Is football haram?

Football is a popular sport worldwide. That’s why Muslims want to know the Islamic rules of football. They want to know – Is football haram?

The game of football is quite old, and its popularity is skyrocketing all over the world. The World Cup is held every four years. The frenzy of football fans there is noticeable.

The Women’s World Cup is held alongside the men’s. Girls fight football with extreme strength and courage. Every country has football clubs.

Football must be played in certain clothes and according to the rules. Considering everything, it is natural to raise our question, is football haram?

We are writing the correct answer to this question in today’s article. We hope you will get the answer you want after reading the article.

Is football Haram?

No, Fundamentally, football is not haram because Islam approves sports that involve physical exercise.

And football is a game that involves a lot of running. These include physical benefits. That is why football is not forbidden.

But there are many reasons which, if present, could make football illegal, such as gambling around football, sex, unfair business, women trafficking, etc.

Also, those who play football should pray on time. Because football is a game and prayer is obligatory, if playing football, prayer cannot be waived.

Football is haram for those who do that. Similarly, they have to be careful with their clothes while playing football.

Do not wear clothing that exposes the `Satar.’ Like shot short pants etc. If these reasons do not exist, playing football is halal.

Is football halal for girls?

football Haram
football Haram

Yes, football is forbidden for girls. Because the short pants to play football. And after wearing short pants, the thighs of girls are exposed.

But Muslim women have been ordered to wear hijab. And hijab covers from the head to the feet.

But when a Muslim girl plays football, her thighs and even private parts, such as the buttocks and genital area, are visible. It isn’t delicious.

That is why open-field football is forbidden for Muslim girls. However, it is permissible if a Muslim girl stays with her husband within the boundaries of her house.

Thus some girls with girls in a silent place where no other men can watch them play will be halal.

Is it legal to watch football?

Yes, watching football is legal. However, the condition is that football spectators should not miss prayers and should not engage in haram activities around football, such as gambling, betting, etc.

However, it is forbidden for boys to see football girls because boys play football with their thighs out.

For this reason, Mufti Athar Qasimi of Darul Uloom Deoband Madrasa in India issued a fatwa saying that watching boys play football is haram for Muslim women.

So He said male footballers had exposed knees, which was against Islamic norms. Therefore it is forbidden for Muslim women to watch men’s football matches.

Kasmi asked, what do women need to watch such football matches? What do they get by looking at footballers’ thighs?

They will start looking at the thighs of male footballers. They will even miss the moment of scoring.

Is football betting Haram in Islam

Yes, of course, betting around football is illegal because betting is a fundamentally prohibited activity in the Holy Quran.

Because Allah Ta’ala says in the Holy Quran – ‘Alcohol, gambling, fortune-telling, betting, these are evil and the work of Satan.

The polytheists of ancient Arabia used to bet on the occasion of any of their fairs or games. Later, after the advent of Islam, the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad – may Allah bless him and grant him peace – declared betting to be haram.

Later Islamic scholars prohibited betting based on consensus. So Be it on the occasion of a football game, cricket, or any other fair or festival, it is haram in all circumstances.

Why is football Haram in Islam?

There are factors or invisible in football that make football illegal. Some of it is –

  • alcohol
  • drugs
  • Women scandal
  • Smuggling
  • without prayer
  • illegal business
  • forbidden sex
  • Hijab violation
  • homosexuality
  • Denigration of Islamic culture
  • forbidden song
  • the dance
  • Wear short clothing

There are other reasons why football is forbidden if it exists. But if these reasons do not exist, the football game is halal.

Because Islam does not fundamentally prohibit sports, Islam encourages certain sports. Sports such as horse racing, archery, running, etc., are commendable.

And In the past, Muslim warriors played such games, which helped them on the battlefield and kept their bodies strong.

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