Is Fortnite Haram? Know the truth – what no one tells

If you are a game-loving person, you want to play Fortnite. But then the question comes to your mind, Is Fortnite Haram?

As a conscious Muslim, you must know the answer to this question, for it is wiser to avoid punishment in eternal life and gain reward than to increase the excitement by temporarily playing a game.

So, I have analyzed this topic in today’s article, Is Fortnite Haram? Why is it, Haram? If it is Haram, when and how can the game be played in a halal way?

So it would be best to read this article completely to get the pure answer to your question.

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a popular video game developed by Epic Games, first released in 2017. It is a battle royale game where players are dropped onto an island and must fight to be the last person standing.

The game features a cartoonish art style known for its colorful characters and fast-paced action. In addition to the battle royale mode, Fortnite includes a creative mode where players can build and design their structures and environments.

Is Fortnite Haram?

Yes, the Fortnite game is Haram. Because this game does not have fundamentally haram elements, but there is much content relevant to it, the opinion that the game is Haram is acceptable and logical.

However, if a person can play the game by avoiding the elements that make a game haram, then playing the game will be halal for him, such as nudity, music, avatars, female characters, songs that kill others, etc.

Although these are not the basic part of the game, these elements make the game interesting and audience friendly. So the game is not fundamentally Haram but is Haram for relevant reasons.

Also, while playing this game, there are many critical situations of wasting time and abandoning obligatory prayers, neglecting the dhikr of Allah, keeping one’s soul away from good inspiration, etc.

Why is Fortnite Haram?

The main reason why Fortnite is Haram is because of its use of music and female enemies. Moreover, the game contains contact that encourages murder and wrongdoing. That is why Islamic scholars call it.

Because Islam does not want to make its followers mentally retarded. Islam wants its followers to always devote their time and talent to the benefit of society and people.

But many Muslims are wasting their intelligence and time by playing games. There is no benefit to people and society.

That is why Islam fundamentally prohibits all actions that do not bring any welfare to people and nations. So all such things, including games, are Haram in Islam.

Fortnite Haram

How to play the Fortnite game in a halal way?

Please don’t get frustrated because we say the Fortnite game is Haram. Because you can play this game in a halal way.

You avoid the following activities, and then you can play the game in a halal way for some time. Then it will not be unlawful for you.

  • Female anime
  • music
  • nudity
  • killing others
  • Injustice
  • Abandoning prayer
  • Gamer addiction

Also, avoid any content that you know is Haram in Islam. If you maintain these things, then the Fortnite game will be halal for you. Then you won’t be criticized for playing it.

People’s Experiences with Fortnite

We conducted a survey on social media Quora about whether Fortnite games. There I asked – Is Fortnite Haram?

Then many people who have played this game many times and have a deep understanding of the inner content and workings of the game answered me in many ways.

Some said that the game was Haram, while others said it might be halal. Their Sherry Mirza One name said the Fortnite is not Haram. The reason for that is as follows :
My basic understanding is that it is not haram.

  • It does not have a clear haram purpose for the players, like killing another person. You are only interacting with the avatars.
  • It generally does not have nudity.
  • It does not make you kill angels or any God-like beings.
  • It does not involve the player pretending to worship any diet.
  • It does not make you steal stuff.
  • There is no harm in playing it as long as you use good posture and take breaks.
  • Allah knows best, but it seems fine.

Sharon Wes says the game is illegal, and the reason is as follows.
Yes, it is Haram. Here is what is wrong with the game:

  • The game’s main objective is to kill others to be the last player standing.
  • The players commit theft and vandalism.
  • It is a huge waste of time away from your deen.
  • It has music. All kinds of music.
  • The characters can be dressed in inappropriate ways.
  • Foul language.
  • It supports the artists who created the game characters in the image of humans and animals, thus supporting their shirk.


Q1. Is it Haram to play Fortnite?

A1. The ruling on playing Fortnite is a topic of debate among Muslim scholars. Some argue that it is permissible, while others believe it is not. It is important to consider the content and purpose of the game before deciding whether it is halal or Haram.

Q2. What is the content of Fortnite?

A2. Fortnite is a multiplayer online battle game that involves shooting and killing other players. While the game does not feature any blood or gore, it does involve violence.

Q3. What is the purpose of Fortnite?

A3. The purpose of Fortnite is to have fun and enjoy playing with other players. The gameplay involves trying to survive and be the last player standing.

Q4. Are all video games Haram?

A4. No, not all video games are Haram. The ruling on playing video games depends on the content and purpose of the game.

Some video games may contain haram content, while others may be a waste of time and neglectful of more important obligations.


Fortnite game is not Haran in general and overall, but it may be prohibited in certain areas due to some of its features and relevant features.

If one plays this game avoiding the features and characteristics that make the program haram, then it will be halal for him.

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