Who is Zulqarnain

Who is Zulqarnain in Quran?

Who is Zulqarnain in Quran? The Qur’an does not describe Zulqarnain in detail. There is no description of his identity or reign in any pure laughter. In answer to the question of the disbelievers, some of his deeds have been … Read more

Can a husband and wife bath together in Islam?

Can a husband and wife bath together in Islam?

A fascinating question for me is – can a husband and wife bathe together in Islam? Because The husband-wife relationship is the holiest and most loving relationship in the world. This is about love, friendship, affection, and attraction. There is … Read more

Dua for conceiving

Dua for conceiving

Dua for conceiving – I saw a couple who lived in a picturesque building. He used to drive the most expensive car on the market. They had a flower garden. There was a pond. Many maids were engaged in their … Read more


Is freelancing halal?

Is Freelancing Halal: This question is currently being discussed. Because the words freelancing and outsourcing are gaining wide recognition in the world day by day. According to Wikipedia English, Phil Hull employs 60 million young people worldwide in the freelance marketplace. … Read more

Is YouTube Income Halal

Is YouTube Income Halal?

Is YouTube Income Halal? It is impossible to put this answer in one word or aspect. Because there are many ways and means to earn money from YouTube, there are different rules for each course and standard. This post analyzes … Read more

Is income from Google AdSense halal

Is income from Google AdSense halal?

Is Google AdSense halal: Digital Income Online is gaining popularity quickly now. And a unique way of online income is Google Adsense. But the question that often comes to my mind differently is income from Google Adsense halal. I believe … Read more