Muslim women show their hair

Can Muslim women show their hair?

Women of different religions worldwide cover their heads due to their religious allegiance. An exhibition at Berlin’s Jewish Museum asks, What motivates them to cover their heads? Women in Islam, Judaism, and Christianity cover their hair with cloth because of … Read more

Can a Muslim girl wear shorts

Can Muslim girls wear shorts?

Can Muslim girls wear shorts? Many of our sisters ask this question. From their questions, we can understand that all these sisters know their attire. They want to know whether short clothing is valid in Islam. We want to thank … Read more

How many rakats in Tahajjud?

How many Rakats in Tahajjud?

How many rakats in tahajjud? Tahajjud prayer is a very important prayer in the life of a Muslim. This prayer should be read at night. Through this prayer, the servant can get the special mercy and grace of Allah Ta’ala. … Read more

please your husband

How to please your husband in Islam?

How to please your husband? As a wife, some strategies must be applied to live a happy married life with the husband. Otherwise, instead of happiness, unrest and chaos will come down in the world. So a conscious and worldly woman needs to … Read more

hijab in islam

What is the hijab in Islam?

What is the Hijab in Islam? The word “hijab” has been used since the pre-Islamic period when it meant a screen (Hijab) or fence. In modern times it has come to mean a veil that covers the head and chest. This article … Read more

How many rakat in Maghrib

How many rakat in Maghrib?

Maghrib prayer is one of the five obligatory prayers. But many people do not know – How Many Rakat are in Maghrib? Maghrib prayer is to be performed like all other prayers – standing, Ruku, prostration, Qirat, and supplication. However, there … Read more

Are prawns halal

Are prawns halal? A theoretical analysis

Dear readers, there is good news for you on this page: Are prawns halal? Here you are going to get a theoretical answer to this question. I have been studying the books of Islamic Fiqh for many years, and based … Read more

How many Rakats in Asr?

How many Rakats in Asr?

How many Rakats in Asr? That is the question many Muslim brothers and sisters are interested in knowing the answer to. Allah Ta’ala has prescribed five daily prayers for every Muslim. He will reward him on the Day of Qiyamah. … Read more

Listening Quran in Islam

Listening Quran in Islam

Listening Quran: The Holy Quran is the Word of God, and it contains wisdom and guidance for humanity. It was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him) over 23 years, during which time he received revelations that form the basis of Islam … Read more

Nail cutting in Islam

Nail cutting in Islam

Nail cutting in Islam is a very important sunnah, and every Muslim man and woman should trim their nails weekly. If weekly is not possible, nails should be trimmed every ten days. And if that is not possible, it is … Read more