Wife in Islam

Wife in Islam – A haven of happiness

In Islam, a wife is half of her husband’s life. A wife remains a wall of inspiration in the life of a Muslim man, whether in happiness or sorrow. A person who marries fulfills his religion. And the person who … Read more

72 virgins in heaven

72 virgins in heaven

As a reward from Allah Ta’ala, every Muslim will get 72 virgins in heaven – a prevalent saying. Do the Qur’an and Sunnah have a basis for this famous saying? Or what is the source of this claim? If every … Read more

Who is Zulqarnain

Who is Zulqarnain in Quran?

Who is Zulqarnain in Quran? The Qur’an does not describe Zulqarnain in detail. There is no description of his identity or reign in any pure laughter. In answer to the question of the disbelievers, some of his deeds have been … Read more