haram to wear shorts

Is it haram to wear shorts

Is it Haram to wear shorts? Clothing is one of our basic needs. The only means of body decoration and covering the body. Apart from that, clothing is also a unique tool for expressing personality. In the Qur’an, Allah Ta’ala … Read more

bodybuilding Haram

Is Bodybuilding Haram?

Is Bodybuilding Haram? It has been discussed in the Muslim community and among Islamic scholars, who have presented charming views. Bodybuilding is a very beneficial activity for health nowadays; it requires regular daily exercise and keeps good health. There was a time … Read more

haram to shave your legs

Is it haram to shave your legs?

Is it Haram to shave your legs? Allah Ta’ala has created humanity with unique characteristics.  The creation of the human race is a unique sign of God’s power. His shape, the function of various body parts, etc., bear proof of the … Read more

Is blogging income halal in Islam

Is blogging income halal in Islam?

Is blogging income halal – Blogging is a creative profession. Many people are constantly earning money from here and planning to start a new job again. But the question that confuses us as Muslims is whether blogging income is halal. So today, we … Read more

Shrimp halal in islam

Is Shrimp halal in islam?

One of my religious brothers asked me on Facebook – Is Shrimp halal in Islam? To answer his question, I studied and collected some references and information. All in all, I make an article. Then I saw many people on … Read more