are soft drinks haram

Are soft drinks halal?

Are soft drinks halal? Yes. But some soft drinks are haram. The answer to this question depends on the ingredients of each glass. It is not halal if a soft drink contains alcohol, caffeine, or haram preservatives such as aspartame. … Read more

How to call a wife

How to call a wife in Islam?

I have an interesting question – How to call a wife in Islam? Calling one’s wife a magician and an entertainer is an effective way to make a marriage thrilling. Should we call our wives by their original names or … Read more

Is Calamari Halal

Is calamari Halal? Know the real truth

Is Calamari halal? Marine animals have different types and different tastes. They also come in different shapes and sizes. So many giant creatures live in the ocean, which is beyond our imagination. Prophet Yunus (peace be upon him) swallowed such … Read more

What can we recite during periods?

What can we recite during periods?

What can we recite during periods? What can and cannot be done during the period? In particular, the Qur’an can be read or not? Lots of people are interested in knowing the answer to this question. In this blog, we … Read more

Mahram list

What is a mahram in Islam?

What is a mahram? This is an important question. Whether a Muslim’s marriage is valid or invalid depends on the answer to this question. So in today’s blog, we discuss the answer to this question in detail. Hopefully, it will … Read more

What is haram in Islam

What is haram in Islam?

What is Haram in Islam? Haram is a major rule of Sharia law. There is severe punishment in this world and the Hereafter for those who engage in haram things. What is forbidden in Islam in this article? I am … Read more