Is Social media haram

Is social media haram?

Is social media haram? Today is the age of the internet and information technology. Social media is ruling the online world with colossal power and authority. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Free Fire, etc., have become a daily necessity. … Read more

Can Muslims be friends with non-muslims

Can Muslims be friends with non-Muslims?

Friendship makes people intimate. The lives of those who become friends are intimately connected with each other. But can Muslims be friends with non-Muslims? A Muslim can lay down his life with a smile for his fellow Muslim. There are … Read more

How many Rakat in Isha?

How many Rakat of Isha? A prayer is a significant act of worship in Muslim life. Prayer is one of the five pillars of Islam. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad – may Allah bless him and grant him peace – said … Read more

Can a Muslim touch a non-muslim

Can a Muslim touch a non-muslim?

Can a Muslim touch a non-Muslim? Humans are social creatures. We have to interact with people of different religions and cultures constantly. Have to work, our daily association with them.  But many of our colleagues or our friend circle are non-Muslims. … Read more

Can non-Muslims touch Quran?

Can non-Muslims touch Quran?  It has a lot of non-Muslim brothers – who want to read, understand, and research the Holy Quran.  But in order to read the Quran, to understand it, the rules given by the Quran must be … Read more

Quran say women's jobs

What does the Quran say about women’s jobs?

What does the Quran say about women’s jobs?? Many Muslim sisters ask this question. In today’s article, we will see how women’s careers are evaluated in Islam. All in all, Islam has placed women in a position of dignity. However, … Read more

Muslims pray for non-Muslims

Can Muslims pray for non-Muslims?

A prayer is an important act of worship in the life of a Muslim. It is possible to bring solutions to many complex problems in our lives from Allah Ta’ala through prayer. But the question remains, can Muslims pray for … Read more

Quran say about women's education

What does the Quran say about women’s education?

What does the Quran say about women’s Education? I want to write this article. Because I think it will be very helpful for all Muslims and non-Muslims interested in Islamic issues. You may not be sure how to reconcile the … Read more

Muslims date non-Muslims

Can Muslims date non-Muslims?

Can Muslims date non-Muslims? A few decades ago, Muslim society was not familiar with the word dating. But in this age of globalization, as a result of the exchange of human-to-human culture, we are now very familiar with the term … Read more

Quran say about women's modesty

What does the Quran say about women’s modesty?

What does the Koran say about women’s modesty? This is a very good question. Because the Quran has very useful and logical guidance on women’s modesty. The best way to protect the safety, honor, and dignity of women lies in … Read more

Muslim women show their hair

Can Muslim women show their hair?

Women of different religions worldwide cover their heads due to their religious allegiance. An exhibition at Berlin’s Jewish Museum asks, What motivates them to cover their heads? Women in Islam, Judaism, and Christianity cover their hair with cloth because of … Read more