Is income from Google AdSense halal?

Is Google AdSense halal: Digital Income Online is gaining popularity quickly now. And a unique way of online income is Google Adsense.

But the question that often comes to my mind differently is income from Google Adsense halal.

I believe the importance of this question is immense. Because just as money is needed in Muslim life, it is also necessary to earn it in a halal way.

So today, I am discussing this topic in detail for the readers of the Muslim guiding website.

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Is income from Google Adsense halal?

Before we know this answer, we need to know the answers to the other two questions.

  1. What is AdSense?
  2. How to make money from AdSense?

What is AdSense?

Adsense is a unique service of Google. They receive ads for their products or services in exchange for money from various companies.

Then that ad goog shows up on his nominated website. In return, Google pays the website owner a portion of the money received from the company.

How to make money from AdSense?

Income from AdSense is mainly focused on the website’s content, the visitor’s country, click on the ad, etc.

Moreover, the visitor’s interest also plays a role in the appearance of the ad. For example, if the visitor has more online activity on teaching or IT, he will have more shows related to it.

Again, if the visitor is listening to music or watching a movie or dating site, he will have a related ad.

Generally, Bangladesh-centric or Bangla articles can earn one dollar per thousand visitors.

But if one thousand visitors come from developed countries like the USA, UK, etc., this earning increases twice.

On the other hand, if the content has high search volume and high competition and CPC is good, earning is also good.

Why is AdSense Income haram?

We can clearly understand that from the discussion of AdSense and the way of income from it.

That’s it: Ad and content play a fundamental role in the revenue from AdSense.

So for AdSense income to be halal, these two things must be halal.

First: the content must be halal-centered on any subject. Second, content may not be published on any subject prohibited by Islam.

Such as posting by promoting alcohol or drugs or creating content by adding women’s bodies and pictures. In this way, it would be haram to encourage anything Islam forbids.

Second: if a product or service-related ad is forbidden by Islam, such as alcohol or pork or advertisements on porn sites, etc., the income earned from it will not be halal.

In the same way, if a picture of a woman’s body is added to an advertisement, it will also be haram because Islam has banned the publication of images of women’s bodies.

But I noticed very profoundly. Almost all AdSense websites do not accept these two issues. So this type of Adsense income is forbidden.

What is the halal way to earn from AdSense?

By halal means of income from AdSense, we mean a path that Islam allows.

If one can avoid the prohibitions of Islam in content and advertising, it is possible to earn income in a halal way.

For this, you have to keep the content in mind while creating the content first. And Google offers some options in advertising, which can use to block a lot of unwanted ads.

Moreover, you can earn money from a website in various ways without promoting Google Adsense. Below are a few.

Earn money by affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a means of blogging income. Thus, it is possible to make an excellent quality income.

Affiliate marketing means bringing reviews to any product or service. As a result, e-commerce sites that sell products pay a dividend to that marketer.

So halal income is possible through affiliate marketing. Only the marketer always has to write reviews of Halar products and services.

Earn money from sponsorship

Another source of income for blogging is sponsorship. But, of course, any company prefers a website with exemplary visitors to give the science of its product or service.

They pay a good amount of money to the site owner in exchange for showing their ads on that site.

If you use halal products and methods while accepting advertisements, the money earned from sponsorship will also be halal, which is nothing impossible.

If a website occupies a position in Google and has a good DA and PA, other website owners will contact you to get an external link.

In return, the owners of other websites will pay a good amount of money. This is called a backlink cell.

If the site is given the backlink and does not provide any haram product or service, it will be halal to make money in this way.

Income from website sales

After working on a website for a few years, it is possible to sell that site reasonably. In this case, the site’s content – Google position will depend on the cost of the present earnings.

If you have a monthly income of 200/250 dollars, it can be sold for an estimated 8/9 thousand dollars. And if you earn 500 dollars a month, you can sell it for an estimated 15/16 thousand dollars.

If the website is halal, it will be halal to sell it. For this, we must work from the beginning by avoiding the things forbidden by Islam.

Is Google AdSense halal ‍, And the Last word

The legitimacy of income from Google Adsense depends mainly on the content and the science displayed.

So it is possible to earn halal if one works with these two things in mind from the time one runs the site.

However, it would be best to block all those ads from Google Ad, which are Haram. If that is not possible, then income will not be permissible.

In addition to a website and AdSense halal income, many more things must work. In this way, everything that Islam has forbidden must be complied with.

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