Is drawing haram

Is drawing Haram?

Is drawing Haram? Drawing is a lot like an addiction. Many people draw as a hobby. They chose drawing as their profession. In our present world, there is a huge appreciation for painting artists. Many painters in the pages of history have … Read more

Is Sushi Halal

Is Sushi Halal? Everything You Need to Know

Is Sushi Halal? Sushi is a popular Japanese dish that has gained worldwide recognition for its unique flavours and health benefits. However, when it comes to halal, many people are still unsure if Sushi is permissible for Muslims to consume. … Read more

mortgage Haram

Is the mortgage Haram?

Is the mortgage haram? In continuation, there is a beautiful discussion of Islam on mortgages. Some rules are distinct from other provisions. Bonding is discussed in the Qur’an, and several hadiths discuss it. Moreover, Muslim scholars have also presented their … Read more