Metaverse haram

Is Metaverse Haram?

The new chapter in the Internet world is the Metaverse. As a Muslim, your question is, is metaverse haram? You may have thought about it a lot. And you want to broaden your horizons about this newly invented world of … Read more

Cryptocurrency Haram

Is Cryptocurrency Haram?

Is Cryptocurrency Haram? Cryptocurrency, a decentralized digital currency that operates on blockchain technology, has become a popular investment option worldwide. However, for Muslims, the legality of cryptocurrency is a matter of concern due to its compatibility with Islamic principles. The … Read more

student loan in islam

Is student loan haram in islam?

Student Loan Islam: A common question for many Muslim students. They want to know whether it is halal to take a loan to finance education and what are its ways and types. Answering this question is very important for Muslim … Read more

Which animals are halal

Which animals are halal?

Animals are generally of two types: land animals and aquatic animals. But Which animals are halal? Knowing this answer has become the focus of interest for many people. Because Islam has made eating animals halal and haram based on the … Read more

bitcoin haram

Is bitcoin haram in Islam? Detailed discussion

Is bitcoin haram in Islam? Before we know the answer, we need to understand what is bitcoin. How it originated? What is Bitcoin Management System? I am analyzing all this in detail today. So if you read the whole article … Read more

celebrating birthdays haram

Is celebrating birthdays haram in Islam?

Is celebrating birthdays Haram in Islam? People celebrate different festivals in different parts of life. Such as wedding celebrations. Birthday celebrations. Eid festival. Christmas festivities etc. Some festivals, such as Eid and Christmas, are celebrated with religious guidance and inspiration. … Read more

Chatbot Haram

Is Chatbot Haram? 

Ever since ChatGPT became popular worldwide, the question has arisen in the minds of Muslims – Is Chatbot Haram?  A long time ago, people’s means of gaining knowledge were books. At that time, people used to read books directly to … Read more

watching cartoons haram

Is watching cartoons Haram?

Whether watching cartoons is Haram is a controversial topic nowadays, but some believe that watching movies and TV shows is not Halal. The number of people who watch TV programs has indeed grown with time. Previously, most people got information … Read more

Praying When You're High

Praying When You’re High?

While some people have said it’s OK to pray when you’re high, some think praying in this condition is forbidden and against Islam. A video was posted to YouTube on July 29 of a young man. Who is shown praying … Read more