Is Calamari Halal

Is calamari Halal? Know the real truth

Is Calamari halal? Marine animals have different types and different tastes. They also come in different shapes and sizes. So many giant creatures live in the ocean, which is beyond our imagination. Prophet Yunus (peace be upon him) swallowed such … Read more

roblox haram

Is Roblox Haram? This fact will surprise you

Games are a great way to beat loneliness. If you feel depressed, a game can cheer you up. But the question – is Roblox Haram? Because the way you adopt to get silent pleasure should be permissible in Islamic view … Read more

How late can you pray Isha

How late can you pray Isha? Know the correct answer

After the whole day’s tiredness, I feel lazy to pray the Isha prayer. That’s why the question arises – how late can you pray Isha? Because by removing fatigue and being refreshed, we feel comfortable praying Isha. But when problems … Read more