How Many Rakats in Jummah

How Many Rakats in Jummah? A Comprehensive Guide

How Many Rakats in Jummah? The principal weekly worship is the Friday prayer. Once every week, the Muslim Ummah gathers at the Jama Masjid for the Friday prayer, stands shoulder to shoulder, and prays in queues. He listens to exhortation … Read more

How Many Rakats in Asr Prayer

How Many Rakat In Asr: A Comprehensive Guide for you

How many Rakat in Asr: Asr is the third mandatory daily prayer that Muslims perform daily, with a specific number of Rakats to be completed. Understanding the number of Rakats in Asr is crucial for every Muslim to perform their prayer correctly. … Read more

Husband and wife not talking for days in Islam

Husband and wife not talking for days in Islam

The relationship between Husband and wife is holy and soothing In Islam. But the Husband and wife are not talking for days to misunderstanding or some other reason. How long can a husband and wife stay without talking? In this article, I … Read more

Can you pray tahajjud after witr

Can you pray tahajjud after witr? You need to know this

Can you pray Tahajjud after Witr? As Muslims, we are encouraged to perform various prayers throughout the day, Including the obligatory five daily prayers and optional prayers, such as Tahajjud and Witr. However, there is some confusion among Muslims regarding … Read more