Can brother and sister pray together in Islam? Yes or no, definite answer

Sometimes, I cannot go to the mosque and join the congregation. Then, I had to pray at home. Will it be valid if I perform congregational prayers with my mahram woman at that time? More specifically – Can brother and sister pray together in Islam?

Many brothers and sisters ask the answer to this question. Fiqh has an acceptable solution to this question. We will discuss it here. Also, I will add related FAQs to it.

Can brother and sister pray together in Islam?

Yes, brother and sister can pray together. If the brother cannot go to the mosque for any reason permitted by Sharia, then the brother and sister can pray in congregation together at home. In this case, they will both receive the reward of the community. However, performing congregational prayers at home with mahram women is not appropriate.

However, if non-Mahram women want to participate in prayer congregation at home, they must participate in the community from behind the veil. It is not permissible to perform Jamaat in violation of the cover. (Khulasatul Fatawa: 1/228, Apke Masael Aor Unka Hall: 2/227)

Mandatory prayer in congregation is only for men. There is no specific instruction for women to participate in Jamaat in Islam. Therefore, it is not a Shariah-directed command to hold a congregation together at home, with women as imams, men or women.

But if women pray in congregation behind a male imam, that prayer will be pure. And in such a case, the women’s community is valid if the rules of veiling are not violated. (Tabayinul Haqaiq: 1/135; Fatawa Darul Uloom: 3/43)

How do brothers and sisters pray together?

When the brother and sister pray together, the brother will stand in front, and the sister will stand behind him. There is a well-known fiqh book on this subject – ‘The method of standing in the congregation when going to pray like this is – one or more women will stand in the back row.’ (Raddul Muhtar: 1/566, Ahsanul Fatawa: 3/299)

Islamic scholars say that brothers and sisters can pray in a congregation. But the sister will not stand beside her brother but stand behind him. If this is impossible, the prayer will be completed, even standing back on the right side. However, the sister cannot stand equal with her brother because the blessings will be ruined if she stands like this.

Abdullah ibn Abbas – may Allah be pleased with him – said, “I prayed in congregation with the Prophet – may God bless him and grant him peace – once I stood beside the Prophet – may God bless him and give him peace – and Aisha – may God bless him and give him peace – stood behind us with us. Joined the congregation. (Nasa’i, Hadith No: 803)

Brother and sister, how do you pray Sunnah together?

Brothers and sisters can stand side by side or front and back while performing any prayer other than the obligatory prayer in the congregation. In this case, the mentioned provision of brothers and sisters standing in front and behind or equally is not applicable.

If they are in front and behind each other, there will be no effect on the correctness of the prayer because everyone is praying separately or participating in different congregations. Hence, the earlier-mentioned provisions are not applicable here. (Mabsute Sarakhsi: 1/185)

Sister and sister can pray together?

It is makruh Tahrimi, i.e. impermissible for women to gather together at home or anywhere else and make a woman the imam. Although those prayers performed in the congregation will be purified, they will all be sinners. Even then, if the women serve a separate community, then the one who will be the imam will not stand in front of everyone in the queue; Rather, they will stand in the middle of the first row. (Tabeenul Haqayyah: 1/135, Fatawa Darul Uloom: 3/43)

Incidentally, there is no evidence in the Hadith Sharif that during the time of the Prophet, his wives prayed together in congregation.

Ali – Radiyallahu Anhu – said, ‘No woman can lead the congregation. ’ Similarly, it was narrated by Tabee Ibrahim Nakhayi, Yahya Ibn Sa’id, Rabi’ah and Ibn Shihab Zuhri (RA) and others. (Almudawanatul Kobra: 1/178) Shabbir Ahmad Usmani, a famous hadith expert and Fiqawid, said the source of the hadith is pure. (Illus Sunan: 3/1301)


Is it permissible for brothers and sisters to pray together in Islam?

Yes, it is permissible for brothers and sisters to pray together in Islam. There is no specific prohibition for family members to pray together.

Are there any specific guidelines for siblings to pray together?

General guidelines for prayer should be followed. Maintain proper modesty and focus during Salat. Avoid any practices that are not permitted in Islam.

Only brothers will lead? Or sister can also lead?

If a brother prays with his sister, only the brother will lead the imamate. On the contrary, the sister will never be able to show the Imamat.

Are there specific prayers that siblings cannot do together?

No, brothers and sisters can perform all obligatory nafal prayers together without hindrance.

Is there a minimum age requirement for siblings to pray together?

There is no specific age requirement. As soon as children can pray, they can join their siblings.

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