Is it haram to have a boyfriend?

Is it haram to have a boyfriend? Friends are an integral part of life. How many people do we become acquainted with within the course of life? Again in the rotation of time, I forget them.

But a friend cherishes another friend in his bosom. Never forget Any festival or joy remains colourless and uninteresting without friends.

We all have different tastes and needs when it comes to choosing friends. I accept only those with whom my mind and lifestyle come together as friends.

I am happy with the happiness of my friend. Except for the grief of a friend. I share as many feelings as I can with my friend. Express all the longings of the heart.

Many again choose one of their friends as a life partner. In other words, we call him Boyfriend or Girlfriend.

I want to spend the days of my life happily by accepting a person who first has a boyfriend and then as a husband. I want to hold his hand and give him the path of this worldly life.

But according to Islamic law, can a girl accept a boy as her boyfriend? Or can a boy take a girl as his girlfriend?

Everyone wants to know the answer. So today we are creating this blog with the answer to this question.

To know the teachings of Islam about girlfriends – is it haram to have a girlfriend? You can read this post.

The topic of discussion in this post is – Is it haram to have a boyfriend in Islam? I hope the discussion will be beneficial for everyone.

Is it haram to have a boyfriend?

Yes, it’s haram to have a boyfriend. Islam does not allow any kind of friendship between girls and boys. Even if it is accepted as a boyfriend for the purpose of marriage.

In Islam, adultery is defined as the act of a boyfriend and his actions. A boyfriend and girlfriend relationship before marriage is considered a cursed relationship.

The Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (peace be upon him), described such a relationship as adultery.

He says that for every child of Adam the portion of Zina has been written. Everyone will get it inevitably.

He described the look of every girl who is halal as married as adultery. In this way, the tongue has informed them to talk to them unnecessarily in the name of adultery.

Thus he has declared different levels of Zina in the name of Zina of hands, Zina of feet, and Zina of heart. The last or the biggest and the highest level of sin is adultery committed by combining the place of shame with the place of shame.

Boyfriend is haram and the opinion of Islamic scholars

On the basis of these hadiths, all Islamic scholars agree that it is haram for a boy to have intercourse with a girl.

The words and deeds between them will be considered adultery. For this, we have to suffer punishment in this world and in the hereafter.

In fact, the punishment for love in this world varies from person to person and from state to state. You can understand this only by surveying the people around you who are involved in boyfriends and girlfriends.

I have seen many boys and girls commit suicide simply because their relationship has broken down. Her loved one is now paying attention to someone else.

Many boys and girls have heart attacks under the pressure of backing up their relationship and many of them spend many nights crying and sleepless.

And even if someone gets married after a love affair, most of them can’t be happy in their married life.

Because in order to enjoy happiness and peace in the world, husband and wife have to treat each other with sympathy and respect. But unfortunately not from mutual respect between lovers. So they cannot be happy in marriage.

If you think with a lonely mind and paint a realistic picture of the relationship in your imaginary world then you will be forced to accept this relationship as a curse.

At the same time, seeing the consequences of the relationship, you will be forced to say that, in fact, it is only a temporary punishment given by God. Whose real and proper punishment awaits the Hereafter.

Why boyfriend haram in Islam?

A woman must have a man in her life. To whom all passion and love will dedicate.

Tell all the stories of the mind. Sitting next to that man will see the soft moon of the sky in the lonely night. He will walk in the garden of Kashful holding his hand in the autumn afternoon.

Islam has made a good arrangement for women to fulfil this desire. If that is marriage. After marriage, a woman can fulfil all the desires cherished in her heart with her husband.

The husband of a Muslim woman is her boyfriend and best friend. But she cannot befriend any man other than her husband.

Can’t fall in love with any man other than your husband. She will not be able to share her passion and romance with any man other than her husband.

Because friendship between a man and a woman necessarily leads to sex. And Islam does not support free sex.

Islam has a definite rule regarding sex. That is marriage. When a man and a woman are united by marriage, it becomes necessary for the husband to take the overall responsibility for that woman.

Similarly, if a child is born by sexual intercourse between them, it is the husband’s responsibility to take responsibility for that child.

The reason for haram

But if a woman accepts a boy as her boyfriend without marriage, then it is not necessary for her boyfriend to take any responsibility for that girl.

Similarly, if a child is born through sexual intercourse between them, that child does not have social recognition. The boyfriend is not obliged to take responsibility for that child.

After a boyfriend has a romance with a girl, there is no obstacle in the way of leaving her whenever he wants

But if she takes her husband as her boyfriend after marriage, she will not be able to throw him away if she wants to. If he can do this, religion and society will be an obstacle for him.

If a woman accepts a man as her boyfriend without marriage, in fact, she has no security of her own. She surrenders her body to a man just like a consumable product.

That is why Islam has declared a premarital love relationship is haraam. Every Muslim woman can live her life with dignity and respect.

How have a halal boyfriend?

The only way to make a halal boyfriend is to get married. The boy who likes it should propose marriage directly without proposing love.

It is Sunnah to propose marriage on behalf of girls. So this is a great way. All kinds of behaviour with the husband after marriage is legal.

What was illegal with the boyfriend before marriage will become legal only because of a process. This is Islam.

A boy may like a girl. This is normal. God has maintained the quality of pure love in the minds of people.

A person who does not have love in his heart is like a dead stone. Nothing smell or taste can be expected from him.

But this love must be served in the right place in the right way. Only then can the fruit be obtained from love. Otherwise, love will bring great danger.

In the Holy Qur’an, Allah Ta’ala narrated the story of Prophet Yusuf and Julaikha. Julaikha went mad in love with Yusuf – peace be upon him.

When Julaikha offered love to Yusuf (peace be upon him), he refused. But Julaikha did not give up. She binds him to a room surrounded by seven doors and urges him to fulfil his sexual desires.

But Yusuf (peace be upon him) returned with his honour from there with the help of Allah. God protects him.

After a long time, after many events and stories were written, Yusuf (peace be upon him) married Zulaikha. Through marriage, Julaikha got close to the people in her mind.

But when Julaikha wanted to have sex with her beloved man illegally, Allah took her away from him.

One lesson from this incident is that if love is born to someone, the only way to get close to him is to get married. Otherwise, maybe God will take that beloved person away forever.

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