wants to repent of his sins. Knowing whether the girlfriend is haram or not so that she can repent. He is calling so much that he should not die before he repents.

Hearing his words moved my heart. But a little while ago, I thought that the man had a mental problem.

I realized that the man had come to realize that this life in the world is a lie. This is a mirage. The call to go to the other side no one can stay in the world for a moment.

Is it haram to have a girlfriend?

Yes, it’s haram to have a girlfriend. Islam forbids any kind of relationship between a boy and a girl. Talking to any adult boy and girl. To meet Everything is forbidden.

In Islam, having a girlfriend is considered adultery. And adultery is a poetic sin. Its punishment is very painful.
Our beloved Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

Translation: The portion of Zina has been recorded for every child of Adam. They will get that share.

The adultery of the eyes, the adultery of the ears, the adultery of the tongue, the adultery of the tongue, the adultery of the hands, the adultery of the feet, the adultery of the heart.

Then the place of shame attests to it or rejects it. (This hadith has been narrated in Bukhari and Muslim)

Therefore, when a boy talks to his girlfriend or sees her or thinks about her, his actions will be considered adultery.

The boyfriend spends hours looking at his girlfriend’s face. This look is adultery.

When they start talking, the whole night is over, but their talk is not over. According to the commentary of the hadith, these words of theirs are adultery of the tongue.

Walking to meet a girlfriend is also part of adultery. Imagining the face of a girlfriend is adultery of the heart.

Premarital love is a disease of the heart. This disease is different from all other diseases. It is different in existence, superficiality and medicine.

Only those who do not have a love for God in their hearts are involved in such illicit love. Those who truly love God. They can never get involved for fear of standing in front of him.

Is it haram to have a girlfriend online?

It is haraam to have a girlfriend online just like having a girlfriend directly. All the reasons for being haram also exist here.

Having a girlfriend online means talking on Facebook or Emu or a phone call. Make love using these social media.

We have discussed above all the steps of love. Talk to you soon. Be it online or live.

That is why it is haram to have a girlfriend online just like having a girlfriend offline. It must survive.

Why girlfriend haram in Islam?

A girlfriend and boyfriend relationship is a disease. It has a profound effect on the human heart and brain. Disrupts normal functioning.

A study in Pizza, Italy, found that first love caused a huge change in a person’s thinking.

Donatella Marajjiti, a psychiatrist at Pizza University, conducted a study on twenty newlywed couples.

This study is aimed at those whose relationship has been going on for less than a month. The main goal of the study was to think about how the brain can function as a result of thinking about the person you love all the time.

Marajjiti tested the blood of boys and girls and found that the amount of serotonin in the blood of young people who have just fallen in love and that of an addict is the same.

In the Holy Qur’an, Allah Ta’ala says,

‘O you who believe, do not let your wealth and children distract you from the remembrance of Allah. And those who do so are the losers. ‘(Munafiqun – 9).

In this verse, importance has been given to the love of children and wealth so that it does not remain indifferent to the remembrance of Allah.

But how disgusting would the relationship that Allah the Almighty has forbidden if it distracts someone from the remembrance of Allah? Think about it.

Psychologist Robert Steinberg said that love has three elements. He replaced those three elements with a triangle.

One of those three elements is emotion (sexual or romantic attraction). It is this attraction that drives people to adultery.

In the Holy Qur’an, Allah Ta’ala says,

‘You shall not commit adultery. Surely it is an indecency and an evil way. ‘ (Sura Isra – 32)

So premarital love or girlfriend-boyfriend relations is haram. A Kabirah sin. May Allah protect everyone.

Girlfriend turned horrible

There was a very beautiful girl named Zuhra. Seeing her form and figure, every man wanted her as a bedfellow.

But Zuhra didn’t care about anyone. He considered himself the possessor of a unique seat in the glory of his form.

One day in front of Zuhra there was a discussion about a polite and pious boy in his area. The boy’s name was Harut.

Harut does not look at any girl. He is not addicted to any girl. Zuhra doesn’t even look at Sundari as she passes in front of him.

Hearing this, Zuhra’s stubbornness reached its climax. She thought she would not respond to a beautiful girl like me. I’ll leave it at last. I’ll see how he avoids me.

Zuhra used to dress up every day to play a love game and pass by Harut’s house in front of Hirut’s eyes.

One day, Zuhra slipped and fell into the water in front of Harut. Seeing this, Harut comes forward to help Zuhra.

Several times while trying to get Zuhra out of the water, Harut’s eyes fell on Zuhra’s wet body.

Zuhra’s body looked quite attractive as the clothes were wet. Zaha’s breasts, buttocks and genitals were quite swollen.

Harut could no longer control himself. He is trapped in the leaves of Zuhra. It takes mental preparation to fall in love with Zuhra.

The provision of having a girlfriend in Islam

One day he offered love to Zuhra. Although Zuhra first came to Harut to play a love game, she gradually fell in love with Harut.

Eventually, Harut and Zuhra developed a girlfriend and boyfriend relationship. They meet every day and talk. The day went on like this.

Meanwhile, Harut’s devil tricks Harut into having sex with Zuhra. As a result, one-day Harut hugged Zuhra and started kissing her.

Zuhra objected at first but later surrendered herself to Harut’s work. Sexual arousal is also aroused in Zuhra’s body.

According to them, it became a primitive game between men and women. Which is called adultery in Islam. This goes on day after day. Not only this, but they also started drinking alcohol.

Dear reader, this is the result of girlfriends and boyfriends. Although the first approach each other on the pretext of friendship, it eventually leads to adultery and other misdeeds.

This is why it is haram to have a girlfriend in Islam. May the Merciful God protect everyone from this sin.

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