dancing Haram

Is dancing Haram? Everything you need to know

Is dancing Haram? Dance has a long history since ancient times, and dance has been an integral part of the human body as a particular part of the entertainment. Such Nandos. Dance occupies a considerable part of human civilization, culture, customs, and … Read more

Nafilah Prayer

What is the meaning of Nafilah Prayer?

Are you interested to know about Nafilah Prayer? What is the purpose of this website? Then you are welcome.  In this article we discuss Nafilah Prayer in detail. The discussion is about Nafila Namaz; when and how to read it? … Read more

Best Time to Pray Istikhara

Best Time to Pray Istikhara

Time is a special blessing given by Allah. And among these blessings, another benefit is to select the Best Time to Pray, Istikhara. Because time is significant for every work, those who can do the right thing at the right … Read more

Muslim culture facts

Muslim culture facts

Muslim culture facts: Regarding culture and religion, Islam is among Earth’s most critical and significant religions. It has spread from South Arabia to every part of the world except Antarctica. But many people don’t know Islam is more accepted than … Read more

Is bra haram in Islam

Is bra haram in Islam?

Is bra haram in Islam? When he entered the office, a distant colleague asked this question aloud. I was a little unprepared to hear the question. Because although one should not be ashamed of knowing or gaining knowledge, there is … Read more

Muslims pray for non-Muslims

Can Muslims pray for non-Muslims?

A prayer is an important act of worship in the life of a Muslim. It is possible to bring solutions to many complex problems in our lives from Allah Ta’ala through prayer. But the question remains, can Muslims pray for … Read more

How many rakats in Tahajjud?

How many Rakats in Tahajjud?

How many rakats in tahajjud? Tahajjud prayer is a very important prayer in the life of a Muslim. This prayer should be read at night. Through this prayer, the servant can get the special mercy and grace of Allah Ta’ala. … Read more