Can Muslims kiss before marriage? Correct your mistake

Islam gives great encouragement to happy romance after marriage. But premarital romance questions such as can Muslims kiss before marriage? It is essential to know the answer.

Trying to present the answer to this question fluently in the blog you read. Hopefully, after reading the details, can Muslims kiss before marriage? All doubts in your mind regarding that will be removed.

Can Muslims kiss before marriage?

No, Muslims cannot kiss before marriage because all types of premarital relations are forbidden in Islam. Even unnecessary talk between a man and a woman is prohibited. So kissing in Islam before marriage is Haram.

It is forbidden in Islam for a man to look at a woman. And kissing is a greater sin than looking. Here, we mean marriage contract or mutual acceptance of bride and groom by pre-marriage.

The groom registers the bride at the Kazi office if the marriage is contracted. But the husband does not bring the bride to his home for some reason. Then, it is not premarital. Instead, it can be called post-marriage. In this case, it is permissible to kiss and even have intercourse.

Again, in some cases, it is seen that a girl and a boy get involved in a love relationship, which is called boyfriend and girlfriend. They promise to marry each other.

Premarital means such a relationship. After such a relationship is formed, what can be done with each other is the question. Islam does not support this type of relationship. Islam declares it as the haram relationship. And when such a relationship is not valid, how can it be legal to do something with this relationship?

So, we categorically say that Muslims cannot kiss before marriage. This is the unanimous opinion of all Imams and all schools of thought.

Why can’t Muslims kiss before marriage?

Muslims cannot kiss before marriage because marriage is a sacred bond. This bond brings fullness to a woman and a man in the life of the world. Enriching the heart with love. Through marriage, the couple’s journey of men and women begins on a new life path. Get new horizons.

There are many colourful springs on their journey. Countless drizzles of soft monsoons. The evening of Poush was filled with the silvery light of the moon. A garden of dreams like a lively flower mall. There is a latent desire to be lost in the blue with the hand of the beloved.

Then they want to go to the green garden of paradise at the end of this life on earth. Like the world, they want to enjoy paradise’s endless happiness and peace together forever.

This is the greatness and strength of Islamic marriage. This is the beauty and essence of marriage in Islam. Spousal romance is also an essential chapter in married life in Islam. This is why Muslims cannot kiss or romance before marriage.

Islam has given a lot of freedom in terms of romance between husband and wife after marriage. Almost all forms of sex and romance are legal, with few restrictions.

However, in the case of premarital romance, Islam has imposed stringent rules because none of the benefits that come with marriage can be achieved with premarital romance.

Evidence that Muslims cannot kiss before marriage

Kissing a woman or touching her private parts is a sin. But it is not accurate, Zina, because honestly, Zina is only sexual intercourse.

But kissing before marriage is also figuratively recognized as Zina. This is what creates the context of faithful Zena. There is a description of this in a hadith.

Rasulullah – may Allah bless him and grant him peace – said –

The portion of Zina was prescribed for the children of Adam. Inevitably, he will get the share of Jina.

The Jina of both eyes is to gaze. Jina of both ears is to hear. The jina of the mouth is to speak. Touching the genitals. Walk on the floor. Imagining the heart. Then, reproductive organs confirm or deny it. (Sahih Muslim)

Imam Nabbi said the meaning of the hadith is – that the portion of Zina is recorded in the fate of the children of Adam.

Some of them will commit fornication in the true sense. That would be by inserting the penis into the woman’s vagina.

Others will find it metaphorical. For example, looking at a woman is forbidden. Or touching or kissing any female body, etc.

Punishment for kissing before marriage

Kissing before marriage is a sin. If one does it repeatedly, it will be considered a Kabirah sin. Allah Ta’ala will punish for this in the Hereafter.

If someone indulges in such actions, then repentance is required of him. There is no special expiation for him. However, good deeds such as prayer, charity, etc. can be forgiving of sins.

As narrated by Imam Bukhari,

Abdullah Ibn Mas’ud – Radiyallahu Anhu – said, A man came to Rasulullah – may God bless him and grant him peace – and said, I have embraced a woman at the foot of the city. You decide for me.

Then Umar – Radiyallahu Anhu – said to him, If you had kept it a secret, Allah would have kept it a secret. Then Rasulullah – may Allah bless him and grant him peace – did not issue any order on him. So he leaves.

Then the Messenger of Allah – may God bless him and grant him peace – called him and recited this verse of the Holy Qur’an to him. “You pray in the morning, evening and darkness of the night. Surely good deeds remove bad deeds.’ (Surah Hud – 114)


Is it permissible to hold hands before marriage?

No, it is not permissible to hold hands before marriage. But holding hands can be seen as less intimate than other actions. Some Muslims may consider this acceptable within the limits of modesty. But the correct thing is that it is not permissible to hold hands before marriage.

Can Muslims hug before marriage?

No, Muslims can’t hug before marriage because it is Haram if a man talks to a woman before marriage. Some Muslims may consider this permissible within modesty guidelines. The correct word is Haram. So, just as Muslims cannot kiss before marriage, they cannot hug before a wedding.

Can Muslims give gifts before marriage?

Traditional Islamic teachings discourage gift-giving before marriage.
However, it is halal to give someone a gift with the intention of marriage during dating for marriage.

How do we navigate relationships in Islam?

Communication is key. Individuals need to discuss their boundaries and objectives with each other. Seeking guidance from religious leaders or scholars can also be helpful.

What if someone makes a mistake?

Islam encourages repentance and forgiveness. If a person transgresses his bounds, he will seek forgiveness from Allah. Sincere repentance and a promise to avoid such actions should be made to Allah.

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