Is freelancing halal? know the best ways to income

Is Freelancing Halal: This question is currently being discussed. Because the words freelancing and outsourcing are gaining wide recognition in the world day by day.

According to Wikipedia English, Phil Hull employs 60 million young people worldwide in the freelance marketplace.

So naturally, the question that comes to many minds – is, what does Islam say about freelancing or outsourcing? Is this job income halal or haram?

In today’s blog, we are analyzing the issue of whether freelancing is halal. I will try to discuss outsourcing in detail with references from Quran and Sunnah. In sha Allah!

Is freelancing halal?

Yes, freelancing is halal. There are many ways and means of freelancing to earn good money, which is entirely legal.

Like graphic design, digital marketing, video editing etc. but like anything else, freelancing has the potential to be haram. For example, those things Islam has forbidden are forbidden in the freelancing world.

How to do freelancing in a halal way?

Freelancing is called – a free profession. Because here, a freelancer is not subordinate to any particular person or organization.

He can sell his services anytime in any freelance marketplace, whether his buyer is from home or abroad. Whether one or more.

Thus it is not necessary to work for him every day. He can work any day of the week.

Again, the day the mind wants to stop working. This is why it is called freelancing.

What is outsourcing: The one who gets the work from the other party does the job with one out of his own company or subordinate staff.

So from his point of view, this work is called outsourcing. The same result is being called by two names considering two aspects of two persons.

Freelancing is a means of earning income. And outsourcing is a means to an end. However, the term outsourcing is often used for freelancing purposes.

But some questions are raised from the point of view of Islam, focusing on work in the outsourcing sector, a guarantee of getting paid for work, etc.

Depending on whether the freelancing is halal or haram. We are discussing this in detail below.

What Halal jobs are available in the outsourcing sector

The freelance marketplace has a myriad of jobs divided into categories and sub-categories. From this, the buyer can do his specific work with any freelancer.

I did not see any category or sub-category in all these works that Islam has fundamentally forbidden.

Since these acts are not fundamentally haram, Islam does not forbid one to earn income by doing them. On the contrary, Islam appreciates earning income through one’s labor.

The system of accepting and submitting Freelance work

Freelance-Marketplace is the primary means of getting and offering jobs for outsourcing and freelancing.

These marketplaces mainly create communication between sellers and buyers and mediate between work and payment.

However, it can procure a lot of work from outside the market. It is a lot of work available from outside the marketplace. In that case, the seller and the buyer work depending on the trust.

Since they work or do this after gaining complete confidence, there is not much possibility of losing wages.

Because the policies and conditions of the marketplaces are brilliant, neither the seller nor the buyer can easily deceive anyone.

If you want to understand the marketplaces’ privacy policies, you can see their policy from Fiverr and Upwork.

Islamic business law prohibits all approaches where there is a possibility of a dispute between the buyer and the seller or a loss to either party.

But in the freelancing sector, freelance marketplaces do not have that possibility. So there is no obstacle to legalizing freelancing and outsourcing according to Islamic law.

Is freelancing halal
freelancing halal

Is the payment system of freelancing Halal?

Yes, the payment system of freelancing is Halal. Another fundamental aspect of Islamic business law is the precision of the product and its price.

In the freelancing sector, the product is a freelancer’s work, which has been discussed earlier. And the price is the wages of the work.

At the beginning of the work in the marketplace, the seller and the buyer discuss the working conditions and rate details. Therefore, there is no source to say that the work is illegal from this point of view.

The rest is the payment and acceptance system. Each buyer and seller in the marketplace has an account.

You can exchange money from there in an easy way. Then it is possible to transfer the funds to the local bank. So there is no complication here either.

The opinion of Islam about freelancing

Islamic scholars call freelancing halal and provide references from the Qur’an-Hadith to support their opinion.

Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):

‘O you who believe! Do not devour each other’s goods unjustly. However, there is no difficulty in eating based on consent commercially. ‘(Surah Nisa – 29)

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

‘No one has ever eaten better food than he earned. The Prophet of Allah, Dawood (peace be upon him), used to make and eat with his own hands. ‘(Sahih Bukhari – 2072)

Shaykh al-Islam ibn Taymiyyah – may Allah have mercy on him –

‘It is permissible to accept a fee for a particular work. But, as the Amir said on the battlefield – I will pay that amount in exchange for the fort. ‘(Majmoo’ Fatawa Lee Ibn Taymiyyah)

Summary of answers

Considering all aspects – is outsourcing or freelancing halal? I can say the answer to the question – yes, it is halal.

On the contrary, if the work is done under the guideline of freelancing halal, it is also commendable.

However, remember that whatever is illegal in the offline workplace is also unlawful in the online workplace.

If you want to do business or work in a halal way offline, you must abide by all the conditions, such as breaking a fraudulent promise, etc., even online.

Nothing Islam can be done, such as making videos with nude or half-naked images or clips. They are made of Advice Banner Demonstrating the Female Body.

Graphics design with pornographic photos. Adult dating or porn site development. They cannot accept the work of this buyer because it has declared Islam Haram.

Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):

‘Don’t go to pornography. Whether revealed or not.'(Sura al-An’am)


What is freelancing?

Freelancing is a self-employment model where individuals provide clients with project-by-project services, typically without long-term employment contracts.

Is freelancing considered halal in Islam?

Generally, freelancing is considered halal in Islam as long as the work’s nature and the agreement’s terms adhere to Islamic principles.

What are the key factors to consider regarding the permissibility of freelancing in Islam?

The permissibility of freelancing in Islam depends on several factors, including the nature of the work, the terms of the agreement, the client’s industry, and the ethical implications associated with the result.

What types of freelancing work are generally considered halal?

Most types of freelancing work, such as graphic design, writing, programming, translation, consulting, and other professional services, are generally considered halal as they involve providing skills and expertise to clients.

Are there any specific industries or types of freelance work that may be considered haram (forbidden) in Islam?

Certain industries or freelance work that involves engaging in activities explicitly forbidden in Islam, such as gambling, interest-based financial services, producing or promoting haram products, or engaging in fraudulent activities, may be considered haram.

Is it permissible to work with clients who operate in industries that may involve haram activities?

Working with clients in industries that are not inherently haram but may have haram elements is a matter of personal interpretation. Some scholars argue it is permissible if the work performed directly does not involve haram activities. Others may recommend avoiding such industries altogether.

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Nahid Mrridha
2 years ago

If that person is non-muslim and he paid me for a design and if that design is good but he paid me so that money will be halal…and after delivering task and if he set Google ads sense..then what will be happened.. If i Don’t know or if i know

Fathima Nazrin
Fathima Nazrin
2 years ago

If freelancing site asks us to pay money for contacting job lenders, Is that halaal since at a time more than one person pay money to the site. But Job will be provided to only person who are liked by client

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